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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

The Social Solidarity Program of the Golden Dawn

The moment the Government of Greece:
- Allowed, without the consent of the Greek People, millions of illegal immigrants to enter our homeland...
- Destroyed the public healthcare system and pillaged the insurance and pension funds...
- Enforced deadly taxes and drove thousands of Greeks to suicide...
- Skyrocketed unemployment to an all-time high...
... The Golden Dawn, in defiance of the times, continues to walk the righteous path. She keeps offering a helping hand to the Greek People, as much as she can. The Golden Dawn stands in solidarity with every Greek Man and Woman, with her own way, with her own means, with the belief that during those hard times no one is alone!
 On this post we will present our Social Solidarity Program, giving you our promise that our efforts will never stop, to keep the Greek People united against the destructive forces of the EU, the Memorandum, the International Zionist Oligarchy.

  Food and clothing drives

 The Regional Organization of Salonika hosts food drives 2 times a week, and is available for the unemployed, the poor, the large families, the most unfortunate victims of the Memorandum. Those that are more fortunate can provide a helping hand in this effort and stand in solidarity with the weak Greeks, by giving to them their excess. The most famous Social Solidarity Program of the Golden Dawn has helped over 587 families, with food and clothing donations. Every Greek must participate in this effort, we will not tolerate even one Greek starving!

Blood Bank

  The blood bank of the Golden Dawn was created with the task to cover the blood and platelet needs of any human, friend or relative, of any compatriot that needs our help. Any volunteer can contact us and participate in this effort, and deposit the blood on the bank that our Green Wing has created. We call every Comrade, every friend of the Party to participate in this effort to raise the social awareness of the Greek society, as the need is large and every drop of blood is precious. This blood will save Greek lives! It's everyone's duty!

 Medical Exams

 The medical program is available for uninsured and poor Greeks, since all the exams are done by volunteer doctors. Golden Dawn's health network includes 18 medical specialties (radiology, microbiology, pediatrics, nephrology, pathology, dermatology, orthopedics, medical Bio-pathology, pediatric allergies, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, pneumology, surgery transplants (kidney only), gastroenterology, clinical cytology, pediatric pneumology, physiotherapy) that are increasing in a monthly basis.

Hospitality Program

 The People's Association of Golden Dawn presents a new activity, part of the medical program. This new hospitality program will offer help to the relatives/escorts of patients that come to the hospital of Salonika from other cities. Accommodation will be offered for those that face financial problems and have to travel to Salonika to support relatives that will be undergoing surgery or chemotherapy. Those interest can contact the Regional Organizations of their area, that in turn will contact the R.O. of Salonika. If the program is successful, we will expand it.

 Legal Aid


 The society and the State don't care for the average Greek, the judicial system is rotten deep in its foundations and the destroyers of our Nation are enjoying immunity from the Authorities. Golden Dawn unites with those that don't belong in the "chosen" class of modern Greece and offers legal aid to citizens that feel helpless or weak when facing the indifferent State and are willing to talk with the lawyers of the Movement.


Any Greek that seeks employment can come to us and inform us of their skills, and we, cooperating with employers that have a Greek soul and want to contribute to the salvation of the Motherland and each unemployed compatriot, will inform them if a position is found.


  1. I hope they will overthrow the current greek government!

  2. How wonderful the Golden Dawn are. I cannot understand how anyone can demonise these good, loyal and honest people and defend the scumbags that run the show at the moment.

    1. The Greek government and authorities refer to Golden Dawn as Far Right, there is never any mention in the MSM that their government is Far Left, some might say EXTREME Far left.

    2. The current government of Greece is whoever wants to do the dirty work of the Eurocrats.

  3. The whole of Europe has been flooded with millions of unwanted immigrants from the third world, the people of Europe have never been asked, the people of Europe must ready themselves to come to the assistance of the brave Greek Golden Dawn when the time comes for them to regain their motherland, when the time comes a call to arms for all Nationalists across Europe & The World to assist the Greek people in whatever way they can.

  4. A call to arms for all Nationalists across Europe is coming, unwanted as it is. Therefor it is imperative that we prepare now for what is unfortunately to come, stock pile what you can in the way of arms for yourselves and your brothers,we must be ready for what inevitably seems to be coming unfortunately.

  5. Hi. I heard on the news Greek doctors were using donated unused drugs. Is it possible for our unused drugs to be posted to Greece? If so, do you have an address?

