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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Cops forbid Green Wing activists to aid in firefighting effort

After the miserable ban they imposed on our soup kitchen some days ago, the Greek(?) State again crossed the line. This time they didn't stop a political gathering or a soup kitchen, but they stopped 100 comrades from our ecological organization, preventing them from getting near the burning forests at the area of Markopoulos. After talking with firefighting squads there, after making a plan to save endangered homes from the fires, we got the usual visit from the boys in blue.

The Police, using RCU officers and police cars, blocked 100 fully-equipped volunteers that have participated in firefighting efforts in the past. Even though there was a shortage of men (seeing as Super Pumas are transporting firefighters for Patras), the State decided to allow the fire to spread uncontrollably, instead of allowing us to do what our Ideology commands us to do, our "benefactors" wouldn't like this.

This decision serves petty political interests and endangers many lives, hundreds of acres of forest and thousands of euros in property.  The citizens of Markopoulos, some of them having already lost their homes, were demanding for hours from the Police to allow our comrades to pass.

Every time there is an emergency, it is unthinkable for the State to prevent anyone properly equipped and trained to lend a helping hand. Of course, our Green Wing activists are trained and properly equipped, something that is proven by our many years of firefighting history. We never advertized this aspect of our movement, we never posed with expensive suits in front of cameras with the fires burning behind us like the lapdogs of the System that have been doing this for decades.

One of our past firefighting efforts

So, on the eve of the next day after this fiasco, the Media started claiming that "Golden Dawn went to Markopoulos not to fight the fire, just to steal votes". They why did we sent our men and women to firefighting efforts, all those years when the Golden Dawn wasn't participating in elections? They say those lies because that's what they have been ordered to do. Because they don't or can't understand what Solidarity means for us. It means I leave my office and I get into ACTION. Activism through an organized team. Activism in the black shirts of the People's Association.

They prefer to burn forests and homes, just to prove to their Jewish bosses that they can indeed combat our Movement. They can pull those dishonorable tricks all they want. Our participation in similar activities will not inly continue, but it will intensify. Solidarity can't be outlawed.

Hail Victory!


  1. Those persons that have lost anything due to the fires should be contacted and asked "If there had been more fire fighters do you think it would have made a difference to you losing your property" Or “due to the lack of available fire fighters did this contribute to your loss”.
    These independent statements could then be produced by GOLDEN DAWN as to the deliberate blocking by the Jew controlled state resulting in the loss of property, which could have otherwise been avoided had the extra 100 fully-equipped volunteers from GOLDEN DAWN been allowed to participate in fighting the fires. The Jew controlled state would then clearly be seen as the Demon that it is.

  2. Golden Dawn just won more supporters from the devastated region, it's that simple.

  3. Evil Jewish/Marxist work at its finest. The great thing is they are exposing thierselves to the people everytime they try to fight.

  4. They don't want GD to be seen as they really are: heroes of their home country.

  5. I truely do HATE the Left. If a lefty was on fire I would not waste good urine to put out the flames. They have a hunger for power that is disgusting and cant wait till the day they are wiped out and erased from history just as their doing to the people who disagree and know their insanity is wrong.

    Example of true patriotism of Golden Dawn once again.

  6. Well Done, The people will see.


  7. there's probably a civil war going on in the police department. GD needs to haave an army.

    corrupt officias paid off from JEWDEMOCRACY parrtty in government need to be purged...

    Rothschild Bankin-Trust has 500+ TRILLION looted from YT. Time for total war.

  8. What they are doing is wrong. Just glad to see Golden Dawn is standing up and making noise about this zionists.

  9. Think of it the positive way. The citizens witnessed the police blocking your way. Hail Golden Dawn!

  10. Just sickens me what the left wont do in order to create a need of more government and more spending to keep power. Like a filthy drug dealer offering samples to get the person hooked the government will try. Just as an extortionist who threatens to burn down the house if you dont give give give to government endless need to rip off taxpayers. heh should have tossed all the illegals in the fire the fucking parasites. Hell why not toss the kke and the syriza party also.

  11. many elements in the struggle are using encryption services to keep contact with people in intelligence services, police and other elements of government loyalty is social nationalism National Socialism and the Golden Dawn--

    until which time the traitors can be turfed out.

    Try using the same software used my the US Navy to surf the web: Tor.

    Tor is a free download web browser that works on windows, Mac and Linux. There is also an Android App called Orbot (www.snipca.com/9102)

    Tor stands for "the onion router" a good analogy for how it works; like an onion Tor is made of lots of layers. It uses layer upon layer of encription, bouncing your internet traffic through a series of relays to hid your location and what you are looking at.

    A government trying to see what websites you are looking at and what you are talking about online would struggle to do so with Tor.

    For this reason it is popular in countries that restrict internet acess like China.


    Happy jew free surfing comrades!