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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Analysis: Golden Dawn ready to conquer Athens

The newspaper "Sunday Present" analyzes the new data that will define the political life of Greece after Golden Dawn's victory on big Municipalities around Greece. Our comments precede the article we are about to present.

We have seen many rigged polls presenting lowered percentages for Golden Dawn. The reason this happens is because the System wants to create a fake polarity, in order to favor the coalition of Syriza and New Democracy that has already made some steps, with one MP after the other declaring that "they are reviewing this option". After Parliamentary elections, their intentions to co-govern will be made official. But no-one can hide from the Truth, the Truth that is revealed in the panicked journalism of the lying MSM. The journalists know the truth about Golden Dawn's rise, and it shows. The real percentages of Golden Dawn, that are correlated with the way Society accepts us and views us, have panicked the traitorous petite-bourgeois politicians, who are trying to come up with a plan to battle their Nemesis, the enemy of all corruption and plutocracy, the Social Nationalist Movement of Golden Dawn. Sycophancy, conspiracies of silence, they have tried many recipes.

Although this, they can't claim that they don't see their collapse on the upcoming Municipal elections. They are terrified by the fact that Golden Dawn's support from the real society, the workers, is soaring. They are terrified by the fact that Golden Dawn is confirmed every day that she is the only power that can overturn this rotten system. The author of the following article admits that Golden Dawn will win the Municipality of Athens, and calls for every other party to find strong personalities to nullify this outcome. The author also expresses his disappointment for the plans of the Mayor of Athens (Kaminis) and Minister of Civilian Protection (Dendias) for a full frontal and illegal assault against Golden Dawn, because as he says "it has no luck".

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Article: Golden Dawn at the gates of Athens!
 If the other parties can't find strong personalities to run as candidates, Golden Dawn will be at the gates of Athens.

Ten months remaining until the Municipal elections and news aren't good at all, may I say they are actually tragic, for the parties of the constitutional alliance, as they call themselves to be separated from the... plague, the Golden Dawn. (translator's note: the "Constitutional alliance" was made up by the leader of PASOK, and includes every party within the parliament except Golden Dawn, and it includes the "revolutionary" Communist party of Greece!)

 Polls conducted to record the preferences of the Athenians are tragic. If the major parties can't find strong personalities, with respect and acceptance from the community, people that have proved their honor, then they would do better to abstain. The polls predict that Ilias Kasidiaris, if he runs as a candidate with Golden Dawn will easily go to the second round.Whether he can win the second round isn't clear. But is it really a minor political detail if Golden Dawn manages to reach the second round?

Sakorafa can. A very strong candidate to claim the Municipality of Athens is Syriza's MP Sofia Sakorafa. She hasn't declared anything yet, and generally doesn't speak very much, so it's still a mystery whether she will run in elections for our capital.

New Democracy still doesn't give a clear image. Major personalities are already in Ministries, and we don't except that Dendias (Civilian Protection Minister) will abandon his post just yet.

Pasok will hide behind Kaminis (Current mayor), because they know that it will be Waterloo all over again if they run with their own candidate. Will they cooperate with New Democracy? If they find a common solution, it's very possible.

The Democratic Left will support Kaminis, who was her own candidate in the last elections. And he has no luck in winning.


  1. Education is going be a big part of the platform. We cannot trust the education system; a socialistMarxist concoction of the kind of brainwashing that keeps the "jew" going strong.

    Our children should not have to spend another day in these rabbinical styled yeshiva schools. Only Golden Dawn schools with NS teachers in Greece with a total BAN on Hollywood porn.

  2. Zionists aren't going to admit defeat so easily, always be prepared for the unexpected.

    1. Agreed. Even military invasion by the UN, anything can happen.

  3. The New Order architects will come down on Golden Dawn like a ton of bricks if they were ever to take government..

    1. Thats the case hopefully they will accept foreign people to help them

  4. If (or should I say when) Golden Dawn wins real political power, and voters can see for themselves that it really is possible to have genuinely pro-White governance, its support will reach levels unheard of in any modern Western "democracy".

    On April 10 1938, after the Austrian chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg had tried every dirty trick he could to prevent it, Austrian voters were finally able to vote in a free and fair election on "Anschluss." This was the proposed incorporation of Austria into a greater German Reich, with Adolf Hitler as its leader. By then, everyone had seen for themselves the five years of spectacular German peacetime progress that had occurred since the Third Reich attained power in 1933.

    Voters in Germany were also asked to participate. The votes in favour were:— Austria: 99.75%, Germany: 99.08%.

    1. I really suspect what some of the writers here are trying to do is to smear Greek activism with a Nazi taint No most in fact the vast majority of Austrians did not and still do not want to be part of a " Greater German" state. anyone who doubts this go and ask them. Second, Hitlers " prosperity" was the result of a massive influx of Capital by the western Banksters who financed the build up of the German military to be used against Russia. That is also a matter of record, and not debatable.
      If the owner of this site wants to continue to be stupid or just is using the Greek nationalist movement to promote GERMAN Nazi views or even worse wants to sabotage nationalism well then I guess my warning will not appear in this blog.
      Me, I am not afraid of debate. I am a nationalist and I know the difference between Nationalism and Imperialism. Some others either do not know do not care or worse want to poison the movement. The Banksters are our enemy and their Main base is in London Zurich and Basel, not Tel Aviv, and the Banksters are multi national not just JEWISH!! Get that straight also!!

    2. The fight is Pan-European, why espew hatred for Europeans?

      The fight is with the elite Jewry.

    3. Even Wikipedia concedes that when Austrians were asked in the Anschluss vote back in 1938 if they wanted to join a Greater German Reich under Hitler, 99.7% of them voted "Yes".

      Of course very few Austrians would want to join Germany now, since it was forced, in the aftermath of World War 2, to become just another corrupt modern "democracy".

  5. Greetings from finlandAugust 20, 2013 at 12:16 AM

    We european all together to this there is no escape us there is only way is forward,Golden down is first and many other real party will follow,Fuck the ukip and True Finns and all others fake parties.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFH6A00KLYU Timo Soini Friend Of Israel

    Heil for the free europe.

  6. Good luck on Golden Dawn that's all I can say. If you will allow 3rd world immigration the host country will gradually follow suit and there will be destruction racially and economically. And example is Britain, it was one of the 3 most successful nations in the world up until the 1960's when we allowed 3rd world commonwealth immigration. Forcibly that is.

  7. Iam English but love Greece,wish you every success Golden dawn.