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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The line of Zion

Dendias, Minister of Civilian Protection.
The 100 volunteers of Golden Dawn.

So Markopoulos caught fire last Friday. In zero time a team of 100 volunteers is organized, leaded by comrade Ilias Kasidiaris, to fight the fire. A true miracle for the Firefighters, that are going through a volunteer-hunting season. "Come immediately!" was the answer of the leader in the fire squad there, and it couldn't be any different. The leader informed the Fire Department that in few minutes 100 volunteers will rendezvous with them. With all this talking, the news reached the ears of Dendias, the Minister of Civilian Protection - the man that has eyes and ears everywhere, but only for Golden Dawn.

The phone calls.

Panic ensues! A phone call reaches Chrysanthos Lazaridis, State MP for New Democracy and former hardcore communist. "Chrysanthos! This and this happened... What are we going to do?" He in turn calls his big bosses to receive orders: "No tolerance! Never and nowhere! Are we going to go through this again?" Soon, Dendias gives the order: "Send the RCU, send police cars, send everyone we have, stop them, block their path. Under no circumstances must they pass!"

"You can't pass, Minister's orders."

Approaching the tragic Hellfire, the comrades see police cars lined up to block the road, and RCU buses on the back, just in case. "You can't pass. It's the Minister's orders, you understand..." The inhabitants of the area, worried to death about their fortunes that were lost or soon would be lost, shout with rage: "Are you insane? They came to help. Why won't you let them do so?" The cops don't know what to answer. What could they say?

The fire that Golden Dawn created.

Back to the Ministry of Civilian Protection, Dendias is skeptical. He doesn't care about the fire. The whole Universe could be on fire and he wouldn't care. It's not the first or the last fire he has ever witnessed. What he does care about, is the fire that Golden Dawn created and burns him. How can he use propaganda to explain why he didn't allow us to pass? The soup-kitchen ban was easy to justify. "National security" they said. "Anarchists could cause problems" they said. What could he say? He ordered the MSM to write the following:
"The Police and the Fire Department prevented them from getting near the burning forest because there was a risk of injury, due to helicopters and planes still flying above the area and spraying water."
 The People burst into laughs! It was nighttime, and firefighting aircraft don't fly during the night!.

Wanted: Trained volunteers.

The next day, the official response of the Fire Department (dictated by Dendias) was announced:
"We remind you that in our firefighting efforts the only participants allowed are professional firefighters or trained volunteers. As such no Deputy of the Fire Department is allowed to accept the help of teams or individual civilians that do not belong in the above categories, risking injury and even death."
Worthy of even more laughs. Everyone that has ever served in the Greek Army has participated in firefighting efforts all over Greece - even if they were "untrained". Golden Dawn has teams that participated in past firefighting efforts and nothing ever happened... What could have changed?

Leftists: "Kudos to the Fire Department!"

Shortly after, the leftists congratulated them. The editor of "Ios" the newspaper of the Zionist Left wrote:
"Kudos to the Fire Department for stopping Kasidiaris and his equals that using "help" as an excuse put on all their Nazi symbols and Nazi accessories to convince us that only with phalanxes we can organize our activism. Fires don't get put out with phalanxes. With those accesories they go to hospitals to give blood to Greeks only, with those accesories they give food to Greeks only, with those accesories concealed they attack immigrants and with those same accesories tried to meddle with the affairs if the Fire Department yesterday."
Dendias can relax now. If the Elders of Zion in "Ios" congratulate them, the big bosses must be pleased. What more could they ask for? The Left and the Right forgot their "differences" once again to face the mutual threat.
The Trotskyists/Maoists/Eurocommunists of SYRIZA also congratulated the state, citing the newspaper "Ios" above. You would assume that this conflicts their so-called "revolutionary" views, but in fact they are already in power, their program of cultural Marxism is already applied.

From a past firefighting effort.

The line of Zion and its followers.

What is going on? They banned our Youth Festival in August 4th. They banned... public gatherings to stop the soup kitchen in July 24th. They ban volunteers that want to combat uncontrollable fires. All those bans, and the bans that will follow are connected. There is a line! The line comes straight from the American-Zionist decision centers and is clear: Since you can't ban their existence, ban everything else! The followers of this line is the editors of "Ios", the communist councilor of the PM, Chrysanthos, Dendias, the government, the mayors, the main "opposition" of Syriza and the rest of the parties that belong in the "constitutional alliance".

