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Friday, August 23, 2013

Democratic Terrorism

I had read once in a book that Justice and the legal system of post-war Greece is akin to a spider's web that traps "small insects" but the "big" ones manage to tear the web apart and escape. In other words there is a double standard, the powerful always get away with their crimes and the "law" comes to punish those courageous enough to rise against the System. We have much proof for this, such as the series of bans imposed on our activities for "national security reasons", the suspiciously friendly attitude of the cops towards gangsters that target Golden Dawn members in uneven fights, aiming to keep us away from the streets, the bastions of our Struggle and the unjustified arrests/kidnappings that we faced last night.

Yesterday was the night of the Blue Moon of August, one of the most beautiful natural events of summer and an important religious event for the pagan friends of Golden Dawn. The regional organization of Evia-Viotia, the architects of the Volksland Project and devoted ecologists decided to organize an educational trip to the Delphic Oracle, as part of our "Themes of Greek History" educational program. The motive was that during the Blue Moon, all archeological areas are open for the public, so the Greeks and the tourists visiting our beautiful land can enjoy watching this miracle to the fullest.

The "democrats" of SYRIZA and PASOK used our educational trip as a reason to express their hate towards us and started bombing the MSM with the usual propaganda. Here are some examples:
SYRIZA: "inhuman hate slogans in an archaeological area, a center of the world's cultural heritage" "sacrilege of a historical landmark" "forbid entry to them, safeguard the ruins to guarantee the safety of the visitors" "we will fight to prevent now and in the future any attempts of sacrilege of out cultural heritage"
We've reached a new low, the cultural Marxists that always accused our Ancestors of being tyrants, homosexuals and pedophiles, the same people that support anarchist "artists" spraypainting on the our heritage, now consider themselves as its saviors. They threaten civilians and beg for the State of the Memorandum to prevent entry to a public area. Laughable.
PASOK, stealing the ideas of its ... successors, speaks of "fake Greek-Christian ideals" and concludes:
"The sacrilege of the sacred ruins will not be allowed now or EVER. We must prevent this shameful image to be seen by the thousands of tourists visiting. The Blue Moon of August is NOT available to the followers of the Nazi ideology.
Like any reasonable human, we ignored the ramblings of the ZOG and carried out the event as planned.

Upon arriving, we confirmed the expected, due to the above, reinforced -and relatively discreet- police presence. We announced our intentions and after a short briefing from the employees of the Ministry of Culture (that voluntarily decided to work and keep the area open), we entered the Oracle.

What followed was a speech regarding the history and traditions of the Oracle, from the ancient times until the Byzantine years, while walking around this spectacular landmark. We had a few irrelevant visitors following us and listening to our tour, even though we clarified that we were not official archaeologists but Golden Dawners. Their response and welcomes were very warm. The comrades discussed about Pythia and her prophecies, the Delphic Maxims, and the Ethics of Plutarch.

An important Delphic Maxim: Know Thyself

 The presence of many Golden Dawners, moving respectfully around the Oracle and being quiet, was an example that was followed by the other visitors. In a mystic atmosphere, with the landscape and the ancient ruins shining under the blue moonlight, we all became pilgrims in one of the most sacred places of Hellenism.

When we departed at 23:30 we witnessed 2 squads of RCU officers that were waiting for us, forcing all the departing visitors to go through them. The squads surrounded us and escorted us to the exit, shocking the tourists that were taking photos of the event. The cops responded to our questions with the same old... "for your safety". Note that a policeman from the Press Office of the Greek Police was there taking pictures and videotaping the whole "operation"!

The big surprise cam when we were entering our vehicles. Cops from the OPKE division (Teams to Prevent and Suppress Crime, similar to SWAT) asked from two of our drivers to follow them to the police station to "check their personal info". This tactic has been used thousands of times to harass our comrades. Some visitors, including the former mayor of Delphi, yelled to the officers, stating the obvious, that we did nothing wrong. Five comrades, including the Secretary of the Viotia-Evia Regional Organization and the Leader of Political Actions were arrested and transferred to the local police station, where nothing wrong was found about them or their papers and were released swiftly.

We couldn't even get all of the participants in our cars and our comrades started calling us. The MSM had already released "news" about the arrest of 8 Golden Dawn members for trying to organize an demonstration in the Oracle without permission! We then understood why the Press Office of the Police was there... the "operation" was planned to be used in yet another effort to manipulate public opinion.

The MSM later rambled that we were there to perform a "satanic ritual"! Comrade Ilias Kasidiaris had the right answer for them. Our comrades were there for educational and recreational purposes. Golden Dawn is a Christian party, and it will ban religions that offend Hellenism, like Judaism. Within its ranks it has followers of the Ancient Hellenic Religion, and accepts people of other religions, as long as they are not enemies of the Nation and the People.

 We will remind them once again: Your stunts will not terrorize us the slightest! The lies told by YOUR prime minister will only empower us further.

P.S.: The Minister of Civilian Protection told the Press that the cops arrested comrades that were uniformed and with the intention to host an unauthorized event.
A) The only people in uniform were the cops that arrested our comrades, as shown by the photos above
B) Since when do Greek citizens need permission to visit places sacred to their Race? Are the democrats that stupid?

