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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Golden Dawn's candidate for the Municipality of Athens

Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris was chosen as our candidate for the Municipality of Athens. Hail Victory!
The General Secretary of Golden Dawn, our Leader, Nikos Michaloliakos has officially announced that comrade Ilias Kasidiaris will be our candidate for Athens on the municipal elections of 2014! The comrade has fought with valiantly within the Parliament and out on the streets, and we wish him courage and success for the elections and governance of the city of Athens. Obviously, this announcement was the realization of the nightmares that haunt the Zionists. They know he is a strong opponent and dedicated Social Nationalist.

 The municipal elections are the biggest source of fear for the regime, because the event of many municipalities being conquered by the enemies of the plutocracy, Golden Dawn, is visible! This fear is intensifying because along with the municipalities, we will have the files and the evidence that prove the corruption and degradation existing for so many years inside the state mechanism. This fear is being nourished by the polls and the social reality of Greece, a reality that the politicians know but won't publish it, because not even their rigging techniques will save them.

 On the newspapers we read stories about conversations in the Parliament caused by the "problem" in the Municipality of Athens.
 "The road for the Municipality of Athens opens for Nikos Dendias (Civilian Protection Minister) after the announcement of Ilias Kasidiaris' candidacy for it. Trustworthy sources reveal that the event was discussed in the circles of the parliament where it was confirmed that the Kasidiaris candidacy removes all doubt about who will New Democracy support for the elections. As one MP of New Democracy said, no other MP from the Athens district can contest Kasidiaris face-to-face. After all, only two issues will matter for the municipal elections of 2014. Security and immigration, two things that only Dendias can serve and support with the best way possible."

We must note the reactions from the Minister's candidacy. The People are already enraged by the failed publicity stunt that was Operation "Xenios Zeus". They are aware that there is Law and Order only when the cameras are present and when the "threat" is our comrades. If this man is considered as the only one that will be able to antagonize Kasidiaris face-to-face then we can only laugh at the pathetic situation the New Democracy is in.

Nikos Dendias

We can find similar stories in other newspapers, painting the situation with even darker colors.
"The political parties are panicked due to Kasidiaris' candidacy! The announcement of his candidacy for the Municipality of Athens, announced by the General Secretary of the Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, came to confirm relevant rumors that were going around some time now. The news have already upset the parties of the democratic-constitutional alliance, because polls, official or not, give high percentages for the Golden Dawn, reaching 15% (GD notes: We know our Movement has already surpassed 20%, that is why no polls are being published these days). Also, those percentages are higher in the neighborhoods of Athens, resulting in a big discussion regarding the municipal candidates 9 whole months before the actual elections. We must remind our readers that the Municipal and District elections will take place in 18 and 25 of May. The second Sunday will also be the day of the European elections. According to info and estimates, in light of those new developments, New Democracy and PASOK are most likely to cooperate. It brings PASOK in an awkward situation because the party must decide whether they will cooperate with the center-right or support Leftist candidates. Anyways, the leaders of New Democracy and PASOK are gradually processing all this data and in the meanwhile pressure SYRIZA to avoid the "conflict of the extremes" that might have unforeseen consequences. If national elections don't come first, New Democracy and SYRIZA will support separate candidates to measure their strength in the big municipalities, with PASOK, Democratic Left and the Communist Party being a "trump card" against the Nazis of Golden Dawn".

We should note the SYRIZA calls for the People to vote for New Democracy, in case it us versus them.

The fear of the politicians is too great to hide, as is the dead-end they are facing. No matter the shabbos goyim that they will chose to run on the municipal elections against the Golden Dawn candidates, no matter the tricks they are going to pull to stall the elections, they can't run away from their fate! On the night of the elections, the Meander will fly high on many Town Halls!


  1. I'd love to see the Flag high on ALL public offices with GD cllr's in, 24/7 huge ones!

  2. Llias Kasidiaris wishing every success to him and may the Gods of his forefathers be with him and GOLDEN DAWN! A new beginning for the Greece people ALL HAIL GD.

  3. Yes Good luck.


    1. Australia supports your will against the parasitic Jew.

  4. Golden Dawn you will prevail,right is on your side.

    Greetings from Australia

  5. I so look forward to the days to come when eventually the treasonous traitors are held to account and GOLDEN DAWN can wheel in the files and evidence that they have, of the corruption & treason that has been instrumental and contributed in bring Greece to its knees
    I will then rejoice as the verdicts are handed down for hanging the son's of bitches.
    I am now curtain that Golden Dawn will win the day and the people of Greece can once again enjoy the stolen freedoms that they and their forefathers once enjoyed to the full.

  6. Good luck Golden Dawn!

  7. Support from Western Canada

  8. Support from NYC!

  9. This is AMAZING , if Athens will become the Golden Dawn's fortress a great obiective will be achieved.

    Italy its with Golden Dawn


  10. Support from Georgia, USA.

  11. I know this is way off topic, but a person who goes by the name of Kerodin who runs the "patriot" blogs iii percent patriots, iii percent florida, and kerodin.com has recently been targeting white nationalists as well as other patriots. He is a three time convicted felon. He tries to find personal information, threatens violence and tries to provoke violence. I just wanted to warn WNs and patriots to stay away from this guy.

  12. Best wishes from the rest of the Free world


  13. I Think that Llias Kasidiaris can conquer Athens.

    Llias is a strong and charismatic leader.

    It will be the begining.
    The zio-matrix must crumble like a house of cards.