  6. Can you donate blood to Golden Dawn from America? I have a good blood type.

  7. True patriots, who love and respect their own. This is the way civilisation was meant to work. The natural order will one day be restored. God bless and strengthen Golden Dawn.

  8. Once the Golden Dawn take power the New Greek government , should put in a Country constitution a law that ban any religious culture that attempt to change the country foundation in political parties.Because those people likes to mix religion with politics. yeah,especially in countries that have the problem we are facing,and have religion mixed with corruption (like here where i live). make it a UN resolution,that would be excellent.

    White people going into non-white countries is called colonization, genocide of race and culture, evil, racist etc.

    Non-white people going into white countries is called diversity, beautiful, equality, peace, multiculturalism etc.

    Because the courts are rigged, run by Jews Liberals and neocons, and why is "Hate speech,"/Holocaust denial punishable with prison time? Can any one tell me?

    Anti-racists’ demand immigration and assimilation in ALL & ONLY White countries.
    These ‘anti-racists’ are in fact demanding White genocide.
    But of course we all know that, and we all know anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.


    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Countries

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White Towns

    Anti-Whites say there? should be no White Neighborhoods

    Anti-Whites? say there should be no White Anything

    Anti-Whites say there should be no White People

    Immigration is a code for COLONIZATION

    “Multiculturalism” is a code for “Genocide of White People”

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  9. Almost 30% unemployment.

    I'm not even a racist guy, but the Greek Government are traitors. If you can't even supply work to your citizens then why the fuck allow illegal immigrants in?

    What the fuck are you doing?

    When a Nation is well fed and employed and needs extra hands, I'm all for bringing in some immigrants the legal way.

    But 30% of natural born Greeks are UNEMPLOYED. You can't even feed your own and you're bringing in more people?!


    1. Greece has a far left Socialist Government. The European political line up from left to left in order of political colour from Crimson to Cherry Red is Marxist/Stalinist/ Leninist/Fabianist/Communist and finally Socialist.

      Greece does not have a Patriotic Party in power. As I see it all European governments are in collusion on the formation of a NEW EUROPE. There is no room for Nationalism.

      Greece is just another pawn in the game. Their people are not important, they are just pawns in the game of 'World Shaping'. Nationalism is an anathema to Marxism, Two opposite poles. As black is to white.

  10. I am a white UK citizen, living and working (and paying taxes, IKA etc) here in Greece. Am I a target for Golden Dawn? This is not a trick question btw... I really want to know if I should fear for myself as a single mum and my teenage daughter (also 100% white UK)

  11. I hope you can overcome any attack that Zionists has done against the Golden Dawn!

    If you need support to disclose or demonstrate the truth of the facts, let me know and try to help in whatever we can.

    This is my youtube:


  12. The Golden Dawn is in danger, but its struggle will go on despite the miserable efforts to crush it from the criminal and treacherous Greek government. The Greeks are the only people who understand what mass migration means for the country and its people so rich in spirit and history. Look at the brainwashed Italians who were ordered by their government to weep for the African and Muslim invaders who sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Those boats with parasites and enemies of Europe must be machine-gunned before they reach the coasts of Europe. Teach them a proper lesson. They have nothing to look for in Europe. But they are sent by the international financial plutocracy to destroy Europe and its identity and pave the way for capitalist planned fusion of all countries and people of the world in order to turn the world into one country run by one government, with one language and one religion; to turn the world's population into their slaves. People, fight against those criminal and ignominious plans and sleazy plans. Stop being cowards, rise as one man, shoulder to shoulder, fight them courageously. Go get the plutocrats and their subservient corrupt governments and organizations. Organize a wide front of military attack on them, get them, punish all of them, hang them, get the power in your hands, and reorganize future economy according to other new principles. Kick all aliens from Europe and other Western countries back to their own continents. Europe is for Europeans. Crush the vermin. Long live a Revolution for liberation of nations and their values! Down with the world's plutocrats and their criminal plans and actions! Greece is the Holy Cradle of civilization and is in great need of protection from Africans and Muslims now. Create strong battalions to attack the plutocrats and the corrupt governments of the whole Europe. Their right place is on the gallows. Down with the bloodsucking EU and its unelected vampire rulers. They deserve only contempt and death. Greeks and other Europeans, follow the Golden Dawn. Wake up! It is time.