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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Farmers expel leftists from food distribution

View the expulsion here.

A union of farmers organized food distributions in Athens and Salonika. Sadly, they were episodic and chaotic from every aspect as usual with non-GD food distributions.

Farmer trying to calm the hungry citizens down.
However, in addition to the disorder, there were conflicts. During the food distribution in Athens, colleagues of Rena Dourou (candidate for the region of Attica with the League of the Radical Left (SYRIZA)) appeared and exploited the sacrifices of the farmers and the misery of the People by advertising their boss, distributing hundreds of her leaflets, creating the impression that this is a SYRIZA food distribution.

Z is for Zionism.
Farmers and merchants spotted them and informed them that their benches weren't meant for political fiestas and asked them to leave the premises immediately. The leftists then attacked them with the familiar insults, starting a pandemonium and ending with the expulsion of the leftists from the neighborhood.


  1. Starting to think only way to take country back is the east ukraine way. Gather people and take over buildings. Words have never on led to a peaceful change from a lefty controlled and jew back governments. Maybe east ukraine are on to something

  2. Was for greeks only??? Maybe the lefties should of written the leaflets in turkish again