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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A change of tactics?

Left: Mitropoulos. Right: Tsipras

Realizing the phenomenal strength of the People's association among the ranks of the workers and the lower-middle class of the Greek society, A. Mitropoulos, an MP of the League of Radical Left (SYRIZA), sent a letter to the the party's president, Alexis Tsipras, urging him to not support the Government's intentions of outlawing the Golden Dawn! The MP, in fact, criticizes the party's tactics on the "issue" of Golden Dawn, a tactic that has the main opposition party voting all the laws and measures the Government has tailored to target us and us only, whether those laws are enabling the imprisonment of our MPs without a trial or disabling the subsidies we are constitutionally entitled to.

Being unable to see past his reactionary ideology, the MP tries to define the rise of Social Nationalism as a "phenomenon that exists inside the systemic Right". He writes: "It's not about a classic Nazi party or Nazi voters. It's a phenomenon that exists inside the Greek systemic Right. It's about some conflicts within this family, but under the right circumstances it crosses the lines of an internal conflict. That's why we support that the treatment of the Golden Dawn by the Left was wrong."

So instead of confessing the completely systemic nature of SYRIZA that cooperates with the Government to combat our Movement, he tries to categorize Golden Dawn in the Right side of the political spectrum, using false historical experience! It surpasses every limit of ideological fantasy, the MP's attempts to classify Golden Dawn as systemic or to find her position in the Left-Right paradigm that refers to political powers that want to conserve this pathetic political system.

What he manages to prove is his own ideological nudity -and that is completely natural if you think that he is a former member of PASOK- and to expose himself in the eyes of the Greek People. Can he explain, with his "historical experience", the reality that has voters from the Left and even from the Communist Party massively joining the Social Nationalist Movement?

But one of the truths in his letter towards his party's president, is that the stance of the party as a whole, concerning the political prosecution of Golden Dawn, is completely wrong. "The stance of the Left even before the arrests of her leadership, the single-issue aggressive tactics against her in response to tragic incidents with immigrants, the complete cooperation with the Memorandum government for the drastic, hastened and complete political prosecution of Golden Dawn, etc, are elements that expose our lack of political views and analysis."

We have said before: "The biggest fear of the Regime caused by the appearance of our Movement isn't the defeat of the right-wing nationalist myth, as is the evacuation, the mass, final and irrevocable shift of the Greek Workers from the hold of the Left, towards the arms of revolutionary Greek Social Nationalism!" And one can spot this fear in the words of Mr. Mitropoulos. And that fear is the only reason he criticizes the illegal prosecution of our Movement, a prosecution that was conspired by the political and MSM underworld.

To his dismay, just like the PM of Greece, Samaras the Pitiful, promised the Zionists that he will eradicate the Golden Dawn, Tsipras gave his word in foreign decision-making centers that he will offer his sword in the dirty war against Golden Dawn, siding with his supposed enemies. The "Radical Left" is nothing more than the vanguard of this System!


  1. The radical left is hopefully at the end of its rope. Traitorous multiculturalists who care nothing for the Greek people (or all white people for that matter) or their suffering and seek only to increase it by their idiotic Marxist, pro-EU policies. The damage these people have done to Greece over decades is staggering. They are all latter-day Ephialtes.

  2. El Comunismo y la izquierda renovada fueron creados por el Sionismo internacional junto con la Derecha Neoliberal al final son dedos de una misma mano.

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