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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Golden Dawn on the rise, despite the persecution

  A new poll has seen the light of publicity, this one was published by MRB. This particular poll asks the voters about their preferences in the National elections and the European elections. What we can note is the complete downfall of "New Democracy" and the rise of the Golden Dawn. After the murders of November 1st, where a group of agents threatened more than one million people with death just because they supported our Movement, someone would expect the number of our vocal supporters to be very few. The Greeks don't fear the Golden Dawn, as she has proven she strikes at the right enemies. They are still afraid to openly say it, you see, state-sponsored terrorism won't allow it.

 This poll also gives the answer as to why the two "opponents", New Democracy and Syriza are so willing to ally themselves against the Golden Dawn. That happens because the GD is the main exit gate for both of the parties. 7,7 of ND's voters are moving to Golden Dawn, and the same happens with 2,5% of Syriza voters. We do wonder where the "undefined" voters will go...

 The pleasant surprise comes with the European election polls. We witness a whooping fall nearing 10% from both major parties. Without the undefined vote, that reaches 23,8%, Golden Dawn's percentages are at 12%. I believe this proves how the People will handle Golden Dawn in the European and the Municipal elections. The "undefined" vote will be the groundbreaking force. Those elections will be remembered as the elections where the Meander entered Brussels! Hail Victory!


  1. God bless the Golden Dawn and all of those associated!!!!

  2. I can't wait to see GD in the europarliament, that immense shithole. You'll be like the bleach that will disinfect it! Keep it up!

  3. Heh do what the leftist traitors do in chicago... Have the dead vote and vote often

  4. Zougla.gr is better:


    Zougla gives GD 22 percent!


  6. In time I would like to see a statue erected in Athens dedicated to the two murdered Grrek Golden Dawn freedom fighters.

  7. How many of these so-called "crimes" that the Greek government accuses them of doing are anything other than "belonging to a criminal organization"? Golden Dawn was criminalized by the corrupt act of traitors to Greece, as a devious means of removing a political competitor from democratic competition. Apparently, nearly all of the charges against Golden Dawn members come from the choice of the Zionists and members of the other political parties to ban Golden Dawn, and almost none of them arise from anything that anybody in Golden Dawn did himself.