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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The trampling of dignity

 This Newsroom has covered many food distributions by Golden Dawn in Greece and Cyprus, but those are about the most major soup kitchens in the respective capitals of the two Hellenic countries. If I was able to cover all of Golden Dawn's food and clothing distributions dictated by the Social Solidarity Program, you would see hundreds of those actions in every Hellenic province. The materials I was able to present you are just the tip of the iceberg.

 Like those food distributions that are "lost" between the pages of this blog, other actions of a similar nature, by individuals or autonomous groups or even by the few near-collapse institutes that are controlled by the State, could go unnoticed by my readers. In this article we are going to examine some of those food distributions, and why the People need to be organized and disciplined in a Revolutionary Party with central leadership.

In Greece 2013, the Greece of Capitalism, banks and Memorandums, the Greeks have to trample and push each other for a bag of food. This time the "culprit" was the social market of Kallithea, were hundreds of people pushed aside their dignity and struggled to get one of the 150 "magic tickets" that would guarantee  them 2 bags of food. And of course, immigrants are welcome to these taxpayer-funded distributions.

The next video is from a group of independent producers that handed out food in an open market. The shocking images enraged even them, and they threatened multiple times that they would stop the handout if order doesn't prevail. But independent and autonomous groups such as this one inherently can't establish order. Their intentions are pure, and we do hail them, but those practices are working against their own goals, making the Greeks acting like beggars. Good intentions alone are no good. If those practices continue,as time passes and the crisis deepens, we will see people trampled to death.

 The reactions from the government and the Media are trivial. The vision that anarchists and Left socialists have, that the People can spontaneously and without a coherent structure resist the onslaught of the anti-worker regime, fails in reality and while most of them use those embarrassing images to criticize the government, they never offer an alternative. Because they seek to capitalize from these sad moments. But the alternative exists, and this alternative bugs the hell out of our "benevolent and humanist" Zionist occupiers.

 The Hellenic Social Nationalists do what they do not to capitalize from the poverty of the Hellenic working class, not because we want to say "Don't mind the new laws the parliament is voting, we will feed you" but because we BELIEVE that Social Solidarity is a sacred duty that we must all serve for the benefit of our racial brothers and sisters. To give them support and courage to combat the rotting establishment!

 Our alternative is the Social Solidarity program. Our distributions are characterized by Order, Dignity and Efficiency, funded by both individual donations, producer donations and the (now cancelled) government subsidy so that the money of the People returns to the People. To not only help the Greeks, but also to give them a helping hand that matters. Big portions, for many families, with priority and double portions given to the weakest social groups, handed out in events organized by disciplined comrades, ensure that we are making a difference. And of course, no foreigner is allowed. Greece is for the Greeks!

The Media, in both a national and international level, characterize our efforts as "soup kitchens of hate". The government and the Left always denounce the distributions, or try to prevent them by laws or by force. The contrast between Golden Dawn's food distributions and the distributions by other institutes or groups is so big that it leaves no room for further comment.

But I must urge every Greek producer to stop and think: He has nothing to prove by standing on his own. He gains nothing nor the people he tries to help get nothing by following the line of the Media and the Left to isolate our Social Solidarity efforts. It's too late. We can't hide behind our fingers any longer. Every Greek that needs help or wants to help, should do so through the ranks of a highly organized and honorable Movement like the phenomenon that is Golden Dawn! Because, after all, it's US against THEM!


  1. A beautiful site. Helenic Europeans acting with true Aryan spirit. Solidarity is the key, and we need it in the UK, fast. Much respect from my former Britain, home of the ancient Druidic peoples.


  2. very nice, i really wish i lived in greece. here in america, i am fearing for my people. we need help bad. i dont feel safe at all.

  3. Disorganized savages out of control from lefty "help"? Expect nothing less

    Golden Dawn helping out people in an organized way to make sure TRUE greeks get the help without issue and WHITE. No problems with a little compare and contrast