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Sunday, May 25, 2014

EU elections 2014 - The Mother of all battles!

Shock and awe! This is the only expression than can describe the destroyed psyche of our once powerful overlords, that are now a bankrupt gang of the corrupted system, after the damage they suffered from the Social Nationalist Movement.

 All parties of the government had reduced support when compared with the parliamentary elections of 2012, but Golden Dawn was the big surprise, making her the only political force that showed only sings of expansion. She more than doubled her strength in Attica, and tripled her strength in Athens, when compared with the elections of 2012 and the municipal elections of 2010.
 In spite of the multiple prosecutions, the complete isolation from the Media and open debates, despite the frauds and the unorthodox war of the capitalist lackeys against us, who took every chance they could to terrorize us, the 18th of May was a the predecessor of the coming success that will rightfully belong to Golden Dawn.
 The Greek People, spitting the propagandists of the government on their face, gave their support to the Social Nationalists and their answer to their, and our, enemies. Our presence in the political reality of Europe and Greece is an undisputed fact, and this is the a great reward for our struggle. But the greatest reward is the beauty of the sight of so many Greeks embracing our ideas with their heart, who recognized our sacrifices and struggles in a timeless fight against the world Jewry.
 We are now a part of the municipal governments, and now we are ready to shake the foundations of the EU with our revolutionary voice. We are facing the most decisive moment of modern Greece, these elections, elections of terrible importance, for both Greece and Europe. The political developments will be rapid and mark rapid changes in all white countries.
 The Greek People sends a very clear message to the world government: Their fight is the fight of all whites! Europe lives the infancy stages of a revolution that has already won great victories in Greece! The Peoples of Europe decide to challenge the criminals at Brussels and fight for a chance to control their own destinies.
 If the 18th of May was a clear message of victory against the prosecution and persecution of the Nationalists, making the Regime shake with terror, then the dawn of 26th of May will find them deeply depressed, unable to do anything about the revolutionaries that march in front of its eyes. The lies of the Zionists will fall on no ears, our comrades will breath the air of freedom, and the Capitalists responsible for our misery will pay for their crimes against the Hellenes and all Whites.


  1. This is very exciting, all over Europe hard ethno-nationalist(Golden Dawn, Jobbik), soft ethno-nationalist(FN,FPÖ, NPD), cultural-Nationalist(SD,PVV,DP,FrP), and even leftist anti-EU(Syriza) parties are exploding in popularity

    1. But Syriza is not anti-EU, that would make them actually radical and revolutionary. They just want Greece to be considered "equal" member within the EU. Which is nothing but reducing the "North-South" rhetoric within the EU. In other words, nothing.

    2. A, ok, thanks for the information! I thought the notion of anti-EU leftists sounded strange. :)

  2. What results do you guys predict? I think Golden Dawn will get 10-12%(MSM Polls say 6-8%)

    1. The exit polls give 8-10%. Seeing how they utterly failed to predict anything in the elections of May 18, I would expect an even bigger result. Let's wait and see.

  3. I'm sure it will be even bigger in actual results, since people are afraid they will be arrested if they tell an exit-pollster that they voted for Golden Dawn.