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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11th, 2001 - September 11th, 2013

 This day, 12 years ago two airplanes crashed on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, causing their collapse and killing about 3000 people. The al-Qaeda was accused for this highjacking/terrorist attack, and those accusations led to the invasion of Afghanistan by the USA, aiming to dissolve this organization. Many scenarios popped up regarding the true inspirations of this attack most of them pointing out the USA government as the culprit. But our purpose today isn't to discuss those scenarios. (You can read more here)

What we are going to do today is to point out the equivalencies in today's world and the irony of global diplomacy, that laughs at the faces of the 3000 victims of 9/11. Today, 12 years after the invasion of the Americans in Afghanistan, another invasion is being planned for Syria. This time, the plan of the American Zionists is different, more "mature". In 2001, they used an excuse to invade a country and to further their geopolitical interests. Now they provided thousands of agents from Turkey, Albania, Chechnya etc to cause a "revolt" that is supported every now and then by the Turkish and Israeli military.

 Within the forces of the Islamists, one can find the "perpetrators" of 9/11, the al-Qaeda, that participates with many soldiers in the Zionist struggle. Ironic? Maybe! But for whom? For the Islamists of al-Qaeda, that ended up being American/Zionist lapdogs, if they ever were anything else in the past? Or for the American soldiers that fought them in the past, believing they were fighting terrorism?

One thing is certain. That today, on September 11 2013, the world saw how far the American Zionist Government could go to further their interests. another provocation from their Islamic agents might be the excuse they need to pave the road towards the invasion of Iran. Those are the "allies" that our own government and the Left surrenders our wealth to, they and their "constitutional alliance" altogether.


  1. Zionist think they will rule forever. In fact they will pay for killing millions and millions of European people! And they scream their fake Holocast shit everyday! They will pay for every suffering and death they ever caused! Golden Dawn will prevail! Hail Golden Dawn!

  2. http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/09/11/323227/falseflag-meme-goes-viral-on-911-anniversary/

    Oy gevalt! The goyim are waking up to our ruse! We must shut it down.

    --Chaim Shekelbergshoahstein

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  4. BEWS

    Zultra and I saw this and thought you would get a laugh since they mention you!


  5. Plenty of Whites died that day due to fuck ass child rapist muslims.
    Death to all islamic bastards! Islam teaches to kill all non muslims I say kill them first!

  6. Who brought the Muslim into post-war Europe? It certainly was not Christians of old: Martel, Ferdinand, Ivan the Terrible and Sobieski!

  7. The Zionist agenda is perfectly clear in the cases of David Irving and Ernst Zundel, who have suffered terribly at the hands of Zionists by being imprisoned for years and fined exorbitantly for calling out the hoax of the holocaust and the misinformation and re-education of millions regarding the true history of WW2, Hitler, and the creation of Israel.

  8. It's reassuring to know that you guys will be wiped out just as the nazis were. The sooner the better.
    With love and kisses, your zionist friends.

  9. 911 was a Zionist inside job.

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