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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Press Release: No war in Syria - No servitude to the NATO

 The American Zionists supporting the criminals of Al-Qaeda in Syria are targeting the Assad regime with the false pretense of chemical weapons usage. The planned NATO attack will upset the Eastern Mediterranean. If those balances are upset, the world will tread down dangerous paths. We might even be at the gates of a nuclear conflict.
Hellas must remain outside the war plans of the West. We will not make the jobs of the Zionists easier. We demand that no airbase is given to the criminals that are ready to strike Syria.



  1. These are the end times of Ragnarok! Be strong comrades!

  2. Tipping the balance of power in mid east to the extrene saudis that created all this mess. All the funding for these child raping worshipers are coming from saudi. Fuck the saudi anf fuck them jews. Do not like assad but he is being invaded by foreign pricks. Also with zero evidence of his people using chemicals and PROOF of these so called fsa fake syrian army using how the hell are these people getting this support from europe and the west wgile openly admitting sharia and calaphate to the world?

    Occupied United Police States of America

  3. Death to The Usa and UE politicians and their jew masters.They are murders and deserve to be hanged.
    They are the ones who are behind the false flag chemical attacks.

    Greetings from Western Lusitannia(Portugal)

  4. Obama is a clueless, incompetent idiot who only knows how to sway brainwashed morons with rousing speeches. How can anyone who supports the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorist central) get a Nobel Peace Prize? It is not even certain yet who fired the chemicals and the results of an attack on Syria are not easy to predict given the volatile nature of the Middle East. He is another Jimmy Carter with a Marxist bent, weak, indecisive, and concerned only with pleasing his electorate whom he betrays at every turn.

  5. Jews control NATO -- a criminal organisation of rogue military traitors in he employ of World-wide Zionism

    The plan for Greece is for Chinese domination of ports /airports etc. , to push more Chinese products and put more white workers out of business -- big pay-offs for New Democracy.

    The Jewish hatred has no limit -- endless war, usury, slavery and ultimately WHITE GENOCIDE.

  6. Cameron the Masonic Illuminati controlled NWOjew puppet finally gets his wooden faced slapped missing his target by just a few votes..ha ha bloody fucking ha-- now NIGGER chimp of the USA has to go alone; but wait..help has arrived: SUPER JEW to the rescue! French KIKE F. Hollande like a good little boy for the World Zionist Organisation.


  7. Strong and moral as usual GD. Zionist empire building has taken a battering in the UK of late, so well done on outlining your Greek stance.

    IRONKRAFT Britain. (for now)

  8. I follow your blog for long now, but never commented on any. I just want to say that in hellhole South Africa, there are many whites following your great blog. I just hope that in SA someone will stand up against these baboons trying to run a country. We admire your courage and feelings towards your own country and it's people. It's good news to see and hear that there are still people with gutts. Thanks a lot and keep it up. In our hearts we fully agree with your standings and views.

  9. Please brothers and sisters. Its not zionists, its jews(small letters, dont give them the respect they crave). Zionism started in the 1900's. The jews were ruining countries before this.

    @whiteson, im south african too. we need to sort out all the jews that run .s.a. first. They the problem, not the blacks. Dig deep and you will see who really runs s.a.

  10. Remember Golden Dawners, those Muslim fanatics from Salafi Wahhabi sect are coming to a street near you! With those NATO weapons, those sick perverted "Syrian" rebels love to eat hearts, rape women, cut off heads, hands and feet of infidels. One may be fearful of the Jews, but I know that many Muslim immigrants (of various racial or ethnic origin, Muslim is not a race, just a faith) would like to go to war with Europeans. The Islamists will become the real problem. Clash of civilizations is coming. And Israel, Jews in general, would manipulate this event, play both sides, they are clever.

  11. No, "Islamists" will not be the "real problem". Our enemies are jews and contrary to what the jews teach us, Arabs have always admired the Americans. They know that our gov is run by jews it is not the people. Just like them. The jews run all the Arab governments too. Once the European jews are dealt with in ME the House of Saudi and the gulf states will bury themselves in the sand. The Arabs will kill them.