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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Government clinging upon corrupt Media to save face

All of the major MSM in Greece that have one task, to control public opinion, are only talking about the legal consequences comrade Ilias Kasidiaris should face for recording private conversations with members of the government and the main opposition. The first of this tapes was the confession of the former Secretary of State that the PM and Ministers of Justice and Civilian Protection were giving orders to prosecutors and Judges to illegally detain our comrades in jail, without even facing court.

They are invoking a law regarding personal data against a man that had his own personal life was under perpetual surveillance by the guards of the State, the National Information Agency. And while their act is called "investigation/confiscation of evidence" they allow certain info to leak in order to create impressions. And still, according to Law, the case file is confidential because the investigation to see whether the prosecution has actual evidence is still undergoing.

So the cold hard facts reveal once again how the criminal organization called "judicial system" works in occupied Greece.

Obviously the conspirators are denying the right of the defendant to prove his innocence by threatening him with additional persecutions that will be adjusted as desired by judges invoking laws and human rights that will be applied unilaterally and selectively.

When they are not blaming the victim, they are talking about the so-called "separation of powers" and "independent" Justice ignoring the contents of scandalous tape and discussing about how the video was recorded. The Greeks however are well aware of the facts that reveal that the complete control of the political powers is concentrated on the hands of a few tyrants with the blessings of the EU and the Zionists.

It's not at all unrelated that after Baltakos was exposed, the new Secretary of State to serve the bourgeois interests is the president of the Central Secretariat Committee and Judge of the Supreme Court (!) , Fotis Kaimenakis....

It seems that the kleptocracy not only ridiculed their cheap excuse for a democracy, but in the effort to maintain a sense of legitimacy, they bring another institution that they control down with them, along with the institution of  "justice"...


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  1. The whole bloody lot should face a firing squad, criminal tyrannical scum, and hopefully the day will come sooner than they think! THE TRUTH WILL PREVAIL.