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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

UPDATE: The translated transcript that led to the resignation of the Secretary of State

Read how the high-ranking official knew about the interference of the government in the Justice system, aiming to ban Golden Dawn.

Persons implicated:
Kasidiaris: Golden Dawn MP, Press representative, candidate mayor.
Mpaltakos; Secretary of State.
Samaras: Prime Minister
Dendias: Minister of Civilian Protection.
Athanasiou: Minister of Justice.
Goutzamani: Prosecutor General of the Supreme Court.
Roupakiotis: ex-Minister of Justice.

Kasidiaris: When at first l came out (released before the arrest of the General Secretary), what happened to Samaras, can you tell me?
Mpaltakos: He was in the USA then.
Kasidiaris: Yes, he was in America, but l heard that he got multiple strokes
Mpaltakos: Shock and awe! It was a shitstorm… He didn’t call me, l told him about the things he does… l told him. He wouldn’t speak to me about this.
He called the other two and fucked them up. Both Athanasiou and Dendias:
“You fooled me, you tricked me,  this is an embarrassment!” Because just the day before he made a statement in the American Jewish Committee convention saying that: “It’s over, l locked them up, hello and goodbye!” and the next day you show up free.
Kasidiaris: With the interrogators that released us, in that controversial stage, what happened? Because they twisted things around afterwards, after they let us go, then when they took the others, they twisted that around.
Mpaltakos: They let you go due to the simple reason that they had no evidence
Kasidiaris: Yes, nice, nothing existed.
Mpaltakos: And nobody called them to pressure them, because everyone took it for granted…  Everyone thought for sure that: “Meh, what is the interrogator going to do?” THE INTERROGATOR DIDN’T HAVE A SHRED OF EVIDENCE! NOT ONE!
Kasidiaris: Neither he did for the others, through…(The current prisoner MPs and members of GD)
Mpaltakos: But with the others was…(Makes a gesture indicating a cell phone conversation)
Kasidiaris: Who did the damage there?
Mpaltakos: Both.
Kasidiaris: Athanasiou and Dendias?
Mpaltakos: Who else?
Kasidiaris: And what Samaras says about this? Is he aware of the situation?
Mpaltakos: He wasn't at first… Now that he saw the polls… He thought, like the bourgeois that he is, that with all these horrors : “2%- "he tells me- "they will get”…
I say “I'm telling you they will get 20%”. He tells me “You are a jerk”.
Kasidiaris: Who told him to do those things?
Mpaltakos: First of all, he is worried about himself. Because you prevent him from having an advantage over SYRIZA.
Kasidiaris: He steals votes, ok.
Mpaltakos: It makes sense.
Kasidiaris: And because we steal votes from him, he will put us in jail?
Mpaltakos: The faggot… unbelievable things, unbelievable.
Kasidiaris: And the things Roumpakiotis said?
Mpaltakos: That’s for sure, since he did them the week he went there.
Kasidiaris: Goutzamani, the things she did, l really had the info that she was a right-winger and officially.
Mpaltakos: (Prays)
Kasidiaris: Obsessed with God.
Mpaltakos: Yes.
Kasidiaris: How did she do those horrible things with Bourliotis and the set-up of that finding?
Mpaltakos: They convinced her that “they are pagans, idol worshiping nazis and against Christianity”.
Kasidiaris: Who convinced her?
Mpaltakos: Athanasiou and Dendias.
Kasidiaris: Go to the District Attorney and testify on who set this trap: That Athanasiou gave the order to Goutzamani, that Samaras also gave the order to Athanasiou, and all of them will go to trial. If you are a person of justice, you have to do this.
Mpaltakos: If l do that now, he will initiate a quick investigation a half hour long and then he will archive it.
Kasidiaris: You think so?
Mpaltakos: Of course! Am I going to do with the Samara government in power? At what District Attorney will I go? Goutzamani herself is the Prosecutor General. Will l report Goutzamani to herself?
Kasidiaris: How did she become Prosecutor General of the Supreme Court?
Mpaltakos: Because they are from the same village.
Kasidiaris: So now she does him a favor.
Mpaltakos: Yes, they are from the same village. Well, not the same, but they are near each other…
But they took office the same day, they almost have the same age. They are from the same place, no need to question it.

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  1. the junta is falling like a stack of cards i cant wait till May...Hail Golden Dawn