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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The war against the White Boers

The regime of racial segregation in South Africa, known as "Apartheid" was abolished in 1990. Along with it, all the convenient theories of the System, that the Apartheid was the only one to blame for the all the hardships of the Blacks, were also abolished (collapsed is a better word). 23 years later, and with the Blacks in total command, the situation gets worse day by day. Black workers are murdered in cold blood by their racial brethren, but the reactions of the civilized world are hypotonic. Imagine what would happen if a White government committed a similar crime. Mandela's bad health condition has created many scenarios about S.A.'s future. "The Whites are afraid that their slaughter will begin with the death of Mandela", says the British "Independent" newspaper. Many websites are warning the White minority of South Africa that the death of the leader of the Blacks will fire an unmerciful pogrom against the Whites, while the country plunges to chaos. Meanwhile, the ruling African National Congress tries to take the White man's guns away, to make their extermination easier. More than 25 farmers were killed in 100 attacks within one month!

This whole situation reminds us of the neighboring Zimbabwe where, once Mugabe took over, he forced all the Whites to abandon the country. According to the "World Net Daily", "70.000 armed black communists are ready to storm Johannesburg with the announcement of his death". The Black majority lives far worse in today's multicultural society of S.A., with youth unemployment reaching 42%. But alas, there is no Apartheid to blame now, distorting the truth, like for example the events of the strike at Lonmin mine where, last year, 35 black miners were murdered by the black cops of the black government...

 The only racist hatred that exists today in S.A. is the one against the Whites. Julius Malema, former leader of the ANC youth, using "Kill the Boer" as his slogan, reveals his intention for the Whites of S.A. The "progressives" all over the world are silent about this genocide. That's the exact reason. Since they are Whites, their lives and rights have no worth. The funny thing is that if they actually cared about the prosperity of the Blacks, then they would prefer the Apartheid in lieu of a chaotic Black government. The story of South Africa taught us many things and unfortunately, it's going to teach us even more about the destruction that is caused by multicultural and multiracial societies.

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/h-tragikh-katastash-sthn-notia-afrikh-ratsismos-kata-twn-leukwn


  1. South Africa will implode as already the infrastructure is collapsing, Mandela’s family are standing by like Vultures already squabbling who gets what, waiting for him to die, when finally this old war crime terrorist takes his last breath, all hell will break lose which will turn not just South Africa but all Africa into a place where if the world was given an enema that would be the place that they would stick the pipe. AIDS is running out of control like a plague and eventually SA will be a dead pile of rotting black niggers.. proving what goes around comes around .
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  3. It is worth noting that South Africa's HDI score has fallen since the collapse of the Apartheid.

  4. I live in South Africa and it is shit bad here. Crime and murder rate is sky rocketing everyday and the whites face a ongoing genocide. Thank you Golden Dawn for posting this! I am in full support of Golden Dawn and we know that Greek people will be set free again. Keep up the good work! Hail Golden Dawn!

  5. Thanks to the Golden Dawn for spreading some light on the South African situation. Our white Brothers the boer/africaans are the white People who finds themselfs in the worst situation in the world.

    I posted a link yesterday and i and will post it again today


    Support from Norway Hail the Golden Dawn

  6. Shane's blog the war against the Boers

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  10. Why does the world not respond to the calculated, premeditated murder of whites in South Africa? Ah Yes, they don't care, waiting to pounce like vultures when chaos erupts, to steal, kill and destroy!

  11. For the history, this time from the bilingual standpoint of the Cape farmers, of the Boer War, see my Kindle book 'Boer Dawn'. The Stuart Cloete version 'Rags of Glory' is greatly romanticized, this is closer to the horror of what the Whites might face - and of course most White South Africans know nothing about their history. If the worst happens you shouldn't underestimate the difficulty, but, as ever, there will be some support from Europe.