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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Golden Dawn first with 55,5% on the Athens Municipality

Source: http://www.zougla.gr/politiki/article/diadiktiaki-psifoforia-me-noima

New polls reveal what we knew from long time ago, that the very center of Athens, the most degraded neighborhood of Greece, is going to be the first to be liberated on the first round of the elections! Specifically, comrade Ilias Kasidiaris gathers 55,5% of the Athenian vote. This poll proves that the Greeks trust the Party's program and course of action and that they are enraged by the plot to ban Golden Dawn or to at least bar us from these elections.

This phenomenal percentage is easily explained:

This is NOT the ghetto of Athens. This is only the exterior
 of the Athens University of Economics and Business.
One of the few available photos of the ghetto.
The daily night life of Athens. The HIV is rampant.
Keep in mind that the polls refer only to the announced candidates for Athens. The other major parties still haven't declared a candidate, but it is clear (from the 25,2% "Other" percentage), that the Athenians are not willing to take any chances by voting a moderate leftist or rightist. After all, older polls (Link) showed that the only candidate that could face GD on equal grounds in the Minister of Civilian Protection. It's highly unlikely that they will remove him for the Ministry where he handles the "Golden Dawn terrorism" case just to keep Athens away from our control, so it is safe to say that this will be very close to the actual results of the elections.

Carrying on with the polls, the influx of voters from the two governing and opposition parties, from the Right and the Left respectively, are quite encouraging:

Additionally, the People predict that most possibly Syriza would be the new governing party if elections were held next Sunday. But 9.8% of the People are confident that the next elections will witness our ascension to the "throne" of Hellas.

Those are the first results of a series of polls, and we are waiting for the next polls to come out after the holidays. Two concurrent polls will be giving us very safe predictions regarding the polling trends of the Golden Dawn, Syriza and New Democracy. I can guess that our polling trend is analogous to the harsh mistreatment of the Greek "justice" system. Hail Victory!

21/12 - Polls by the Pulse Company, covering all Greece.


  1. Merry Christmas to you all Greek people and especially to you Golden Dawn. Hope your leader will be free soon. And greetings for the 55.5%!!!

  2. It's heartening my Greek brothers and sisters. Congrats to you and all your hard work in the face of anti-white hatred. Have a great traditional Christmas, and stay safe and prosperous in 2014. May the God of human beings look upon you all with favour and love... The others, they have their own insane God, Satan. May they all burn in hell.


  3. Shows how fed up people are with the EU and its idiotic Marxist policies-mass immigration, economic thievery, and complete disregard for the well-being of the native population in favor of the multi-cultural madness.

    1. You should read up on who advocates mass immigration and who doesn't. Who benifits from the dumping of wages and the destruction of national solidarity movements?

      Your hatred blinds you. This is why I fear nationalists.
      Also they apparently moderate comments :/ I wonder if they will moderate the press. This probably wont come up neither.

    2. What do we need reading for, we have seen and experience it with our own eyes. Mass immigration started in Greece in 1990 when thousands of Albanians entered the country. What did the greek Communist party KKE say or do about thousands of Greek workers losing their jobs to illegaly employed Albanians? Nothing at all. What has it done from then untill now? Nothing at all.

      "Foreign workers, our brothers", that's the biggest communist slogan.

      So save us the preaching. Go tell the KKE politicians instead, that by supporting illegal immigration the're not true communists, or at least as true as you want them to be.

  4. Today my brother and sisters, we are all Greeks today. For soon, the European race shall rise up with the wind of a thousand. We need a Golden Dawn in Spain as well too, heck we need Golden Dawn for all of Europe. Golden Dawn shall prevail above all!


    When all hope seems bleak for Europa and her people.
    We shall rise up against all odds.
    God Bless Golden Dawn and a new Europe.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Dawn to all of you!

    Trizona is the Sword of El Cid. Perhaps there shall be a party similar to that of Golden Dawn for Spain called Trizona.

  5. Liberate that's the perfect word; and after that I have another word liquidate. that's what's going to happen to all of the mud shark that refuse to get on a boat to Africa and leave Europe -- they can take the Muslim brothers with them.

    If the communist Marxist Jew Moshe Kantor doesn't like it can stick it up the ass of every one of his associates of the European Jewish Congress PACK his fat Jewish ass back off to Moscow.

  6. First of all this is very good news, plus i want to congrats on passing the 100 member mark for this site. the official elections i think are in may 2014 right?

  7. Go0d luck G0lden Dawn.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. The day after the elections the parasites that now govern over you shall scream and scream and scream!!! Keep it up!!!

  9. Golden Dawn you are in my thoughts, please conquer the Leftist and free your people. Best wishes my brothers and sisters and happy New Years :D

  10. Good luck Golden Dawn, you'll be in my thoughts. Best wishes and I hope you liberate your people from the deceitfulness of the Leftist and free your people from this mental slavery. Happy New Years my fellow brothers and sisters :D

  11. Good luck in your efforts, comrades. After you take back Greece, please consider opening a chapter in Tulsa, OK. We're in desperate need for candidates like you here in Amerika. We're in the belly of the beast.

  12. Keep it up Golden Dawn are the modern versión of Sparta Greece!
    Greetings from Spain!

  13. The EUSSR are trying to force homosexual marriage on Greece! When will Nikos be free?!

  14. At least you seem to have toned down your rhetoric. Polls showing influx of voters from the populist left Syriza should tell you that greeks probably think you are to extreme when you lay blame on socialists and beat their candidates up on TV shows but some see perhaps no other way out. The worst that can happen to Greece is a war between ordinary people while your enemies flee with your reserves in the middle of the night like they did in Argentina.

  15. Can't wait to watch Ilias cleaning the house.

  16. Vida londa para a Aurora Dourda.


  17. The creeks woke up , now the rest of europe has to follow . 14-88 Brothers and Sisters , The Time for change is now ! Hail Golden Dawn