A ban a day makes the System go away.

What will be the results of those bans? It's known that we have surpassed the 20% landmark and are heading for 25%. The System has implemented many methods to stop our rise, but they have failed. Thise season, they are experimenting with bans. Go ahead! Whatever doesn't destroy me, makes me stronger. Now we are strong enough to endure those attacks. Keep attacking, show the Greeks your true face and by the time you are aware that you have failed yet again, we will be soaring at 25%!


  1. These bans are only quick-fix solutions for the government. They're running out of options, and they believe that banning Golden Dawn from helping the People will put a stop to the rise of the Dawn.

    Those who look at Golden Dawn for aid, who are they going to blame once they hear that Golden Dawn cannot set up soup kitchens, or put out fires? Are they going to blame Golden Dawn? No, they're going to blame the government. The bans are showing that the government is running out of time and options.

    Nothing can stop Golden Dawn.

  2. I take it the RCU is fearing the Wrath of Greeks now...

  3. We know Golden Dawn can win this fight. Fuck the Zionist jews! Hail Golden Dawn!

  4. Soaring at 25% and rising, and only the sky is the limit...
    Dendias, Minister of Civilian Protection, this filthy Jew and cohorts deserve just one action DEATH!
    Greek people are now awake to the dirty tricks of the Jews and the coming elections will show the Jews & cohorts their rain of treason and corruption is over, the dark abyss will be ended.
    ALL HAIL GOLDEN DAWN the saviors of the great Greek Nation showing the world what can be accomplished when you fight against pure evil.

  5. I think ironically the more they try to stop it with acts such as these the more Greeks will support them. The leftists in charge are cutting off their nose to spite their face.

  6. You, our Greek brothers, must understand that these tactics are like a red vein running through history. The Zionist bankers have used this what you describe in every country they infest. You Greeks are once more showinh the way for all free peoples. Only time will tell. Whatever the outcome, stay focused and do exactly what you are doing.

    From IROKRAFT at the moment on business in the ruined Zionist USA.


  7. The post Traycoon Martin carnage continues on:
    Thanks Jew...

    Check out this site..black on white crime--make sure you do it on an empty stomach.


  8. Hey people, sorry for offing, but maybe you are interested in this awesome FB group:


    Hail Golden Dawn and Nationalism!

  9. Excellent analysis. Still, GD must find a way to broadcast this latest of outrages (wherein these criminals sacrificed the public safety for political gain) beyond places such as this website. They have effectively blacked-out GD from television. Shows that were honest bearers of the truth (such as Makelio and Arachni) that interviewed GD reps have been forced off the air. People can no longer see GD on any televison channels (beyond the occassional call-in to EXTRA) effectively hindering GDs message. Perhaps radio is an option ... perhaps a regular web show... but GD must find methodes to counter the criminal establishments tactics. Yes this site, newsletters, and word of mouth are helping GD grow but the public is still predominantly a "viewing" public and less of a "reading" public. Once again, thanks for your efforts BEWS.

  10. The zionists hate real Greeks. Hail Golden Dawn! They hate you because you won't be their slaves!

  11. Another example if the left thirst for power. Let the people burn, starve,get sick, and stay stupid as long as we have power and can rob the bank while we keep people fighting each other. They keep people stupid by educating them stupid so they cant think for themselves and are hooked on the drug of heavy centralized establishment like a drug dealer kerps his/her clients hooked. The government of the left loves slaves and needs slaves so they can get fat off the blood of its hosts like parasites. Fuck the left anday they rot in hell!

    From The United Police State of America!
    Golden Dawn keep fighting for us oppressed people!

  12. What fine looking fellows you are. Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from England.

  13. Reporters who lie and cover up the crimes againt the citizens should be punished for the enabling of this behavior. These parasites in the media who continue to print propaganda are NOT journalists but part of the system that continues to allow these parasites to feed on the citizens. These journalist MUST be dealt with first for real change to take place.

    Golden Dawn pride lefty genocide!
    Occupied Divided States of America

  14. You WILL win because right is on your side.

    Greetings from Australia.

  15. Greek Nation only hope,are Golden Dawn and the Greek Army

  16. The wind of change is blowing .... soon to become a hurricane called GOLDEN DAWN!

  17. I am very surprised at the amount of power the Jew Bastards have in Greece. I know the Jews run the US but I had no knowledge that they also had their grimy filthy paws on Greece also.