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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Green Wing donates 5.000 euros to ecological organization

The People's Association of Golden Dawn donated 5.000 euros to ARKTOUROS, the ecological organization of Greece that focuses on the protection of the bears in our forests. The organization is going through its toughest times and asks for the contribution of the People to keep existing and protecting the bears of our Nation. Our Leader, renowned ecologist (he even hosts in his house 2 stray dogs and one stray cat!) answered the call with this donation.

A day later, the yellow press claimed that the decision of the organization to accept the donation caused controversy on social networking sites. The organization, founded by the current mayor of Athens, explained the reasons they accepted the donation:

"Arktouros is going through its toughest period. Few days ago we called for civilians, private companies and other institutions to help financially and support its efforts. The response moved us and gives us courage to continue our work, rescuing endangered bears and protecting them. In the 21 years Arktouros existed we never aligned ourselves with any political ideology. We never participated in any event hosted by a party. Our stable ideology is to protect wildlife and the environment of Greece that today is more important than ever. Arktouros, faithful to its principles, carries on with complete transparency in its finances. We need you to keep carrying on. We expect you on our side"

Golden Dawn responded:

"The "progressive powers" got enraged again because the Social Nationalist Movement performs donations using the Party Subsidies of the government. They would like it better if we spent the money on villas, pools and expensive cars like what they've been doing all those years. Our answer towards those that criticize the leadership of Arktouros (that protects not only the bears but also the wolfs and the Greek sheepdog) is this: Instead of judging, you should put your hands deep in your pockets and give even a euro for any mutual benefit cause. The multilayer Social and Ecological struggle of Golden Dawn will only intensify in the future. The reactions of the fax-progressives and the scammers (that pretend to be humanists and ecologists but only look after themselves) are completely indifferent for us.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/geloies-antidraseis-proodeutikwn-gia-th-dwrea-5-chiliadwn-eurw-apo-thn-chru


  1. I was looking at a most interesting video today about all the scientists that have gotten too close to inventiing a device that can generate FREE energy. Yes energy is free--and all around us in abundance...and that spells bad news for the elite that want to keep us in big oil and metered electricity.

    Every freelance thinker that gets too close..poof, he ends up murdered or just dead.

    These other scientist scratch there heads and wonder why: THE JEW stupid.

    Who do you think runs the banks that finance big oil and every other last enterprise that hooks in to a power cable?

    We have a llong way to go with the sheeple. We need to alert the scientific community that their dead scientists are killed by elite military kill squads, CIA, Mossad, NSA, MI6 GCHQ and the list goes on....at the behest of big JEW

    1. I think they are aware already. The Learned Elder's old Protocols made a promise that ALL the Goyim in the institutions would dare not do anything lest they lose positions of power, wealth, or life.


  2. Very Good! we need to keep nature living so it in Return will bless us With healthy lives:) Nothing is better for Peace of mind than a little trip out in nature away from the noise of the city.

    Hail the Golden Dawn Norway salute you

  3. Good work GD! Protecting and preserving nature is important! The zionist jews don't give a damn about nature only their pockets full of money.

  4. I am glad Golden Dawn is here. The "progressives" hate that you are exposing them for the phonies and zionist tools that they are. Golden Dawn is the only true manifestation of the healthy Hellenic spirit. You prove this by donating to this cause and many others that the progressives don't. You are the embodiement of healthy social nationalism and that is why the sick fake parties hate you. You speak the truth and that is why the lying controlled press hates you. You are doing it right. Cheers.

  5. God bless the Golden Dawn, from a patriot in England. Remember our people have been subjected to a vast amount of propaganda (we were the 'victors' in WW2 our people are friends of the Jews etc etc) but I tell you this some at least ARE starting to wake up (and this is coming from a young man of 24). my comrades YOU are at the forefront of the struggle for national and racial survival in Europe and with every breath that is in my body I salute and support you. If the day ever comes when the Greek people are attacked by the zionist forces I swear this is 1 Englisman who will make it to Greece WHATEVER IT TAKES to fight beside the glorious fighter of the Golden Dawn. Long Live the TRUE peoples of Europe, Death to the filthy Zionist infiltrators and their traitorous allies currently occupying our governments.