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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day 2014: I don't celebrate, I fight!

  Comrades, today we celebrate the victories of the working class, that along with racialism form the heart and soul of our Idea. Social Nationalism is the only healthy expression of the People's state, struggling to survive, to obtain vital financial living space, to better the People's life quality. We must not only celebrate May Day, we must also fight for a new revolt against the multinational capital and its local lackeys.

 May Day was instituted after the victory of the revolting workers in Chicago in 1886, when they were requesting the institution of the 8-hour workday. It was a time when street fights between the workers on the one side and soldiers or policemen on the other were an everyday phenomenon. The Marxists exploited the desperation of the workers aiming to enslave them in the cliques of the "chosen" of the Communist Party. While the working class was being crushed by the millstones of capitalism and communism, human sacrifices to the Zionists that operated behind every class and national conflict were a daily phenomenon, on the fronts of the national wars and the workplaces alike.

 Ever since the first Memorandum, social conquests of decades have been undone, the workers are being "chinafied", the masses of the unemployed are growing ever larger, and the situation is close to becoming irreversible. A month before the elections we be hearing the same promises from both the Right and the Left. But as older polls have shown, there is a confirmed leak of voters from the liberal, socialist and communist parties towards the revolutionary Social Nationalist Movement.

 The realization of the financial program of the NSDAP brought the needs of the workers on the front lines of politics for the first time, with paid vacations triple in duration than those in the capitalist states, rent prices fixed to 1/8th of the worker's wage, state control over prices and state administration of the means of production, an 8-hour workday and 5-day workweek, social security, pristine working conditions in the factories that earlier were functioning like sweat shops, the construction of 1.200.000 public houses with very high standards, the Volkswagen, the Autobahn and many more within just 6 years of National Socialist governance over a People that earlier was looking for food in garbage bins.

 Today the right and far-right stooges are condemning all conquests of the working class calling them "communist" and are utterly scared of a revolt against the bosses, that is, the Zionists and the powerful capitalists that serve them. The Left promotes the colonization of our land by immigrants that are now numbered in the millions, destroying the syndicates and flooding them with the cheap workforce the capitalists always search for. Thus we are the only ones that have the right to say that today, not only our ideology celebrates, but we ourselves are celebrating. We never made a fortune from our political endeavors, we never betrayed our followers in favor of the state and the capitalists, we never stood against the workers unlike the Left and Right-wingers, thus earning that right.

 This May Day gives us the opportunity to renew our promise for the continuation of this long difficult and uncompromising fight against the impunity of the capitalists and the lies of the communists, against the puppet government of the neo-liberalists, to reclaim the rights of the workers and to return Greece to the Greeks! Hail May Day!

P.S. Today Golden Dawn has organized 2 marches, one labor march and one in the memories of our fallen comrades. They will be covered later.


  1. Maybe get a video of the march if you can. If you see any leftists can you get their reaction i want to laugh a bit.

  2. Hawaiian SouljahMay 2, 2014 at 7:52 AM

    I'm glad you guys are finding success against the international bankers. We have our own struggle here in Hawaii. A friend of mine recently wrote this article describing how Dreadnought ships developed by the Hawaiian Kingdom were stolen along with our lands.


    The world is waking up!

    Aloha to Golden Dawn from Hawaii!