I will end this article with the following disgusting Photoshopped picture posted by the "Nation" newspaper:


  1. You need an election so that these police will not be wasting resources on such activities compared to tackling real criminals.

  2. Nothing shocks when it comes to Judaea.

    They understand WAR & HATE. Their Babalonian Talmud cofirms this truth. Add pain & suffering.

    It is also fact that this "TRIBE" was taught to worship SATAN. No wonder they call the jew commie police. Like Father, like son.

    It comes from AJC David Harris -- beelieve it...he is in Bulgaria too.


  3. More of the same from them (weakness and deception) and more of the same from GD (might and willpower); wow and that picture...

    I'll be reading this one live in about 12 hours! Thanks a lot and keep strong!

  4. I hope this little police traitors woud be also arrested with the big traitors of the ZOG unlawful greek gouvernment.Golden Dawn and the Greek People must elaborate lists with the names of this traitors and make them pay with life prison in hardworking labour camps.With the victory of Golden Dawn the Greek PeoGple will be free again and traitors will be paid for their treason and collaboration with the zionist jew bankers.Greetings from Western Lusitania(Portugal)

  5. Clearly the ZOG,s promote their own anti-Semitic position by their actions, more and more people see the jew as an invader and controller of positions in government, their actions are, and will be their down fall, the jew cockroach, which will ultimately be removed from the land of Greece returning this land to the people.
    Regarding the photoshop creation one can clearly see that the lighting is wrong and the definition is also wrong a very poor attempt at photo manipulation by the corrupted MSM which has been encounter before in other processed photos.
    Corruption is rife through out the current system and the jew is the clear perpetrator of it; but looking to the future Golden Dawn is gaining strength day by day as more and more Greeks wake up to the ZOG Tyrant's and ZOG bankers, corruption pervades at every level, the smell is worse than an anchovy in heat.
    Just imagine if Golden Dawn did not exist? The land of Greece would be striped, pillaged, starved, and raped by the ZOG government and ZOG controlled EU. A ZOG ruler would be a cruel and oppressive character who is an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution, and/or one who has usurped legitimate sovereignty.
    History has pasted, but the future is a GOLDEN DAWN for all the Greek people to return this beautiful land to it's true and noble people, with a heritage without equal.
    In closing does GD have and print their own news paper? If so it should be circulated through out the Greek islands as on my last recent visit to Koss, little was know of the Golden Dawn, this must be rectified for it will bring further support to the struggle to return all of Greece to the people.

  6. Orwell's Daughter


  7. Imagine: €321 Billion Euros.

    Enough to make every Greek citizen a multi-millionaire.

    Where did the money go? Down a jew-hole.


  8. Germany needs Golden Dawn too -

  9. canada multicult genocide jews fear our ancient past ----- http://www.timesofisrael.com/jewish-groups-seek-overturn-of-white-supremacists-will/

    1. “There’s still an attraction to this philosophy, and to revive it is a dangerous concept,” Anita Bromberg of B’nai Brith Canada told CBC News.

      The bequest includes Greek and Roman coins that are thousands of years old, an ancient Iranian sword, Neolithic arrowheads and a stone tablet from the 13th Egyptian dynasty, according to a 55-page appraiser’s report."

      It appears those Canadian Jewish organizations involved in the lawsuit will attempt to ostracize any group who they view as a threat through their revisionist version of ideological correctness.

      Thought Crime

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      "In the dystopian novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell, thoughtcrime is the criminal act of holding unspoken beliefs or doubts that oppose or question the ruling party. In the book, the government attempts to control not only the speech and actions, but also the thoughts of its subjects. To entertain unacceptable thought is known as crimethink in Newspeak, the ideologically purified dialect of the party.[1] In the book, Winston Smith, the main character, writes in his diary: "Thoughtcrime does not entail death: thoughtcrime is death." There is also a "ministry of love" which is actually the place of torture for people who commit any type of crime, including thoughtcrime."


  10. Archive -
    Bokkshelf -

  11. America needs Golden Dawn because of Hasidic Jews like Bart Torvik who run the Linkerati, which defames and destroys non-Jews online. Bart Torvik is running from the authorities in both Minnesota and Illinois.

  12. Gangsterism and Jews go hand in hand. After all, that's how they overran mother Russia and our kith and kin in Europe. We need cells of small units to neutralize the Banksters that fund those who act against our race and nations.


  13. The destructive, treacherous madess of cultural marxists is hard to believe but is true. The mask of caring, anti-racist crusaders out to save humanity hides the real agenda of destruction of their own civilization via third world immigration. White people who have been brainwashed into political correctness by these con artists are painfully slow to wake up and face the realities of economic ruin and Islamic domination. Most governments in Europe and other white regions are now enemies of their own people and just shills for this madness. The European Union is just a reconstituted Soviet Union that has already seized people's money without their consent and has plans to seize property. They are causing the very rise of nationalism that they want to prevent by betraying their own people

  14. i suppose pointing out that your bible is basically a history of the jews is a waste of time? or that jesus was a jew? thought so