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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The terror continues!

While the suicides of impoverished Greeks is becoming a daily phenomenon, the occupational government still carries on the task of their Jewish bosses. Two more MPs of our Movement, Germenis and Iliopoulos, have been arrested as a result of their opposition against the traitors and their ideas. Both MPs were held hostage for 7 and 5 hours respectively, standing in front of the modern Inquisition and being forced to "confess" their crime of being part of a criminal organization, while never mentioning any specific criminal act! Due to this charade a third MP, comrade Mpoukouras couldn't be interrogated because the judges were exhausted!

Meanwhile the government prepares to pass new tax laws that expect to remove from the People the amount of 11 billion euros! We are witnessing the beginning of their end. The desperate struggle for support. The last panic moves before the fall. Fatal moves that reveal the decline of the Regime and their fear against the only genuine opposition in Greece. The Golden Dawn is here to stay, and those that still can't see this are not only cowards, but idiots as well.

Hail Victory!

Source: http://www.nooz.gr/greece/se-apologia-germenis-mpoikouras-iliopoulos


  1. Patience and perseverance, my friends! Keep it up and your struggle will be worth while!

  2. This is fucking retarded! Sick of these leftists and their jew bosses ruining everything or person they encounter. This is really out of hand worldwide and its about time we take this fucking war they started and end it with their blood running through the streets! Fuck the left and fuck you jews too! If I ever saw a leftist on fire I wouldnt waste good piss to put them out!

    Keep fighting the good fight Golden Dawn because we know the cowards wont and the others will be happy enough for a handout in exchange for their country.

  3. Greece has got to get out of the multi-cultural crazy EU. To remain is to be destroyed by immigration along with the rest of Marxist hijacked Europe.

  4. Victory is not that far away now for GD, and the corrupt politicians know it! Soon they will stand in court and be tried for their treason with over whelming evidence of the crimes they have committed against their own people and the death penalty must be awarded to them all. The theft of 11 billion euros will be their death Nell.
    Judgement day moves ever closer.
    Golden Dawn is shining brighter day by day as the truth will always win.
    All Hail Golden Dawn

  5. Hail Victory!! They are so scared of Golden Dawn they resort to illegal and false imprisonment and to murder.The main fixed parties are so scared of losing in the EU elections that they lock up the opposition and band together like the crooks they are.
    The so called Greek socialists are so scared that the damage they have done to the Greek people will lose them votes they are to form a new leftist alliance for EU elections. The socialist party whose support is down to 5% from 43% will run under a joint ticket in the EU elections with the Progressive Democratic Party.
    PASOK Socialist party leader Evangelos Venizelos looks like your typical Socialist a fat cat money grabbing corrupt politician.
    Let us make sure we hurt these faux democ -rats in the May elections because they have been hurting the Greeks, driving them to raiding bins for food and suicide whilst their Government splurges money on immigants.

  6. David Harris and his 33o degree B'nia B'rith Masonic Zionist filth American kike Kongress Anti- Defacation League (ADL) togther with bootleggin gangsters at Seagram's world Khazar Jew (redundant) Congress and Yenta Barbara Lerner Specter (any relation to kike psychopath Phil?) with fat Ruskie Jewboy Euro- mafiosi Moshe Kanter are pulling the string on Cryto-Jew Samaras (smartass) until they all pull at the end of a rope.