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Monday, July 22, 2013

Leftist poll reveals: Golden Dawn is unstoppable

Even the "Editor's Newspaper", also known as the "Photoshop Newspaper", can no longer hide the dynamic rise of Golden Dawn's popularity among the people. From those polls we can see that Golden Dawn is the second party among the age groups of the active population (ages 18-44) and that the old parties (PASOK - New Democracy) survive largely because of the elderly. Additionally, the polls reveal that 11% of New Democracy's voters and 7% of Syriza's voters are moving towards Golden Dawn.
Hail Victory!

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/akoma-kai-oi-aristeristes-to-paradechontai-astamathth-h-chrush-augh


  1. I will drink a big champagne bottle when Golden Dawn become the power of people of Greece.

    I think this will be soon.

  2. 3rd largest party lets make it the 2nd then the 1st

  3. It will be even higher than that figure when the elections come...people don't trust giving their opinion until election day.

    Now if only there is no vote rigging. G.D., need assurances that indpendent monitors are on hand to count the votes and not steal the election like George W. Bush did in Florida.

    Speaking of Florida -- what a NIGGER infested shithole it has become....look at these thugs; WAR is coming and blood will be spilled by Whitey -- again! Worth every drop to clean these rats away.


  4. The one thing these polls dont show is that Golden dawn is the 2nd biggest party, and soon to be number 1.

  5. On to glorious victory!

    When you are proudly at the helm of the ship of the Greek state, please remember your brothers in the rest of the world who still live under the boot of Marxism and global capitalism.

    It is our fight, and we will fight it ourselves, but we would certainly appreciate any favorable news coverage,organizing tips, or donations you can swing our way to help the cause once you get Greece back on its feet.

    God bless and keep you all and if no worldwide resistance ever materializes, just watching one free white people deliver a jackbooted karate kick to the throats of the global elite will be well worth it.

    Hail,Golden Dawn!

  6. Go Golden Dawn!

  7. Taking away votes from the Communists. Wow, the National Socialists didn't even do that!

  8. The polls are always rigged by the anti white left!

    This is why the anti white marxist liberal left need to be banned because they are against the White race and European cultures!

    The books which needs banning which are The Koran, Karl Marx communist book, Saul Alinsky Rules for radicals, the Torah and Talmud! Them vile anti white books need to be rounded up and burnt in mass!

    And yes its a Europe wide problem!

    1. Don't ban them, just make sure these evil books are countered by Healthy, Patriotic Nationalist Media publications.

  9. SemiticDNAhunterJuly 23, 2013 at 3:26 PM

    Include the child perverts like the sick kike Alan Ginsberg for NS/SN book burning festival.

    Find sicko Alan Ginsberg ( with other jew child molestors) in your local bookstore -- along with proof that Jews control ALL media. Alan Ginsberg: The proud creator of a group of men that supports Man /Boy Love Association in Canada. Sicksicksick.

    Too bad he is dead; even a gas chamber is too good for this Khazar /Semite rat....bullets are cheaper.

    Dig the fat jew rat up and shoot him again; he didn't die hard enough.

  10. The newsroom is becoming popular


    they quote you.

    1. Greek neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn.
      Golden Dawn, whose rallies feature Nazi style right arm salutes,
      which actively promotes hostility to Jews and non-white immigrants,
      Analysts say that "victory" is highly unlikely,
      wide concern across Europe that a neo-Nazi party should remain in such a strong position.

      Comments from the above website. Sounds like a typical BBC fair,balanced and unbiased report. They certainly are Anti-GD

  11. Also;

    "As an indication of the kind of people the party attracts, the person who posted up the article goes by the title "BlueEyesWhiteSlav"."


  12. GD are showing us all the way to power. Go straight to the people!

    God bless GD and the sane Greeks supporting you.

  13. Said before in other posts.
    1st they ridicule
    2nd they violently oppose
    3rd becomes self evident

    Still rings true through today