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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Zionist tactics to undermine the Social Nationalist mayors

Due to the dissolution of the Municipal Police, our comrades will be the only ones protecting us against the cops and the anarchists after the elections, like always.

 One of the most immediate threats the Regime must face as soon as possible is the rise of many Golden Dawn-controlled municipalities following the municipal elections of May 2014. SYRIZA has already done its part by ordering the leftists to support the right-wing, pro-capitalist New Democracy, if they make it to the second round against us. Still, the Prime Minister foresees that many municipalities and regions will be conquered by the Social Nationalists, which will mark the beginning of the plutocracy's end and our transition to power. So he and his Zionist bosses are coming up with clever plans to save as much as they can from their corrupt State. Their modus operandi? "If we can't stop them from electing mayors, we will make the mayors useless."

 The first step was the dissolution of the Municipal Police, a weaker Police force that was under the control of a municipality's mayor. Did they do this because they wanted to reduce operation costs in the name of the debt the kleptocrats created? No. Every single Municipal Police officer was re-hired again by the better-equipped Greek Police, thus increasing operation costs. They did this to remove any means of official protection our gatherings and marches could have. The ex-Municipal Police officers are now at the service of the Minister of Civilian Protection, Nikos Dendias, the enforcer of ZOG's commands.

 They also use laws to reduce the effectiveness of the mayors. According to the "Daily" newspaper, a newspaper with strong connections to Samaras's environment and the government in general claims to have "reliable information" for a new reform regarding the municipal elections is on the way. A reform created to cut off the dynamic of the Golden Dawn, or as the newspaper puts it "to liberate the Municipal Councils from the domination of a single party".

 Which means: "If any municipality or region is about to leave from the Regime's control and get governed by the Social Nationalists, then it's better to have no-one governing it". According to the reform, there will be two ballot boxes on the day of the elections, one for the candidate mayors and one for the municipal councilors. This will weaken the mayors in charge because there is a possibility that they will not have a majority in the municipal/regional councils, rendering impossible the completion of any project. Especially when it comes to us, rival councilors will reject all of our reforms and ideas no matter what.

 The servants of the Zionists must finally understand something. No matter how many times they violate the Constitution they supposedly defend, no matter how many times they proceed to legislative or electoral coups d'état, all their effort to suppress the Movement are futile. National Leadership for Greece is on the way, and that's inevitable. It's the natural will of the Greeks for a racial community, a will that will throw all the traitors away to the trashcan of history. No matter what they do... No matter what they think of...

 The Party's press release upon hearing these news:
"The State Press admited today that Samaras is changing the election law for the municipal and regional elections because of the Golden Dawn. They are terrified at the idea tha Nationalists will govern the big municipalities and regions of the country. This is the reason they dissolved the Municipal Police. The only thing they manage to do is to ridicule themselves in front of the Greek People. The Golden Dawn is getting bigger and organized all over Greece and she is certain that she will manage to win this political battle as well."

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/sthnoun-eklogiko-nomo-gia-na-swthoun-stis-dhmotikes-ekloges


  1. The tactics will become more nastier by the week, stay srong.

  2. GOLDEN DAWN... Submission? NEVER!
    The Jews are like worms on a hook, they wriggle and squirm but they are done for GOLDEN DAWN will win the day, it's just a matter of time now.
    And with every day that passes I look forward to the trials of the treasonous & corrupt ZOG puppets.
    I hope Greece still has the death penalty for treason? Can any one confirm this?

  3. Sneaky little *******

  4. Samaras needs cross hairs on his head ASAP. Cant think of anyone more deserving than this piece of shit!

  5. When Golden Dawn takes control of their country again wonder what the zionist will then bring up "holocaust 2". Jews are pathetic really! No one is falling for that one anymore. Look at Syria the people are saying no to war. But the zionist keeps pushing for one. The Jews are not our masters even if they think they are! We control our fate not them!


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  8. What will they try when GD takes the central government? Probably try to turn the nation over to the EU. That will be a real wake up call to all Europeans.

  9. This is what firing squads were made for. Certainly they will be working 24/7; as they always must do to cleanse the body politic of infection....it is natural.

    We may rue the large numbers of comminst/ Rogue Capital-slut traitors but spare a thought and even a prayer; they will regret selling their souls for a few pieces of Juden gold the way a man regrets selling his soul to the devil before he hits the fire.

  10. Time to unite NOW!-

    1. BNP are stooges, GD is privy to NGs deeds...

    2. Anonymous (aren't they always) BNP are stooges - Ha! - Just the sort of thing we expect to hear from a liblabcon stooge.

  11. I think the RATS are already preparing for their quick exit when GD takes over the government and GD should have in place a capture policy so the rats do not escape.
    The treasonous traitors must be held to account and not one should slip through the net for what they have done to the Greek people they are accountable the same as any mass-murderers and should suffer the same fate.

  12. Stand strong. Retake your country. The time is coming to undo the Zionist oppression world wide. The Golden Dawn is an example to all.

  13. Wonder where is the list of jews in the greek goverment and power structure?