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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Exam period

Due to the exam period, updates will be slow for a couple of weeks or so. We will try to update as often as possible, but for more Golden Dawn news needs, please visit the Golden Dawn New York website. We will be back! Hail Golden Dawn!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Shocking poll! 44% of Greeks are against the unlawful prosecution!

Many Greeks are watching closely the efforts of the State to ban us. They saw how ridiculous the accusations are, how the "blood enemies"(communists and capitalists) cooperated in voting for both the fund cuts and the arrests of six of our MPs, how nonsensical the "evidence" is and now they know not only the truth, but also what is the most logical opinion they can adopt.

But the unaware sheeple that get brainwashed by the directed TV news reports aren't aware of the truth and the only factor that affects their opinion is the well-payed propagators on the Media. Those people are hearing all the time about a "weapons cache that has been found", but they ignore that fact that no cache has been found or ever will be, because it doesn't exist! He ignores the fact that the "journalists" follow guidelines and are lying to create impressions, knowing that they will never be prosecuted for those lies by the status quo.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Racialism - Bourgeois Patriotism. Identical or opposing concepts?

In Europe today we hear many political and intellectual puppet masters identifying as patriots, and that no one is more patriotic than themselves. We have patriotic Socialists, Neodemocrats, patriotic communists, patriotic journalists, even patriotic foreigners.

But what is patriotism?

Patris means "land of the fathers". So patriotism means love towards the land of the fathers. Of course, the above "patriots" can't meet the requirements of this title either for ideological reasons (internationalists of every kind) or biological ones (foreigners). It is a fact though, that in the bourgeois parliamentary political culture, patriotism is simply the logic of a citizen supporting his current government.

A change of tactics?

Left: Mitropoulos. Right: Tsipras

Realizing the phenomenal strength of the People's association among the ranks of the workers and the lower-middle class of the Greek society, A. Mitropoulos, an MP of the League of Radical Left (SYRIZA), sent a letter to the the party's president, Alexis Tsipras, urging him to not support the Government's intentions of outlawing the Golden Dawn! The MP, in fact, criticizes the party's tactics on the "issue" of Golden Dawn, a tactic that has the main opposition party voting all the laws and measures the Government has tailored to target us and us only, whether those laws are enabling the imprisonment of our MPs without a trial or disabling the subsidies we are constitutionally entitled to.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The terror continues!

While the suicides of impoverished Greeks is becoming a daily phenomenon, the occupational government still carries on the task of their Jewish bosses. Two more MPs of our Movement, Germenis and Iliopoulos, have been arrested as a result of their opposition against the traitors and their ideas. Both MPs were held hostage for 7 and 5 hours respectively, standing in front of the modern Inquisition and being forced to "confess" their crime of being part of a criminal organization, while never mentioning any specific criminal act! Due to this charade a third MP, comrade Mpoukouras couldn't be interrogated because the judges were exhausted!

Meanwhile the government prepares to pass new tax laws that expect to remove from the People the amount of 11 billion euros! We are witnessing the beginning of their end. The desperate struggle for support. The last panic moves before the fall. Fatal moves that reveal the decline of the Regime and their fear against the only genuine opposition in Greece. The Golden Dawn is here to stay, and those that still can't see this are not only cowards, but idiots as well.

Hail Victory!

Source: http://www.nooz.gr/greece/se-apologia-germenis-mpoikouras-iliopoulos

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shocking! Greek government prepares another execution?

Just minutes ago I saw on the news a rather disturbing report that unmasks the relationship between the armed Marxists and the Police.

New Year, new struggles!

 I send my best wishes to all the Social Nationalist comrades across the globe. Happy New Year! With the dusk of 2013, Golden Dawn leaves behind her a full year of struggles and sacrifices that still bleed from our heart. Two comrades have fallen in our effort to liberate Greece, our Leader and two MPs spent the New Year's Day on prison without even being trialed, and tens more of comrades experience daily political terrorism by the Memorandum government. Looking back in time, we can realize that Nationalism has solidified its position in the political spectrum and that it was the year that we witnessed the mass and rabid efforts of the System to ban us, to dismantle us, to cripple us, to disorientate us.