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Sunday, May 25, 2014

EU elections 2014 - Live results (closed)


Elections 2012: 6.92%
75% exit poll for Golden Dawn: 8-10% 3rd place
100% exit poll for Golden Dawn: 9-10% 3rd place
Estimates from Greek Government (+-1%) : Golden Dawn 9.3% 3rd place

Nationwide Results (95.53%) : 9.38%
3rd place
3 MEPs Elected 
(100% results will be presented and analyzed tomorrow) 

Main cities (50% of population):

Attica: 12.1
Athens A' department: 10.7
Athens B' department: 8.3
Piraeus A' department: 10.4
Piraeus B' department: 11.3
Salonika A department: 10.2
Salonika B' department: 12.0


Laconia (Sparta): 15.6
Pellas: 13.2
Pieria: 12.3  
Arcadia: 8.9
Achaea: 8.0
Arta: 6.7
 Argolis: 12.6
Boetoia: 10.1
Corinth: 10.8
 Chios: 5.0
Chalkida: 11.5
Chania: 5.9
Cyclades 5.6
 Dodecanesa: 8.0
Drama: 7.5
Evros: 11.1
Eboia: 10.4
Evritannia: 7.1
Emathia: 12.4
Heraclion: 4.6
Helia: 10.6
Hetoloakarnania: 10.0
Grevena: 8.8
Fthiodit: 11.3
Fokid: 8.4
Ionian Islands: 7.6
Janinna: 5.4
 Kephalinia: 10.3
Kilkis: 12.4
Kavala: 8.6
Kozani: 8.0
Kastoria: 12.4
Karditsa: 10.8
Lesbos: 7.0
Larisa: 8.9
Lasithi: 3.7
Leukada: 8.5
Messenia: 10.7
Threspoty: 7.6
Rodopi: 6.3
Rethymn: 5.6
Samos: 7.6
Serres: 10.5
Xanthe: 7.3
Zakynth: 7.1


  1. Surprising numbers from Athens, why so low when 16% of the voters chose Ilias in the 1st round?

    1. Not all votes are counted yet I think, also exit polls means they ask the voters at the polls what they voted for, and few civilians admit they voted for a party that opposes the current multicultural regime. Therefore nationalist party generally gets lower results on polls and exit polls.

      And given that Golden dawn members are executed in public by leftists antiwhites, that is not so strange.

    2. I know that the exit polls could downplay the Athens numbers, but in the first round their estimates weren't that far off from the results. I'm just going by that assumption. I do hope Golden Dawn maintains 16% or more in Athens, half of Greece lives there.
      Golden Dawn is doing surprisingly well in the countryside.

    3. Wasn't the exit polls 8% in Athens during the 18 may? Or perhaps I am mixing it up with the normal polls?

      If GD gets lower then 16% this time in Athens it maybe is cuz in the local elections they were voting for Elias Kassidiaris and that made them more likely to vote? I hear EIlias Kasidiaris is quite charismatic and popular. :)

    4. He is! But let's wait for more certain results before we draw conclusions. Now we stand at the 3rd place of the Greek Parliament - no doubt about that. This is the most important, certain conclusion we can make right now.

    5. I just realized I went straight into complaining and forgot to thank you for being the only person on the net that is providing a live count of GD vote. I very much appreciate your work.
      I'm happy Golden Dawn is doing well, it would be great if they do better, let's hope the numbers from Athens are understated.

  2. Is three MEPS elected confirmed? That is huge! Congratulations! Nationalists are triumphing everywhere! :)

  3. Dang almost 3000k visitors at any given moment on Golden dawns homepage.

    That is more then alternate media in Sweden gets at its peak. :)

    1. Site is down right now..let's hope it's just the huge amount of traffic.

    2. Most likely they blocked it in your country - the site is up here.

    3. You're absolutely right, tried using TOR and could get through.

      More censorship from the Zio-marxists running this place.

  4. Hail xrysh aygh!

    It looks like the Greeks are well on their way to saving Europe once again, a great day.

