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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bullets sent to the Supreme Court

An envelope with three 7.62mm bullets and threats was sent to the prosecutor's office in the Supreme Court of Athens. The sender signed as "Alepoudelis" (Fox-like), without signing a first name.

Along with the bullets, a letter, written in Ancient Greek, was found. In the note the following was written:
"If in 15 days you don't release all those that were illegally arrested in this dirty case, then within a period of 20 months the minister, the prosecutor and the interrogator will mourn for their families, no matter their age or sex. This time period will be required to locate those targets. Injustice will make those families die out."

It's still isn't clear whether the letter refers to the Golden Dawn's case. The counter-terrorist unit is eager to lead investigations on the Golden Dawn, but the letter might refer to another serious case. The letter was delivered to the police after the security forces of the Supreme Court scanned it with x-rays.


  1. I hope they take the warning, as they know that they have committed so many crimes against so many Greece people, and not just GD, but many others who obviously have had enough of corrupt government.
    I cannot condone this action, but there does have to be a line drawn. The same thing happened in Ireland years ago, they didn't listen when warned and only when POLITICIANS (Airey Neave MP was assassinated in 1979 in a car-bomb attack at the House of Commons in the UK by the Irish National Liberation Army ) started to be murdered and blown -up did they listen. Question is will they listen? Or will their families be walking targets for the rest of their LIMITED lives? FREE THE POLITICAL PRISONERS NOW!

  2. I say this is wrong. We cannot condone this, simply because this is the jews modus oprandi. They will use people like in the arab spring to create havoc in Greece. I suspect its those killers they freeed recently. They have bought their freedom via treason. Just like the prisoners from Saudi Arabia who are killing innocents in Syria.

    I feared something like this. Golden Dawn is going to have everything trown against them including the kitchen sink. Just look at Egypt, they let muslim brotherhood win elections. Then????? Got the army to have a coup, banned them, locked them up and sentenced them to death.

    "Be wise as serpents"

  3. There is an easy way and a hard way of getting things done only when the realization comes home that you are not beyond the reach of an AK47 or an IED will the political thieving scum get the message.
    What they sow, they will definitely reap ...............they wont even hear the bang!

  4. Really???? That is funny GD was finally allowed by the high court to contest the elections and THEN send the bullets seriously how stupid do they think the Greek people are with this crap .Its so obvious that it's funny..The extremes the enemy's of GD will go..it tells us how worried they are of their popularity. ...Can't wait for the next one.......They'll probably blame the JFK assassination on GD

  5. The elections are close, so they made another FALSE FLAG.

  6. Definately a sting job.
    People should be alert to all this political dirt jobs by now , surely??

  7. I can't be the only one who suspects that a leftist employed the services of Google Translate to make this happen.