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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

50 illegal immigrants found in voter registries

The "constitutional" parties of the Left and Right use such dishonoring acts to save their future in politics. Illegal immigrants were located in voter registries and thanks to the intervention of the people, the case went to the courts, where the only possible decision was made.

Specifically, 15 citizens of the island of Nisiros resorted to the courts because they spotted 50 names of foreigners on the voter registries. The locals claimed that the immigrants didn't have the necessary paperwork need for the registration, making their participation in the elections illegal. The citizens said that more immigrants were on the way to be registered with the same methods, obviously in order to serve some political interests.
Golden Dawn informs the people on the Party's platform
and the traps of the voting procedure.
The court's decision, after it proved that the immigrants were illegal, demanded their to be removed from the registries. This case, in such a remote island as Nisiros, is only a small indication of the general lawlessness and fraud that are being practiced in the rest of Greece and ever more intensely in Athens. Using such fraudulent methods, the immigrant are granted the right to decide for this nation's future, a nation they just met. Of course, the immigrants themselves don't give a damn about voting. The democrats are those that are anxious to see them in the voting booths, as long as they are given proper "instructions". The government needs votes, they must get them from somewhere.

And while the indicant citizens of Nisiros are frustrated over this case, the local mayor assures that the immigrants are permanent residents of the island, even though the related paperwork is non-existent.

It's clear that the enemies of GD are using illegal means to achieve their ends. The Movement and the People will safeguard both the procedure and result of the elections: The destruction of the enemies of our Race is imminent here, and the revolution will be carried on to Strasbourg after the EU elections.

Elections 2012: Golden Dawners overlooking the procedure.

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  1. Hey, folks! I'm a social sciences student in Scotland and I'm trying to find some statistics, or some kind of evidence to the claim that immigration is damaging to your country. That is your stance on immigration, right? I can't seem to find anything. Am I going to have to write in my report that your all a bunch of bigots, with no evidence to back up your far right opinions, or is someone going to provide some stats to balance out my investigation?