  14. The Jewish enemies of Aryan and white EuropeaNS....can and will be eliminated.

    These dual National Israeli/ American "GATEKEEPERS" have hampered progress for the white man for too many years; far too many wars....Death to Zionism!

    List: European Jewish Congress /Moshe MOSHE KANTER (hook - nosed KIKE)

    Alvin Rosenfeld, Director of The Institute For The Study of Anti-Semitism--Indiana University.

    Fundamental Rights Agency (Europe) Monitoring Centre for Racism & Xnophobia

    State Dept., (US) Special Envoy to Monitor & Combat Anti- Semitism.

    1. Most Greeks are not really Aryans. They are white just not Aryan white.

  15. BEWS

    I sent you some mail about doing a film Documentary (from the white man's perspective) on Golden Dawn in Athens.

    If other white patriots globally would like to get involved then they can to dispel the kosher lies.

    If you can send me Ilias Kasidiaris contact details we can have the main focus on him aand his mayoral run in Athens.

  16. HUNGARY ESCAPE GRIP OF BANK MAFIASeptember 2, 2013 at 3:50 PM


    Hungary Sheds Bankers’ Shackles

    International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country; nation now issuing debt-free money By Ronald L. Ray Hungary is making history of the first order. Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.


  17. Support from Ohio, USA!

  18. I think that the Golden Dawn is far to uneducated to run Greece. That is if they even come anywhere close to being in charge of Greece. The Truth is the results of the Golden Dawn coming into power in Greece will probably lead to exactly like what had happened in Egypt. The Muslim brotherhood were a bunch of radical amateurs and got overthrown by the military. The Golden Dawn do not know how to run the government. Not that it matters. The economy in Greece is getting better and soon the power of the Golden Dawn will deflate. I live in Greece and Greeks are only voting for the Golden Dawn to piss off their current government for their failures. Few Greeks actually agree with the Golden Dawns ideology.

    1. "The Golden Dawn do not know how to run the government".

      Ya, and the ND/PAsok/Siriza Know well....how to steel from the people and give to Banksters.

      "The economy in Greece is getting better and soon the power of the Golden Dawn will deflate".

      Ya, with the third rescue to be applied soon, you can see improvements in greek economy.

      You are a perfect idiot. So pathetic.

    2. You know nothing, GD is very intelligent, What would you class as "Uneducated"? Sitting in a "Critical Thought" course for 2 years doesn't equal Education, but mere Brainwashing.

    3. You fail to see that we already run a government.

      A second, revolutionary anti-government that will take over the "democracy". And this is because our government comes directly from the souls of our comrades, because we have an Idea and we believe in it.
      We fight for it.
      We deny ourselves dinner to a fancy restaurant to feed our most unfortunate compatriots, we sacrifice calm evenings on the sofa to face the cops in violent clashes while they try to break up our soup kitchens!

      And this is why, when we win, we will be successful.

  19. SPLC President Richard Cohen spewed another bizarre anti-white rant claiming that discrimination against black people is increasing. He also says that white people are putting black people in jail for “trivial offenses.” This is the same organization that says rampant black on white mob attacks are not racially motivated. This is the same organization that says rape is almost never, if ever at all, a hate crime.
    The SPLC claims that white on black hate crimes are rampant and then cites examples that are years, decades, or even a half century old. Then they turn around and say that brutal racially motivated black on white crime, that happened yesterday, doesn’t count!
    The SPLC makes excuses for black crime thus encouraging more black crime. Then they say it is racist to send black people to jail for committing crimes!
    This is not just asinine and irresponsible rhetoric. This is an attack on all white people.
    Cohen complains that too many black people are poor “in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.” Talk about hypocrisy. The SPLC is one of the biggest oceans of prosperity in the entire state of Alabama. The SPLC has a net worth of $250 million dollars. Richard Cohen has a base salary of over $350k plus extras. In a poor state like Alabama, he is a one man ocean of prosperity. SPLC founder Morris Dees is one of the highest paid “not for profit” execs in the nation. He lives like a Saudi King flaunting his wealth in the middle of a county chock full of poor people.
    From SPLC (written by SPLC President Richard Cohen)…
    There remain “lonely island[s] of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity.”
    And, many of our fellow citizens are still “languishing in the corners of American society,” finding neither justice nor equality.
    Today, in fact, it seems the clock is winding backward.
    The U.S. Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act, the crowning achievement of the movement. Predictably, we are seeing states enact new laws designed to disenfranchise voters by creating burdensome requirements when there is scant evidence of any significant voter fraud.

    King spoke, too, of the “chains of discrimination.” Today, those chains still weigh down so many.
    They weigh on the young black men who face racial profiling and injustice in our criminal justice system.
    They weigh on the immigrants who are providing vital services but are denied fundamental protections.
    They weigh on the poor children, particularly those of color, who are pushed out of school into the criminal justice system for trivial offenses.
    They weigh on the LGBT people who, in most places, still cannot legally marry the person they love.
    They weigh on the weak, the infirm and the poor who are being told by those born with a silver spoon in their mouth that they just want “free stuff.”

  20. Big shout out from the soon to be chinese controlled western canada oil sands....... the gd is an inspiration to a better way foreward, you have millions around the world that see you as brothers. Heil Kasidiaris.

  21. May God bless Golden Dawn! Down with the capitalists and down with the Jews. Judaica delenda est!

  22. Support from Sydney Australia!