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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

EU elections 2014 - Live results (closed)


Elections 2012: 6.92%
75% exit poll for Golden Dawn: 8-10% 3rd place
100% exit poll for Golden Dawn: 9-10% 3rd place
Estimates from Greek Government (+-1%) : Golden Dawn 9.3% 3rd place

Nationwide Results (95.53%) : 9.38%
3rd place
3 MEPs Elected 
(100% results will be presented and analyzed tomorrow) 

Main cities (50% of population):

Attica: 12.1
Athens A' department: 10.7
Athens B' department: 8.3
Piraeus A' department: 10.4
Piraeus B' department: 11.3
Salonika A department: 10.2
Salonika B' department: 12.0


Laconia (Sparta): 15.6
Pellas: 13.2
Pieria: 12.3  
Arcadia: 8.9
Achaea: 8.0
Arta: 6.7
 Argolis: 12.6
Boetoia: 10.1
Corinth: 10.8
 Chios: 5.0
Chalkida: 11.5
Chania: 5.9
Cyclades 5.6
 Dodecanesa: 8.0
Drama: 7.5
Evros: 11.1
Eboia: 10.4
Evritannia: 7.1
Emathia: 12.4
Heraclion: 4.6
Helia: 10.6
Hetoloakarnania: 10.0
Grevena: 8.8
Fthiodit: 11.3
Fokid: 8.4
Ionian Islands: 7.6
Janinna: 5.4
 Kephalinia: 10.3
Kilkis: 12.4
Kavala: 8.6
Kozani: 8.0
Kastoria: 12.4
Karditsa: 10.8
Lesbos: 7.0
Larisa: 8.9
Lasithi: 3.7
Leukada: 8.5
Messenia: 10.7
Threspoty: 7.6
Rodopi: 6.3
Rethymn: 5.6
Samos: 7.6
Serres: 10.5
Xanthe: 7.3
Zakynth: 7.1

EU elections 2014 - The Mother of all battles!

Shock and awe! This is the only expression than can describe the destroyed psyche of our once powerful overlords, that are now a bankrupt gang of the corrupted system, after the damage they suffered from the Social Nationalist Movement.

Hearing my Leader's voice after 8 months.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Municipal elections 2014: Conclusions

 The first battle was completed and now, with a peaceful mind, we are able to extract conclusions and lessons from these elections, to move forward to the more important EU elections with even more experience.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Golden Dawn rallies to help the Serbians

White solidarity!
The People's Association of Golden Dawn, answering the call of the Serbian People that suffers from deadly floods, announced a campaign of humanitarian aid towards them.

Golden Dawn asks from every Greek to bring provisions to our HQ, and we will send them as soon as possible to Serbia, with the cooperation of the Serbian embassy. The items needed are mattresses, warm clothes, diapers, socks, underwear, flashlights, batteries, hygiene supplies, waterproof boots, canned food and baby food.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/sthrizoume-ton-dokimazomeno-lao-ths-serbias-sugkentrwsh-anthrwpistikhs-boht#ixzz32I0Lp0l5

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

Look at the black bar, and compare it with our 3rd place/11,11%.
Science has been degraded to a tool used to create impresions and manipulate opinions. We don't give a damn about them! Shame to the "scientists"!
From the 2012 elections
Above: Polls
Below: Actual results
(1st round)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Golden Dawn: Unprecedented victory under hostile circumstances!

The hardships and hostility of the double municipal and regional elections were numerous. Not only was there constant propaganda by all the politicians and Media against us, but also for the conspiracy of silence that barred Golden Dawn's representatives from public and open conversations. There was an issue of politicization of the elections, that were won, but not to their fullest potential. This will be more evident in the European Elections. But we must see the numbers for our revolutionary Party, to alleviate all doubts that the Greek People will not withdraw from the nationalist phalanx!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Elections 2014 - Early reports

Update #8: Golden Dawn nationwide percentages around 11-12%

Update #7: Golden Dawn confirmed for a 200% increase in the capital of Greece, Athens!

Update #6: Tomorrow we will post an article analyzing these elections that showed Golden Dawn as the big overall winner!

Update #5:
Golden Dawn guaranteed to elect councilors on all municipal councils!

