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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The plot of the Communists

During this last week something happened, an event that is now being used to undermine our support and fuel legal measures against the Movement and the Nationalist Revolution. An attack against nine communist propagators, allegedly by Golden Dawners, became another myth on which our enemies could step on and try, yet again, to defeat us. However, the fiction the Communist Party of Greece is trying to sell now will not fare better than the other pathetic attempts.

The attack.

The story goes like this: On the night of September 12th, communists were putting up propaganda posters on the area of Perama. A team of people that wore GD t-shirts and helmets approached them, introduced themselves (!)  and a man announced that he was the secretary of the Golden Dawn offices on Perama, before ordering an attack. After that, they clashed with them leaving 7-9 communists injured. 7, 8 or 9 injuries? We don't know, the actual information for this story is inconsistent. Some newspapers say that there were 50 "GDers" versus 30 Communists with 8 injuries, others about 30 "GDers" and 7 injuries, and the CPG itself claims 9 injuries. But photos show only 2 injured.

How they came to the verdict that Golden Dawn is responsible for this attack is even more absurd. The witnesses identified the "Golden Dawners", even though they wore masks, as members of the Golden Dawn's chapter in Perama. The fact that they wore GD shirts and stated their names and occupation also helped with this breakthrough. Perhaps they even left directions to their houses after the attack and outlined their murderous intentions, like that other time.

The background.

 Perama is poor, working-class neighborhood, and in the past it was one of the strongholds of the CPG. After we managed to break the conspiracy of silence, spread our ideas and prove our worth out on the streets, Perama awarded us with 10,9% of the vote during the elections of 2012 (Golden Dawn won 6,9% overall on the elections). The CPG on the other hand receded from 12,15% in 2009 to 6.57% in 2012.

Comrades discussing with workers on the shipyards.
 As if this wasn't enough, something else came to happen to end their monopoly on the Unions once and for all. On August, 3 Golden Dawn MPs met up with the workers of the Repair Shipyard Zone of Perama (NEZ). The workers greeted the comrades, and begun telling us stories Communist madness. They told us of how the CPG and some immigrants from a nearby industry decided to occupy the NEZ for weeks in order to "stand in solidarity with the peoples of Nicaragua", costing many salaries for the poor workers, that had to tolerate this "humanist" publicity stunt from the CPG.  They told us how they infected their strikes with a false sense of revolution, leading to prolonged strikes that fatigued them and never led to negotiations, only to leave some weeks later, abandoning the workers and essentially serving the capitalists. The local GD Regional Organization is preparing its own syndicate to defend the rights of the workers in the NEZ. Something that would be the last nail in the coffin of the CPG's syndicate.

 This is only a minor example of the CPG's downfall. In the elections of 2012, the party barely entered the Parliament, winning a measly 4.5% of the vote (the minimum being 3%). Even after the elections, it's support kept waning, polling with 4-6% (post-rigging) and with gatherings that only deserve our pity. The state of desertion this party is in would be highlighted in the three-day-long Communist Youth Festival that will start in Athens on September 19th.

They have shrunk and immobilized so much, that our official line to our members is to ignore them and focus on more important enemies. We wouldn't dedicate one man for this sad bunch, let alone 50 or 30 or whatever is the number they cooked up.
"I feel sad about the Communists, they are a fringe party and Golden Dawn doesn't even see them as rivals"  --Comrade Dimitris Koukoutsis, MP

Former CPG members/employees protest against the CPG's capitalist practices.
There are more events that show that the CPG is in deep troubles, and it's also important to examine the way it reacts on situations. The CPG is known to take extreme measures to ensure its survival. Despite selling an expensive everyday newspaper, getting money from the government's subsidy for over 30 years and getting millions of euros in loans, their corruption led to a massive debt. Then the CPG decided to punish its own members/employers for the feast of its leaders!

The party's media company, "902" was one of the first businesses to use Memorandum-related laws to fire many of its workers  (that didn't even had the RIGHT to unionize) without even paying them! A while later, the CPG sold "902" to a Cypriot off-shore company that has 3 employees, called "A-ORIZON MEDIA LTD", laying off about 70 workers. However, they kept the website of their newspaper to brainwash their supporters into believing that what the CPG did was moral, right, just and for the greater good! And even some of the laid-off communists expressed their support over the party's decision...

 ...Which shows that the members of CPG are eager to lose their jobs amidst a chaotic Greece that suffers from 31% unemployment if it's good for the party, and be happy about it. Would they accept a bash to the head if it meant worldwide attention and support for the innocent victims of the same party, while criminalizing a party that is fighting against an allegiance of seemingly conflicting ideologies, in which their own party is a part of? I have to answer yes. Indeed, the one serious victim of the attack is S.Poulikogiannis, a high-ranking member of the Communist Youth and in charge of their militia. Would he be devoted to accept a bash on the head for the greater good?

The one, actual victim of the attack. Seen on the left attacking a citizen with
his subordinates, during the protests of 2011. On the right, after the provocation.

Leading the CPG militia in a charge against citizens and anarchists.

The conclusion

 If we combine all of the above facts, it is clear that there was no "ambush", no "attack" from Golden Dawn towards this sad bunch. 
1) They couldn't identify anyone if they wore helmets and masks.
2) A "Golden Dawner" stating his name and rank within the Movement prior to an attack is beyond unbelievable.
3) There are inconsistencies on the story. Despite the various numbers of victims reported, only two were photographed (the other photo is here).
4) The victim is part of a nomenclature that would do anything for the benefit of the party.
This story a fraud, and has two goals: create the illusion that the CPG is the true resistance, and that is under attack by the henchmen of the system, and to provide a more palpable casus belli against the Movement of the Social Nationalists. And it did.

Democratic Terrorism, part II

 Even though the CPG has officially announced that they are against the Constitution, they are part of a terrible beast that calls itself "constitutional alliance" and is formed by any party that isn't Golden Dawn. They also have this alliance's full protection and cooperation. So it was obvious for us, that since the ruling party is also part of this alliance (Communists and Conservatives working together?), we would get visited by the Police, again. This time, there was an unprecedented level of terrorism and persecution.

 Our comrades approached the offices in disgust as they saw that the cops used saws to cut throught the locks and enter them like common thieves. They searched the offices illegally, because there wasn't an official representative present. There never was an official announcement from the Police for this search. And when comrades went to the DA's office for explanations, she was missing, completely disregarding the law that required her presence in the office during those certain hours. The Zionist Occupational Government unleashed an attack against the Social Nationalists. Forces of suppression, RCU squads, security forces and the DA illegally invaded our offices and damaged them, to go to a witch hunt. Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris reported that RCU officers are stationed outside various GD offices, and that houses of our comrades are being visited by police agents that file them and question them, taking some of them to the local Police Stations.



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