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Thursday, September 19, 2013

A tragic murder, a distgusting plan, and a comment.

 Golden Dawn, from the first moment the news were released, condemned in every way possible the tragic crime in Keratsini. But the puppet masters that control the public life of Greece have devoted themselves to a which hunt, to eradicate the ideas of the Greeks. The political parties should be ashamed, exploiting a tragic event to serve the interests of their bosses, assigning a political character to a tragic event.

--Golden Dawn's press release regarding the murder.

 In the recent past, the State used random attacks on immigrants, even if those attacks were caused by immigrants, as a tool to put an end on the Golden Dawn. But their lies were transparent, Truth shined on, and the tactic was abandoned. Then they banned all our activities, but our will prevailed, we ignored the restrictions and the violence of the cops, and did everything to help our compatriots in need.

But the elections are coming soon, Golden Dawn is poling around 15% (which we all know is smaller than the real percentages, as the elections of 2012 showed us), and the titans of international Capitalism must get their hands on the Greek mineral wealth. Golden Dawners, men and women, have embarked in a journey to liberate Greece from her oppressors, and unfortunately for them, we are successful. This troubles the ruling class. This provocation, that occurred few days ago, was a whole different plan that the usual. They claimed that we organized this attack, that more will follow suit, and that our end must come.

And now this murder, a murder committed during the viewing of a football match, that, like witnesses say, begun as a football related argument among fans, is being exploited in the worst of ways by the State, using the MSM to propagate the theory of an "assassination plan" Golden Dawn supposedly prepared and executed. A murder in the middle of the streets of Keratsini, on the eve of our victory over the municipalities and eventually Greece...

Distorting the events, they accuse all of our comrades as murderers, our Party as a terrorist organization. But actually, in the recent political history of the country, it was executives of the parties in the "constitutional alliance" that committed political assassinations. Of course the parties, pylons of today's Regime, never got punished or persecuted. But this event that Golden Dawn condemned without hesitation is the reason for the Police to invade all our offices throughout Greece, harassing our comrades. We will sum up those assassinations.

  • The murder of leftist teacher Nikos Temponeras by members of the ruling right-wing New Democracy party
  • The murder of a PASOK supporter by the bodyguard of a New Democracy MP
  • The murder of a citizen with leftist beliefs by a member of the National Political Union (Whose leader was Mr. Voridis, currently an MP with New Democracy and supporting the ban on Golden Dawn's)
  • The murder of a New Democracy Community Councilor by a PASOK supporter

The above parties that have been proven to have those murderers within their ranks, never got the same treatment as us. That is because they were the status quo, they were the untouchable elites. We, on the other hand, are the only immediate threat to their oppressive rule! The truth will shine!

But still, unfortunately his murder was bound to happen. These last years, division and civil war sentiments were propagated by the bourgeois parties and by the vast majority of people that were "worried for the future of society". We didn't forget how the Communists proclaimed that they will "impale our hearts with hammers and sickles", all those years.

On the eve of strikes and demonstrations it's profitable for everyone - and especially for the governments - to have people killed on either side, resulting in the radicalization of the "extremes" but leading to the rejuvenation of the Regime and its structure. If the murder in Keratsini isn't yet another conflict between two football fans that happened to have political ideologies, like we have seen many times throughout the years, then it's yet another conflict between two opposite ideologies that didn't act like political beings, but like hooligans.

 It's not random that both the murderer and the victim decided to waste valuable time form their lives to observe the career of a shop that a football team is. So, in a poor neighborhood where young Greeks kill themselves and families destroyed because of financial difficulties or because they can't find food to eat, a Greek worker stabs another Greek worker and the ruling class stands nearby, laughing at the sight of the internal strife of the Greek proletariat.

 This tragedy was bread and butter for the Greek authority, that politicized it, exploited it and paves a new way to exterminate our Movement, few months before the Municipal and European elections that would solidify our place in Greece. The perfect excuse to destabilize Greece, few days after another "attack" that was never requested, never needed, that would only damage us if we did.

 Yes, it's true that the 34 year old leftist wouldn't think much about doing the same thing to a Golden Dawner. But on the other hand, someone with 2 kids and a wife waiting him in his house and barely surviving with their wages chose to implicate himself to a situation that didn't have a meaningful goal and risk everything to kill not the drug dealer that sells heroin below his house, not the politician that voted for the Memorandums, not for the uniformed Praetorians that guard the politicians and the capitalists, but a rapper he knew and could even drink his coffee with until yesterday.

 It isn't the first time there is a dead body among the so called "far Leftists" and "far Rightists". Many were enraged from the murder and seek... revenge. But they forget that they themselves begun the vendetta, screaming "second round" "civil war now!" during a time in which those hypnotized by the propaganda of the System didn't have answers to basic questions.