Update #4:
The first signs of shock are evident from the reactions of various rival candidates. Specifically, a candidate of the Democratic Left said: "Allow me to express my disgust that two neonazi candidates managed to poll that high. I have no respect for those that voted Golden Dawn."

Update #3:
Foreign outposts predict up to 200% increase of our voters.

Update #2:
 Golden Dawn has filed a suit against a court representative in Chalkis. The criminal refused to distribute GD ballot papers, and when our mission brought new ones, he refused to accept them.

Update #1:
 The first envoy of our members has arrived in a polling station were "Greek Dawn" ballot papers were being withheld from the voters. Our comrades have reportedly halted the procedure and wont leave until it continues lawfully. On top of that, a bunch of gypsies hanging around a bus has been located...

Reports of violence come every minute in our offices, speaking of leftists that are trying to affect the vote with their presence and propaganda within the polling stations! Groups of leftists move from school to school, like cockroaches, and put up their banners and posters on the walls.
 We have also heard of pre-marked ballot papers being distributed around. In one polling station in the area of Cholargos, we had clashes between thugs and members/representatives of Golden Dawn, with the Police not even intervening.  So far there have been numerous clashes but no arrests, as reported by GD-USA. In addition to that, there have been reports of 4 polling stations (#349, #592, #349, and #1006) conveniently "forgetting" to distribute our ballot papers, effectively canceling out the anonymity of the voters.
 Despite those problems, the battle for the elections goes on, and thousands of our representatives are make sure to report any "accidents" that happen at GD's expense. Not even a vote will be lost!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Financial Times: Golden Dawn is the only party that helps the poor!

 In the 1980s, Christos Papadimitriou had a high-flying career setting up intensive care units at hospitals across Greece. Now retired, the doctor has found a new way to practice medicine: as an unpaid medical adviser to the neo-Nazi Social Nationalist Golden Dawn party.
 Tens of thousands of Greeks lost access to the state healthcare system when they became unemployed and can’t afford private treatment. They [Golden Dawn] are trying to help, so I volunteered,” the French-trained physician said in his cramped consulting room at the party’s Athens headquarters. 
 Papadimitriou takes medical histories from patients at twice-weekly sessions, he says, and recommends specialists from a list of 150 doctors who offer their services free of charge to impoverished Golden Dawn supporters.
 "The state system is now desperately underfunded because of the crisis. Families don’t keep up with vaccinations, for example, and psychiatric help is hard to find,” he adds. “Golden Dawn’s network helps fill the gaps.”

50 illegal immigrants found in voter registries

The "constitutional" parties of the Left and Right use such dishonoring acts to save their future in politics. Illegal immigrants were located in voter registries and thanks to the intervention of the people, the case went to the courts, where the only possible decision was made.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bullets sent to the Supreme Court

An envelope with three 7.62mm bullets and threats was sent to the prosecutor's office in the Supreme Court of Athens. The sender signed as "Alepoudelis" (Fox-like), without signing a first name.

Along with the bullets, a letter, written in Ancient Greek, was found. In the note the following was written:
"If in 15 days you don't release all those that were illegally arrested in this dirty case, then within a period of 20 months the minister, the prosecutor and the interrogator will mourn for their families, no matter their age or sex. This time period will be required to locate those targets. Injustice will make those families die out."

It's still isn't clear whether the letter refers to the Golden Dawn's case. The counter-terrorist unit is eager to lead investigations on the Golden Dawn, but the letter might refer to another serious case. The letter was delivered to the police after the security forces of the Supreme Court scanned it with x-rays.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Elections of violence and fraud

After the obvious failure of the regime to bar Golden Dawn from running in the elections, we started noticing that a second plan was set in motion. Before we analyze this plan it's well worth to take a look on the Greek national elections of 1961, that were remembered by history as the "elections of violence and fraud".

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Golden Dawn - European Elections

Click here to view the latest list with Golden Dawn's candidates for the European Elections of May 25.

Hail Victory!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day 2014: I don't celebrate, I fight!

  Comrades, today we celebrate the victories of the working class, that along with racialism form the heart and soul of our Idea. Social Nationalism is the only healthy expression of the People's state, struggling to survive, to obtain vital financial living space, to better the People's life quality. We must not only celebrate May Day, we must also fight for a new revolt against the multinational capital and its local lackeys.