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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Parliament silenced Golden Dawn MPs

Comrade George Germenis

We faced an unprecedented exclusion from the Parliament of the so called "democracy" yesterday. The vice president of the Parliament denied the right of the comrades George Germenis and Eustathius Boukouras to address the issue of parliamentary immunity. The comrades requested to speak throughout the whole procedure, but were ignored by the VP under the pretext that their request was "demanded the wrong time". Of course, the comrades requested to speak before the voting began. It isn't the first time they silenced the voices of our MPs, they have done the same with comrade Ilias Kasidiaris.

We understood the ridiculous amount of censorship in the MSM that never present the ideas and actions of Golden Dawn, but we never thought that the System would be so audacious as to silence our voice within the parliament as well! Comrade George Germenis was also silenced when he wanted to talk about the events with the mayor of Athens. After this parliamentary "coup", the MPs of Golden Dawn departed from this fixed game.

The Parliament was in session to vote on the immunity lifts of the two MPs. George Germenis will be trialed for the episodes with the mayor of Athens after he agreed to send the Riot Control Unit to beat up starving Greeks and Golden Dawn members on the distribution on Syntagma Sq. Eustathius Boukouras will be trialed for the riots against the immigrant concentration camp in Corinth.

Golden Dawn and the citizens of Corinth fought the RCU to prevent an
immigrant concentration camp from opening in their neighborhoods. Those
camps have turned many areas into ghettos
For the record, the Parliament voted to lift the parliamentary immunity of our comrades for the umpteenth time, something we ourselves request, as seen from the Program of the Party.
For comrade George Germenis:
208 for, 2 against, 1 present, 2 white.
For Comrade Eustathius Boukouras:
207 for, 1 against, 2 present, 1 white.


  1. This is EU democracy...Not democracy!

    This must be publicized to make people aware of more EU corruption, that free speech is not allowed any more even in Parliament.
    Once GD take over there will be so much that the old party's will have to answer for!

  2. A rubber-stamp Parliament anyway; under a national government it'll be obsolete done away with.

    there will be one party: Golden Dawn.

  3. Looks like force thier coward hand may be needed. They are weak sun tsu clearly states attack when weak

  4. Just as democratic as the DDR... Down with the EUSSR...

    Best wishes to the Golden Dawn from Norway

  5. I really hope GD wins the next election I have faith in you and the greek people see it as well that only you can save them from these traitors that are selling our country bit by bit ,and letting these parasites take refuge illegally in our country.But also bring to justice these traitor governments with the millions they pocketed .they should be all locked up.

  6. Democracy is a tool of the Jew to grant 'equality' and voting rights to all regardless of their stake in a country. This way they can use their money and media control to determine who gets elected. Don't be fooled by this drivel. Popular leaders can be elected only when people are told the truth by their own and not lies by a foreign subversive enemy who pretends to be one of you.

    1. that sounds like you got that from somewhere? but its true, democracy is terrible bc i live in a democracy and its stupid.

  7. Looks like they are entering the second phase of truth. Victory is at hand.
    1st they ridiculed
    2nd they violently apposed
    3rd they accepted as self-evident

    Stay strong Golden Dawn victory is at hand!

  8. Nothing but nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of a New European Order.

    1. your right, for the first time our existence has been so greatly endangered but foreigners integrating and mixing and the government doing nothing about it. one great advantage i think we have now is the internet, so many people out there now can find alternative new and info thats not on tv. so its a great feeling to know that theres lots of people like us with the help of the internet.