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The Golden Dawn isn't a story that began in 2012. The "men and women in the black shirts" were always near you, they lived among you, for many years. Some of you wouldn't take them seriously, some of you were comforted in your bourgeois dream, but we said that our time would come, our age still hasn't begun because we aren't the quiet birds of peacetime, we are birds of the storm and the hurricane. The storm came, the hurricane came and with them we came - we, the "men and women in the black shirts". In these pages , you will read part of our story...

Friday, August 16, 2013

Back to the Struggle

Due to a very unexpected vacation offer from my friends, the Newsroom was inactive for some time. But now we are back and ready to keep informing the Western World about Golden Dawn, Social Nationalism, and to combat the lies of the International Jew!

Thanks for all the readers that kept checking the Newsroom and keeoing it relevant during my absence. Hail Victory!

P.S.: I will read and answer pending e-mails shortly.


  1. I was beginning to think that something happened to you, but I'm glad to see that you're still here. Hope you enjoyed your vacation!

    1. Thanks for the concern and wishes comrade! My friends grabbed me and we spend few days in a beautiful village north of Athens, away from urban commodities and the modern life. Didn't even manage to inform the readers of my absence!

  2. Glad your back.....

  3. Even with the mud hoards snd tourist sheeple it's nice to hear some are able to enjoy the real Greece.

    Ttadition used to abound in a land proud of its heritage. I have been to Greece twice --I was so surprised at how friendly the local populace was.p

    I even went to a resort that was full of what they call "lauger louts and still managed to see kind hardworking Greek servive industry providing SERVICE WITH SMILE.

    The tourist imdustry need not fear GD. The boon in white nationalists visiting and spending their hard earned ZOG currency will far outstrip revenue lost from mud tourists and persona non grata Israelis.

  4. Felt lost without the truth. Glad the light is back!

  5. Hope you some good R&R and are ready to battle on.Hail GD

  6. Everyone needs a headrest Brother. Great to hear and see you are good and well.