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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Municipal elections 2014: Conclusions

 The first battle was completed and now, with a peaceful mind, we are able to extract conclusions and lessons from these elections, to move forward to the more important EU elections with even more experience.

 First of we must congratulate our comrades and friends of the Movement that fought with altruism and selflessness AGAINST ALL, like it should befit a Golden Dawn nationalist. They completed this mission proving themselves worthy of their ideas and the mission they voluntarily accepted. A mission of unprecedented difficulty, full of psychological pressure and physical obstacles.

 We highlight that this psychological pressure is the natural result of the nine-month long total prosecution and persecution of our Movement through preemptive arrests, violent marginalization, endless propaganda and terrorism. The worst attempt of terrorism on behalf of the state doesn't come from any of the above, but from the audacious impunity of the deep-state dogs and the mass releases of exceptional killers that are ready to do the Regime's dirty work anytime.

 The physical obstacles were varied. This is the first time a political party with strong social influence participates in elections without its rightful subsidy; we were denied permission to use public areas for our gatherings; and our candidates were threatened or lost their jobs. We overcame all these obstacles and our first mission was successfully complete.

The conclusions of the first Sunday were the following:

  1.  The once-ruling center-left party (PASOK) that placed this country under the control of the IMF, after polling at abysmal percentages, tried to hide behind coalitions or wore the mask of the "independent" candidate. It was the only way to avoid complete catastrophe in the elections, but it won't be avoided in the EU elections.
  2.  Our governing right wing party (New Democracy) collapsed in the Attica region and the capital city, but maintains considerable influence in the provinces. This is explained by the fact that ND has people with decades of experience in the municipal power games, and know how to handle the elections. Even though ND seems to be the leading party in all regions besides Attica, there was absolutely not one candidate that was supported entirely by them. The candidate would either be presented as an independent candidate having the support of ND among others, or he would come directly from ND and have the support of different parties. These "deals" will have no place in the EU elections.
  3.  The Left (SYRIZA) was quite unexpectedly crushed, winning from 10% to 18% in the provinces, proving that they don't have the necessary social dynamic, but also that their voters aren't conscious, but a loose and temporary coalition, like the party and its leadership itself. In the capital region, their measly 23% is far lower than what is expected by the possible main partner of a future coalition government.
  4.  The Communist Party of Greece lost it's traditional third place, that it continuously held from 1974, in 2012. Today Golden Dawn has replaced them and now holds this historically and politically significant position.
  5.  Even though she was unable to place candidates in every region and municipality, the Golden Dawn increased her overall percentages by 40% compared to the elections of 2012 and elected representatives wherever she ran, causing despair and anxiety among the elite. The political geniuses of the System took the appropriate stance and expressed, as usual, concern and alertness.

 While they remain "alerted", we, like a family, will continue and intensify our struggle and aim for an even greater victory in the EU elections. There are countless opportunities to empower the Movement, now that the "claws" of the municipal elections are absent and the country will express itself as a single constituency. In May 26, the Social Nationalist Movement will have went a big step further and our Golden Dawn will come even closer.


  1. Nice. Thank you, BEWS, for keeping us updated!
    Hail Golden Dawn!

  2. Great stuff...going from strength to strength, very encouraging

  3. I have a random question. Is this "GD attack" photo which the MSM continually cites fake, as many have claimed, or is it genuine?


    Any more information on it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. If I recall correctly, the negro said that he got those scars a couple of months ago (at the time of the interview) by a Golden Dawner. Anyone with the capability of critical thought can see that these scars can't heal within 2 months. He obviously got them in Africa, and it wouldn't be the first time we saw something like this come from Africa.

  4. Keep on fighting!

  5. Very encouraging. I hope the influence of this movement spreads throughout Europe and other Western countries.