 Their actions isn't an attack against the Regime that oppress our People, but a provocation that keeps people with mutual heritage divided. We call our comrades to not fall victims to misinformation and to the plans of the political parties. They must realize that our enemies are on Syntagma Sq., driving expensive limos and eating in luxurious restaurants. As a great comrade once said: "We know who we fight for, who we fight against, because we fight, knowing that we have to fight!"


  1. The Globalist pigs who are currently ruling Greece are trying to exploit this situation out of fear. They laughed when they saw Golden Dawn poll 7%. They laughed when the numbers were small. However, they are starting to fear Golden Dawn. They know that Golden Dawn is polling around 20% of support within a few years. They don't want to lose their grip on Greece. They will do everything they can to attempt to destroy Golden Dawn. But History has shown us that an idea cannot be stopped. Golden Dawn will prevail and Greece will be set free! Stay strong, Golden Dawn! Support from NYC ~

  2. A tragic end for Pavlos Fissas, but was the attack actually politically motivated? In all likelihood, it was probably a personal attack, not political.

    For example, the incident could have been as simple as a fight over a woman, or possibly over large sums of money that may have been owed due to a gambling debt.

    Or could the actions of the alleged perpetrator have been the result of a chromosome abnormality? Serial killers, who are mostly men, develop and begin to display their homicidal tendencies during puberty when that chromosomal abnormality expresses itself.


    In time we'll find out what actually happened.

    "The alleged perpetrator, a 45-year-old man who was arrested when police rushed to the scene, later confessed to being a member of Golden Dawn."

    "Were the Five Recent/Worst Mass Murderers in the US Democrats?


    The worst mass murderers are Democrats. Is it true?


    Let’s take a look at it from the top down.

    First, you’re obviously likely to see this argument in connection with gun control conversations, particularly because the most rabid defenders of the Second Amendment appear to be conservatives with a penchant for conspiracy theories and outrageous claims…like Hedgecock’s broadcast, for example. They just can’t help but post it…even though it is wrong.

    Second, the claim says that the “five worst/recent mass shootings” were by registered Democrats. It doesn’t say worst OR most recent, but a combination of the two. In effect, this admits that the broadcaster was picking and choosing…but they chose wrong.

    Third, there’s always a statistical probability that any random group of five people will include all members of the same political party…but these guys weren’t.

    Fourth, there’s reason to believe that a good number of murderers in the US used political affiliation as a means to get access to victims. Several pretended to be cops or government workers, some joined or led youth organizations, some – such as Gabby Gifford’s shooter (not mentioned here, by the way) – attended political rallies just so they could shoot their intended victims. So political affiliation can be as much intentional ruse as anything else…although in this case, that argument simply doesn’t apply.

    Notwithstanding all of the above, the claim that “the worst/recent mass shooters in the US were Democrats” is just plain wrong."




    1. "For example, the incident could have been as simple as a fight over a woman, or possibly over large sums of money that may have been owed due to a gambling debt. "

      It could also have been his singing and rapping was so bad someone decided to put a stop to it forever.

  3. I don't believe that any Golden Dawn supporter buys the lies that are spread in Greece's newspapers and media. If all it takes is a single, murky murder to turn people away from Golden Dawn then I'd be surprised. The ruling elite are running out of options to suppress the will of the People. Keep strong, GD!

  4. The shooter who killed a dozen people in Washington DC a few days ago was a supporter of the Democratic Party.
    Nobody is claiming that the Democratic Party is a party of gun-wielding maniacs looking to force their way into tyrannical rule over the United States.
    The bias against Golden Dawn is so obvious. Once the dust settles, the warnings from the media will appear to have been exactly what they are: obvious fabrications against a revolutionary political party that directly challenges the powerful elites.

  5. I have serious suspicion that was has happened in Greece was a provocation or a false flag attack by members of the Greek political elite. The ruling regime in Greece wants to get rid of the Golden Dawn Party and wants an excuse, any excuse in order to ban it. This murder must be investigated with close caution. Golden Dawn must find a way to survive as a party in order to protect Greek ethnicity. I visited Thessaloniki and Cyprus, I am originally from Moscow, Russia and visited Greece as a young tourist. I am Atheist though, Golden Dawn will hate me for that, but I still respect Golden Dawn Party for it's tenacious defense of Greek land and nationality during these dark times of world crisis.

  6. so if golden dawn does win the elections odes that mean they'll have complete power?

  7. so if golden dawn does win the elections odes that mean they'll have complete power? and when golden dawn does take power what are gonna do about gun control? i know alot of people think hitler toke away all the guns but that isnt true, mark werber proved that was a lie.

  8. It is true; one murder and it is blown- up out of all proportion to events at hand.

    For me with all the nigger on white crime (conveniently ignored by jew media) that has been inspired by Hip-Hop and just immigrant murder in General; I say give this man the Iron Cross because the traitors deserve to die...it is that simple.