  5. Is the election finished?

  6. I hope You get 4th MEP with tommorow's full results, well done Greece comrades!

  7. So far great result ..At last you cannot ignore the fact that Golden Dawn is a genuine political power...the people of Greece have spoken!! The results speak for themselves .......And as for poutami well lets say they are for the poutami

  8. Living in Australia it's hard to find out about alot of political movements and such.. but I just found out about a party "DEB Party" and it's a turkish party and it's leader is a Mustafa and was picked by PASOK to be a rep in Parliament ...so is there a MUSTAFA in the Greek Parliament??...if so what the f&#k is he fighting for????He wouldn't give a f#@k about greeks he's only interest would be what he can do for his muslim turkish brother's...Is this true????

  9. The EU refers to the following countries like Portugal,Italy,Greece,Spain as PIGS!
    Well I think that when they become aware that Portugal,Italy,Greece,Spain want to leave the EU that is when the EU will come crashing down and that will be the end of the gravy train for them, We need to get out of the EU then we can start to sort out these maggots with no more human rights or PC b*ll*x to get in the way, GOLDEN DAWN the only way forward.To succeed a revolution requires absolute dedication against overwhelming odds, at any moment the tide can turn and every casualty only stokes the fire to win. Thank God we have the GOLDEN DAWN.

  10. Manolada Elects First Migrant Mayor in Greece

    A migrant from Syria is to be the new mayor in the municipality of Andravida-Kyllini in Ilia, southwestern Greece, which also includes the area of Manolada where an attack on immigrants working in strawberry fields took place a year ago.

    Nabil-Iosif Morad managed to secure 52.23 percent of the votes during the second election round on Sunday, winning by around 500 votes and gapping his opponent by around 4.5 percent.

    Morad’s political career didn’t begin in the 2014 elections, as the Syrian had been elected municipal councilor for three terms, over 10 years. Morad is a physician, married to a Greek physician and for the past 25 years has been residing in the area of Lechaina, near Manolada. The couple has one daughter and two grand-children.

    The election of a migrant in this region is of particular importance due to the incident surrounding the wounding of several immigrants last year in a strawberry field. When around 200 immigrants from Bangladesh demanded a six-month back pay, the supervisors, acting as owner Nikos Vangelatos’ representatives, opened fire against the gathered workers, thus sending 29 to hospital, some in critical condition.

    The incident, which was borne from a sense of impunity for violence against immigrants, was said to be backed by members adjacent to Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, but the party denied any involvement.

    More ( Africans, Syrians, Pakistanis ) migrants who aren't Greeks will take Greece over and Greeks in Greece will be no more. Greeks have to stop it. Otherwise there is no more Greece civilization. Chinese doesn't let migrants who are Syrian or Pakistani to be mayor, President or minister. They protect their civilization. Korea, Japan,etc too. But Greece? Me, Greek, if I was born in China ( Greek race ) never will go and mix Chinese cibilization and being mayor or presidenr. I respect it. But Middle Easterners or Africans do not respect Greek civilization but they do mix it.

  11. Three MEP's huh. That's good. How many MEP positions are there even anyway.

    1. From reading many recent news links I'm sure there are about 300 sitting EU Members. P.S I love your pic of those beautiful mushrooms.

    2. Ha yeah thanks. they helped me figure out what the Jews are and what national socialism is.

    3. 21 Seats total.

  12. To Golden Dawn Greece, big congratulations, from Andre' Grech (Malta) Imperium Europa......we are proud of you!!!!!!!!!!! AVE!


  14. What a sad day to have a muslim mayor in a greek city...The greeks that allowed this genocide to happen should hold there heads in shame....Greeks will become a minority in their own city as more parasite muslim make their way there.....Their only hope now is Golden Dawn

  15. Congratulations to Golden Dawn on their success. Continued support from Ireland!

  16. Hail Victory.
    Excellent that Greece, the cradle of our civilization could well
    be our saviors in this our darkest hour.

  17. Greek realy is a model for all the other european countries. I wish Germany would wake up again. But about Germany differently than the picture above only one flag will be flying!


    Everybody says there is a RACE problem called Diversity. Everybody says Diversity will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

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    Everybody says the final solution to this problem of Diversity is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this problem called “Diversity” and this Diversity would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about Diversity. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a whitesupremacisthaterwhowantstosendblacksbacktoafrica.

    Anti-racists say they are Champions of Diversity. What these anti-whites DEMAND is white genocide.

    Diversity is a code word for white genocide
    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white