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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mimetic attitudes from the Left

A very interesting article was hosted on the anti-activist "Democracy" daily newspaper. It was about the recent conference Syriza held, where the party's president, Alexis Tsipras, present a new plan for his  supporters to follow. Namely, the application of our very own Social Solidarity program. The article reads:

 "With great disturbance I realized that, in order to balance his transition towards the Center-Left, Tsipras adopted a dangerous plan, one that no-one seems to have noticed: He announced the creation of parastate teams (naming them solidarity groups) that will start mobilizing this fall in three sectors:
 Food handouts, hospital treatments, auctions. He said it in a classy way and it was hard to realize the truth immediately.  I'll copy excerpts from his speech. For food: We must help all those groups with big campaigns and money, because the needs of the People are rising at an alarming rate. For health: Our healthcare groups must cooperate with syndicalist factors and infiltrate the hospitals. For housing: We need a movement against repositions and evictions. This demands the mobilization of every sector and group in Syriza.
 First observation: When the Golden Dawn demanded to distribute food in Syntagma Sq, they were Nazis and far-right extremists, but now that Syriza will do the same with "campaigns and money" it's leftist and progressive? When the members of Golden Dawn invaded hospitals searching for foreigners (translator's note: This lie was also reproduced by SBS Dateline's broadcast about Golden Dawn) it was fascism, but now that Tsipra's "groups" are preparing for "infiltration" it is socialism? When the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) stood in front of the house of a worker, to prevent his eviction it was "populism" but now that  the "groups" are going to do the same it's "solidarity"? If this isn't a full adoption of Golden Dawn's methods primarily, and of KKE's secondarily (Which, by the way, itself copied the self-defense schools of the Far-right), then what is it?
 OΚ, we turned a blind eye when the president of Syriza copied the exact words of Nikos Michaloliakos, the Golden Dawn's leader, by saying "our hands are clean", it could be a coincidence, but the coincidences regarding the similarities of their tactics are multiplying fast.
Second observation: Lets try to imagine a typical September morning, during the time of live news broadcasts on the TV. A Syriza food handout at Athens, a Golden Dawn food handout few meters nearby. An invasion of Golden Dawners and leftists in some hospital. An effort to evict a Greek from his house under the presence of Syriza's and KKE's MPs. Can you imagine the circus to prove that their actions prevented the eviction?
 I'm sorry, but this isn't the practice of lawful parliamentary parties. There can be disastrous consequences, tension and violence. This matter involves every last one of us.
 About the parties that try to substitute the state and the government that allows the exploitation of human pain: Those parties must give whatever they have to the Church and let her handle the handouts, they must leave the hospitals alone, and the government must find a solution for the important auction problem we are facing, unless we want the above to come true."

This article is about the intentions (and only) of Syriza to focus in solidarity issues regarding food, health and housing. It exposes the hypocrisy that shrouds Syriza when they and the System condemn our actions. Now that Syriza got power-hungry, it decided to adopt and corrupt our methods. There is a huge difference between us and them. We are honoring our promise the give the money of the People back to the People to the fullest! We stand in Solidarity with the Greek People with this and many other forms. This is our Socialism! And we started doing this from the moment we got 6,92% of the Greek vote. We were doing the same thing even before the elections of 2012!
 Syriza was a party of the Parliament since 2004. They had enough time and money to stand in solidarity with the Greeks, but they didn't. They didn't do it because they are hypocrites. They had, for over a year, tens of millions of euros to help the poor. But the 71 anti-social MPs of Syriza decided to keep the paychecks for themselves.
 Not even a Euro from the party's vault was spent for the care and relief of the poor and the unemployed. The only thing we have seen from them is fat promises from their wealthy estates. It's clear that this mishmash called Syriza is trying to copy Golden Dawn in every level, from our actions to our speeches. It has failed miserable at that, not only because the mimetic attitude of this ridiculous party reminds us of the clumsy, mimetic moves of a baby (worse, because the baby has innocent thoughts), but mostly because those moves will exist in a theoretical level and only.
 The spoiled president of Syriza and his spoiled company couldn't care less about the pain of the Greek People. They are playing pretend rebels, otherwise they would give up the comforts of the fat MP paycheck to help their poorer brothers and sisters.
 As for Tsipra's plagiarism of the phrase our General Secretary used, regarding his "clean hands", this statement is more than ridiculous and reaches the levels of obscenity. How can he have his hands clean when he has gathered all the remnants of the failed and bankrupt PASOK? How can he have his hands clean when he supports the anarchists and the terrorists that not only attack Golden Dawn with bombs and bats, but also attack innocent civilians that happen to be near their criminal activities?
 Truth is by our side. Syriza's phony "socialism" and "solidarity" are tools that it will use to ascend to power and ravage what little is left from the Greek Nation, in the name of the Jews. The Greeks can see who genuinely care about their future, and will reward them accordingly. Hail Victory!


  1. I think these Zionist controlled political parties are a little too late. Trying to copy Golden Dawn, as if the Greek people would not realize what they are doing.

    Deceit, corruption, misinformation, slander. This is all the Zionist Governments have to offer.

  2. Our information Fuhrer Varg V. has been arrested this morning of 7/17/2013 under conviction of being a terrorist that was planning on a "massacre" of the french people and targets leftist ideals and politicians. The dawn is coming. The sun shall shine brighter then ever! Apollo/Baldr has returned to us. We must grant his essence into our minds

  3. The contempt shown to the people of Greece by the current Zionist controlled scum thinking that the people are to stupid to see right through there games, retribution is coming and it will be like a tsunami when it strikes.

  4. At least you've got them on the run.

    In America, our only "opposition" party is conspiring with the evil left to drown us in a sea of immigrant scum. We are waking up,but it may be too late.Still,those of us with our eyes open will not go down without a fight. The traitors are known to us,and they will receive military justice for their collaboration,and then their filthy foreign illiterate footsoldiers will be driven from our lands.