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Thursday, December 5, 2013

The witch hunt goes on.

Another fiasco from the heartless and vicious government of Greece. Today, at about 11:00 Greek time, the Anti-terrorism department of the Police invaded the homes of 3 more MPs of the movement. These are comrades Germenis, Boukouras and Iliopoulos. Comrades Germenis and Boukouras have one two-year-old daughter and 3 children respectively. Comrade Iliopoulos has a pregnant wife. Their families had to leave their beds, pick their kids and go out in the breezing cold, under orders of the cops and, by extend, the Minister of Civilian Protection.

Instead of searching for the scum that will kill anyone related to Golden Dawn, the scum that put targets on more than one million people, the government continues this witch hunt to find anything that can convict US of terrorism! And they are in a hurry to dismantle the Movement before the decisive Municipal Elections in May.

But terrorism, like the other "-isms" and the regime of Terror in revolutionary France, is a State practice. After the books and articles they confiscated from the homes of our already imprisoned MPs, they now confiscated hard disk drives, laptops USB sticks, cellphones, cameras and SIM cards! Now, they have 2 days until they meet with the interrogator to "confess their crimes"!

The Media started playing the news as if the conservative government was going to dismantle al-Qaeda. In reality, nothing was found that proved their false accusations, something that was also evident from the awkward silence of the Media shortly after the investigation.

In related news, the official demand of the Leader for his immediate release until the trial was rejected. The interrogators believe this man shouldn't be out of jail. We have to say why. He can't be released because he leads a "criminal organization"! From where do they draw this conclusion? They should expect to see criminal activity. Were certain crimes committed by Leader taken into consideration for this decision? No because those don't exist! The evidence they used are different. Specifically, some of his books, like "From the ashes of Berlin to globalization" and the fact that he saluted the Youth with the ancient Greek salute, in our Youth Festival in 2012.

The hand that holds the wealth, controls the courtrooms.
Now, besides my ideological "ramblings". Legally speaking, these maneuvers range from ridiculous to dangerous. If one searches, he can find lawyers and other Law experts, even if leftists, denouncing the procedure as "a huge political and judicial coup", with "an unprecedented legal gap in this case" and saying that "there is certainly a political prosecution of a dangerous ideology, but it is not a criminal prosecution and therefore will not stand". The sources are the videos of interviews posted here.

Golden Dawn has decided to protest this continuous with a spontaneous gathering in front of the Parliament in 19:00.


  1. Sometimes blood must run in the streets in order to stop the oppression.

  2. If the prosecution against gd fails the establishment are in very serious trouble. It will show they have used state power to persecute political opponents. Their credability will be destroyed and gd will have renewed credability. At this point it is very likely gd will be able to get close to taking power.
    So. This is the time to beware. The establishment have it all to lose. Gd must be successfully prosecuted. The left believe their own propaganda. This is an incredible weakness and it exists to be exploited. If you know how.
    Since the police have not found evidence it is inevitable that the establishment will plant that evidence. They will justify it in their own minds by saying gd have weapons, we just didn't find it. "believing their own propaganda". I am guessing they haven't planted the evidence yet because they are still hoping to find some. Alternativly, they are taking a long time because they are being very careful where they source the evidence. They don't want an investigation uncovering a weak link who will tell the truth to avoid prosecution. Also, I'm guessing the process of planting the evidence is not straightforward. Who can they trust to plant the evidence? The average Greek will have some sympathies for gd. Police are average Greeks.
    If I were gd I would put hidden cameras all over the place. I would be preparing for evidence to be planted.

    1. This transvesti of a Greek goverment has no credibility to lose,so
      there is NOTHING it won't do to avoid collapse. It's the last of a long
      line of goverments consisting of totall froads and thiefs, lyinng to our
      faces, another goverment that turned 180' THE DAY AFTER ELECTION.
      And by the way it's that tresonous attitude and lack of quality that
      got Greece on it's knees in the first place. And I'm not a commu-
      nist or a socialist or whatever other label so you could see second
      thoughts behind my comment. I'm just an average Greek with small
      business that for example is asked for taxes abour twice my income
      for the third year on the raw. And if the experiment in Greece succe-
      eds, beware...

  3. Glad the Newsroom is back up and running as I look forward to providing more "ramblings" of my own. In all honesty we know the truth and from which corner the evil eminates; we must act or die. Millions have perished already in the Talmudic fires of Judah and their wars against the Goyim Christians. We need BOLD action. Our job of Jewish study is a never ceasing unrelenting war until this parasite is under contol and ideally -- wiped out.

  4. So True Reg; I was just reading the long list of dead and buried researcers,whistleblowers, police, witnesses, etc., set up and killed over the last 50 years in the Kennedy assassination "whitewash" It is the same with NWO inestigators --all set set up on trumped up rape, tax evasion, conspiracy charges by the CIA (which spells: Jew Mossad--and Jinsa, ADL American Jew Congress and all the shadowy Yid organisations list a mile long nee, trained killers) the USA is not a safe place to hang around.

  5. The greece goverment is wrongly judging golden dawn if thumb down a group to pressure them into repraisal towards them then so be it........ hail golden dawn

  6. Das 'JUDEN' Kapital... The volcano is nearing it's ultimate expression of pent up rage. All over Europe, and other white nations, the Jews are crawling over our civilisation like filthy parasites on a heep of steaming dung. We need a single voice on the world stage.


  7. Sir, about the "the ancient Greek salute" you refer to, I recommend you google up on google images: "official olympic salute". The images prove that you are right and maybe they could be of use to you and to Golden Dawn because, as always, a picture is worth a thousand words...
    Best regards from Majorca! Keep it up!!!

  8. Hmmm another murder??? Well slap a Golden Dawn shirt and put it in tge press. promise tge guy a lighter sentence if he lies and then dont deliver.

    Typical strategy of the left