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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happening now: Thousands of Greeks in the Central Offices of Golden Dawn

The Greek People show their defiance against the Zionist Occupational Government. The S.S. event has yet to start but thousands of Greeks are already there. Our Militia will make sure that the cops won't touch those starving souls.


  1. The Golden Dawn Militia ready and willing to protect the Greek people from the jew Occupational Government.
    The Golden Dawn an example to the world that social nationalism is the way forward and will not be intimidated by the criminal zionist scum.

  2. Hail Golden dawn, Hail the Greek people.This monstrous EU and it's zionist puppets would rather starve the Greek people and feed somalia.It is time for the Greek people to rise up and overthrow this unelected government of thieves.
    Heres to the Greek Spring and to a Golden Dawn.

  3. I love how they in the background of the video play the german song "Die fahne hoch", greek version.

    Hail Golden Dawn!

  4. Good men and women of the Golden Dawn, all nationalist around the world are with you! We see how much you care for your folk! How much dedication is required... We see how true Folkish Socialism and true Ethnic Nationalism should work, and we are thankful for showing us the way. No mindless hooligans shouting obscenities, just dedicated, ideological, disciplined men in black shirts, ready to lend a helping hand to your fellow Greeks! Thats the way it should be.

  5. Keep strong and grow. I sometimes think the future of Europe is in your hands.