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Friday, September 18, 2015

The final four polls

Four more polls, published in the last possible moment since the elections are in 3 days, confirm Golden Dawn will be the 3rd biggest political power in the country after the elections that will take place in September 21st. After a year-long ignoring campaign with the occasional pause to propagate against us, the Media are in a frenzy to divide our voter. A poll published by Kappa Research shows that while there is high polarization Golden Dawn gets 6,& of the vote, rounded to 7,5%, with a very high percentage of "undecided" votes, that has been proven to be made up by a large part of hidden GD votes. This poll also gives a short lead of Syriza over New Democracy.

Similar results come from a research by the University of Macedonia, giving GD 7,5% and places New Democracy first, again by a short margin. During the January elections many people decided to not vote for their parties but to vote for either ND or Syriza, strictly to prevent the other party from gaining power.

The third poll by e-voice gives Syriza a very clear advantage over New Democracy, with 29% and 25,4% of the vote. Golden Dawn gets 7,2%, that is rounded up to 8% of the effective vote. The "River" part comes 4th place with a difference of 2%.

Finally, Alco gives GD 6,7% of the vote rounded up to 7,5% with a big difference from the Communist Party that comes in the 4th place.

The most important find however is the integrity of each party. Golden Dawn gets the first place with a whooping 91%, proving that whoever "crosses the Rubicon" and marches against the people that defraud him by voting for Golden Dawn, he stays faithful to his choice. Even after all their propaganda, jailing and terror, Golden Dawn remains united.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/enimerosi/view/panepisthmio-makedonias-kai-kapa-research-bebaiwnoun-trith-politikh-dunamh#ixzz3m2Vri2u4


  1. Betting companies are estimating 8-9%. They have real money to worry about rather than a political agenda, so they are very reliable.

    Heil Victory!

  2. if GD doesn't get 10-20% of the vote, the count was rigged. Poll watchers mandatory