  9. False flag assassinations are the favoured method of the jew

  10. I don't see how this incident can actually reflect upon GD (though the jewish media is obviously trying its hardest to sway people into believing this). When a black (who is extremely likely to vote Democratic in the US) kills a White person, we don't say that this reflects upon the Democratic Party itself...

    Smash the lies, raise your voices. Heil!

  11. Stay strong my brothers! Golden Dawn will not fail! The world is waking up and that is what matters also! This won't end like it did with our German comrades! The media can't hide the truth anymore or portray a lie they will be caught this time! Just like with Syria now.

  12. All the Western Media is going crazy over this lie, why can't people think rationally anymore?

    No matter what, stay strong Golden Dawn. Never lose your resolve!

  13. Hello,

    Can the admin update us on what's going on in Greece? No new news on international papers today after big noise yesterday- thxs

  14. Stay strong brothers! We will be there when you need us most!

  15. God bless Golden Dawn!

  16. They, the Jewish media, do the same thing in America. The media portrayed the guy that shot dead poor innocent little Trayvon Martin as white when in fact he was and is an Hispanic who didn't look the least bit white.

  17. Golden Dawn will never Win, so stop waiting , or even having illusions about . Its likely end up like the Germans did .. its so sad that you haven`t learn anything from the past . and commiting the same mistakes. violence isnt the right way to solve any problems, for those you have families.. do you use violence when your kids do something bad? if Yes then i dont have anything more to say... you are heading the wrong path. You cant save Greece , you cant even save your own souls iam afraid.

    1. We have learned from the past and the hundreds of millions murdered by the likes of you. We will win and you know it, which is why you fear us and post your crap. Looking forward to dealing with filth like you.

    2. Greece will be saved and you will do the dance of a thousand tortures, scum!

    3. I don't normally verbally abuse commenters on line but in this instance I will make an exception in your case. You are an outright brainwashed fucking idiot, go dig your grave and jump in it you good for nothing little worm.

      Keep up the good fight GD...................

      From London

  18. It isn't over with the German comrades. Seventy-five million of them live in the United States and have twice that many guns. Germany is still alive in America. Sleeping, slumbering, but still alive. When we have our Wiemar and austerity in America, they will wish for Hitler instead of the New America that rises.

    Until then, we take our punishment, and quietly learn from the experience just what evil we would fight, just why we would give our lives opposing such evil multicult corruption, to prevent from happening to our posterity.

    1. Can't wait for that day to happen. Don't forget about the whites in South Africa! We are waiting for the shit to come down and we are up in arms and then every negro should start running!

    2. My friend, I am with you 100%.

      It's amazing how many similarities exist when one compares the Wiemar Republic and the current USA:

      -Cultural decay
      -Income disparity
      -Drug abuse
      -Cultural Marxism

      Keep up the good work Golden Dawn!

  19. All talk and nothing whatsoever from the rest of the white, lazy, blog loving idiots in the West. Well done GD. We need to act together, and create a world-wide social active network. Don't get me wrong, i know more than anyone that you cannot be too careful... but where do we start, if not here and now? Come on Europeans, where are you?


  20. If a person kills somebody it is strange that only in case of far right the whole party is to be responsible.

  21. You guys completely fucked up with that murder.

  22. If you're condemning attacking the muds and leftists, then why would I want to support you?

    We need a party that stands up for our rights and wipes away the filth from the land.

  23. https://secure.avaaz.org/en/petition/Do_not_outlaw_Golden_Dawn_a_legal_Greek_political_partyGolden_Dawn_have_a_right_to_exist_In_a_free_country/

  24. Violence has proven to be your undoing, strong people don't fear your violence, the fact of the matter is that most Greek people hate you for your violence
    Not once have you mentioned what you intend doing to boost the Greek economy
    Violence is all you know and all the world now knows what you are

    1. >Not once have you mentioned what you intend doing to boost the Greek economy

      Are you stupid or something?


  25. I hereby declare Killah P's new name from this point on be KILLED P.

  26. Good luck Golden Dawn, European nationalists are right behind you.

  27. Maybe the idea is to provoke a civil War, but you should never do what the enemy wants or expects, do nothing and GD can perhaps capitalise on the sympathy vote. I'm sure these two Greeks would not wish their deaths to result in Greeks fighting Greeks, more popularity for GD would be a much more fitting memorial.

  28. Heil to all your comrade! TOTAL SUPPORT from the Norhtern Italy side! I hope one day G.D. wins finally all their enemy and govern the ancient and glorious Hellas!! Europe need clean and stay white with honor - pride - glory and finally out from this fucking ZOG system! Heil the pagan roots - stay white & proud! AVE o/