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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Condemned by the corrupt

 Today we saw the realization of yet another step in their long-prepared plan to suppress and ultimately ban the only genuine Revolutionary party in Greece. Today the illegal Parliament of 297 MPs passed the law that cuts the government subsidy for Golden Dawn, fulfilling the wishes of the Zionists and receiving their most warm congratulations.

They don't do this to drown Golden Dawn in dept, since Golden Dawn has no deals with the devil, the banks, unlike them, including the "radicals and revolutionaries"! Their objective is to prevent any acts of real Solidarity by the Social Nationalists. Even long before the elections of 2012, Golden Dawn united the Greeks by asking donations from anyone that could give a helping hand to our poorer brethren. After the elections, those acts of Solidarity were funded by this subsidy and the thousands of unemployed, underpaid Greek workers could sleep with ease knowing that while Golden Dawn exists, they will never die from hunger. Our slogan was "The money of the People return to the People!". We were the only Party to donate food, clothes, medicine and toys to poor Greek families and any Greek that needed help. We chose to turn down the fancy cars, the luxurious houses and other acts of self-indulgence and act according to this dire situation. The necessity of those acts of Solidarity was evident to our comrades, who are governed by Ideals, and was made possible thanks to the wages of our MPs and the subsidy. Golden Dawn's socialist and nationalist Ideals made those acts a duty for every last one of us! We made the slops look ugly, and we had to go.

A Christmas food donation was held today, 18/12/2012. They are cutting
the subsidy from those poor souls, not us.

Meanwhile, parties that claim to fight for the rights of the workers (Syriza) or for a communist revolutionary dictatorship officially rejecting the Constitution (Communist Party (KKE)) not only do they keep their subsidy, they never spend the money in acts similar to our soup kitchens and they have million of Euros in loans on top of that! The allows them to exist in the opposite side of the chessboard they have set up, because they were never a real threat for the banks, the IMF, the European Union, and any other decision-making center or corporation.

Their desperation was so big that they bypassed even the most basic concepts of Justice, such as the presumption of innocence! 3 of our MPs and many more comrades are in jail, without a trial, being accused of "leading and being part of a criminal organization". The law was voted on the basis that we have already been trialed and found guilty! The Parliament substituted Justice, condemned Golden Dawn for a crime for which there is no evidence yet, and passed the law! Such scandals are reminiscent of third world countries and Stalin's Soviet Union.

 A handful of MPs from other parties, even from Syriza, noticed this, and objected either by abstaining or by voting "No". Not because they wanted to allow us to exist in any form, but because they wanted to fight us with other means. Alas, with the Municipal and Europeans elections in May, and with GD's percentages in dangerously high levels, the Government had to skip the formalities. All this was made possible with the murder committed by an ex-Communist (Sources: 1 2) that had joined Golden Dawn. Our readers should note that the murder happened in front of hundreds of witnesses and many Policemen and the "reasoning" that followed was that Golden Dawn ordered him to murder Pavlos Fyssas. The law passed with 241 "Yes", 26 "No" and 5 white votes.

The persecutions are indeed medals we should be proud of. We are the threat against the corrupt and we receive the punishment we "deserve". If only I had the time to write down the hundreds of scandals that happened in Greece, scandals of which the perpetrators are still walking free, of which the perpetrators are now in the opposite side of the aforementioned chessboard, selling hopes and resistance, then you would understand the rage that brews inside us when we hear such news. I will just drop an article for you to read regarding a recent scandal. A scandal where a Syriza MP received 1.000.000 euros from a bank in the form of "retirement compensation"! Why does the bank pays off a Leftist politician that promises he will fight against them?

 Nevertheless, as long as our comrades maintain their fighting spirit and the MPs have their wages, our food donations will continue! Until the final Victory!


  1. Just one question: what finally happened about the Lagarde list? I thought that many Greek politicians and their close relatives were on it. Have they been investigated? Charged? Condemned? I've got the impression that it's been all hushed up...
    GD, keep it up!

  2. Thank you GD for showing all those of European/Aryan heritage that we can stand up to the filthy tribe of gangsters from Israel, New York, and London. A united front of millions is required to finally beat them.

  3. Funny thing how these scumbags operate and how uneducated and dependent the people are.

    Golden Dawn is constantly target as psychos and literally target with drive by shooting and bomb attacks yet they are the ones at fault for everything. This is disgusting and seriously has to stop.
    Golden Dawn feeds the helpless although I may disagree with this because the same people they feed are still for the otherside. They are better than me on this part. They also have love for the country as a whole and not for whatever they xan squeeze out of it. I pray people wake up soon before the eventual collapse that will come. Stay strong Golden Dawn and leas the way. Sooner or later Golden Dawn will control and right the ship. Juat hope its before the path to collapse the leftist scumbags are taking Greece down.

  4. This whole process is unconstitutional. I was just reading that it is illegal to ban a political party... That is written in the Constitution. Therefore it is illegal to cut off their funding.

    The problem is the Rothchilds money trust. Of course they don't call it this anymore its just international sovereign wealth; but its still the same entity working through proxy bankers and bond markets. This huge international evil forces always been communist In nature and capitalist by Design.... They can literally by of any politician and any nation's money supply by creating debt.

    This is the situation Greece finds itself in today.

    What's the deal after th Jews have been kicked out of Greece and Europe? An incredible wellbeing will settle over the whole land due to the fact that the Zio-clown criminal parasitic entity is not draining the national resources 24 /7

  5. Golden Dawn will win because right is on their side. No-one is their master they are not in debt to corporations and banks.....or foreign agents .

  6. Hitler had right on his side and he did not win. The right strategies are needed. Truth alone is not enough.

  7. Golden Dawn has lifted my spirits on many occasions.
    Nationalism in England can seem quite hopeless on occasions.
    What a beacon of light they are, if only we could have such passion expressed here.