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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Schäuble RAUS!

An appropriate introduction for this Zionist agent.

 A huge banner was presented as a gift to Schäuble from the central offices of the Golden Dawn. The offices are located in the entrance to the Municipality of Athens and it was the first populated area after the Airport. They got the message as soon as they stepped in Athens. From the tinted windows of the armored Mercedes Schäuble and his gang were watching like idiots. It was the first message they received in an empty and blocked Athens.
 The cops panicked as they surrounded our offices. There were additional teams of RCU officers and SWAT units that created a thick perimeter around the block. The commander was yelling furiously: "They will not be close,I repeat, they will not be close!They will not put up a banner, nothing!". He was ordered to prevent all activities that would "offend" his Zionist bosses, but he failed.
 In an empty Athens, having only the presence of thousands of cops, unprecedented security measures and D.A. restrictions, the first thing the German usurers saw was a big RAUS! Our government may be corrupted and weak, but the Greeks resist with a strong and innovative Social Nationalist Movement.


  1. GOLDEN DAWN is the Nemesis of Greece , a righteous affliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent namely GOLDEN DAWN that will give nightmares to the corrupt politicians and their Jew cohorts the time is getting closer day by day that these traitors we finally be held to account and the Jew cohorts, nothing will stop GOLDEN DAWN NOW!An inspiration to every nationalist in Europe ALL HAIL !

    1. It will be a Golden Dawn as soon as the Greek people wake up from their slumber and vote them into Government.

  2. Well done! we support you, from UK

  3. Very Nice! straight to point. Support from Norway

  4. All Shabbos Goys RAUS!!!

  5. Schauble is a filthy jew-enabler come to Greece to rub our noses in Jew debt slavery. Kick him out and all jew puppets out of Greece!

  6. Keep up the good fight....from England, land of multicultural hell.

  7. Another bad smell that can leave Greece and Europe: hooked nose rats in Hollywood.

    In the Middle Ages our ancestors had the brains to kick every Jew out of Europe-- we need this now.

    Article posted below is a great example of the depravity-- the sickness that is Hebrew Hollywood.

    Porn, drugs, fraud, contract killing for hire, the Jew is there. Now homo rights, open borders, hate crime legislation and G.A.Y. Legal Union to name just a few; all the domain of the hooked nosed kike at the ADL and SPLC.

    ..... low life, you will find a Jew--the article below states thus: " Ms Hudgins has now moved up to SERIOUS acting. Her role? Playing a PROSTITUTE! Wow..there's an Academy Award winner.

    Give it to Eli Roth..Jewboys always shine in hebwood, or the ex- drug addict Robert Downey Jr. Ironman =Jewman.


  8. Hook-nosed kosher rats at the U.N and Amnesty International U.N.H.C.R., whine on that Auspices only take .03
    OF the world's refugees.

    Why not send them to Israel?

    Even better: Gated Jew communities in the U.S.A, payback for Detroit bankruptcy...Henry Ford was
    right about the kike.


  9. Wolfgang Schaeuble, suggests we don't " talk about it anymore" when the subject of writing
    off even a small portion of Greece's massive debt
    is mentioned.

    My dream is a kind of Mafioso Godfather scenario -- like the film, Don Corleone scatching his face as he discusses the hit; the exterminator rounds off the
    price for him. "$20,010 for the job Sir.
    "What is the 10¢ for? The Bullet."