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Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Democratization" made in U.S.A. - An article from our Leader, Nikos Michaloliakos

  From Iraq and Afghanistan to Syria and Egypt

These last days a tragedy is developing on Egypt, the most populated Muslim country of the Middle East. According to info, hundreds are dead, despite the careful announcements of the Egyptian MSM and the suspicious silence of the Zionist-controlled western Media. We are watching from the screens of our TVs, in live broadcast, another "democratization" effort, made in USA.

Without having any intention to support the government of the fallen president Morsi, we can do nothing but to condemn the brutal intervention of the American government, which not only will destabilize Egypt, but will also create a convenient climate for them. No matter what, Morsi was democratically elected after 30 years of dictatorship. However, he had the disadvantage of not being the one that the USA wanted to win, and within just a year he was overthrown by the Army. USA's foreign policy have surpassed all limits of cynicism, announcing his overturn and reminding the army that without american aid it couldn't maintain itself. The coup was leaded by the leader of the army, Fattah al-Sisi, who was, for 17 years, leader of the secret services, and we all know the close relationships the leaders of the secret services have with the Big American Brother. Additionally, Morsi had the audacity to refuse loans from the IMF, the Zionist institution that ravages whole Nations in its pass.

 So, in the name of "democracy", Egypt has plunged to chaos, a chaos that constantly spreads on the area and tomorrow in the whole world. If there was even the slightest doubt about the fact that foreign factors caused this tragedy in Egypt, we inform you that the president installed by the army will appoint Mohamed ElBaradei for VP, a man fully trusted by the USA.

Who is ElBaradei? He is this... expert of the atomic safety board that with his reports about the existence of nuclear and biological weapons in Iraq, reports that were proven lies, completely justified the American invasion in the Middle Eastern state. 

 Everything in Egypt happened to stop the Islamists and for "democracy". Hypocrisy in all of her glory.
 Is the USA foreign policy so "sensitive" that can't stop causing revolts and wars all over the world in the name of this "democracy" and against Islamism? We saw what they mean by "democracy". In Iraq the country was ravaged and looted, they left it in ruins and with a civil war and all they managed to do in Afghanistan was to make it the producer of 90% of the world's opium, producing heroin that systematically murders the youth in Europe and the USA. That was their goal after all.


They also try to "democratize" Syria with mercenaries, common criminals, the same they used on Libya and other countries of North Africa. And of course with "revolts" out of nowhere, always with the help of the "social media".

Every organization, by growing, touches or surpasses the limits of its incompetence. The same happens with  the USA, trying to impose globalism for the sake of their bosses, that control the world's wealth, have reached incompetence, created an endless chaos that is the begging of the fall of a superpower that aspires to control the world.

 Their hypocrisy, their fake passion for democracy and anti-Islamism, is exposed by looking at the allies they have in their efforts. They say they overturned Morsi because he was an Islamist and at the same time they have allies in Saudi Arabia, places where the Islamists cut hands, stone women and honor other "cute" Islamic traditions. Those things don't seem to bother the USA, in the same way they aren't bothered by the monarchy of their other ally, the king of Qatar. They aren't bothered by the mercenaries in Syria that murder Christians. They democratic sensitivities are fairy tales. They just want to format the area according to their interests (Israel's interests) and for this exact reason those "humanists" have caused millions of deaths with their wars against "evil", the supposed "popular revolts" and their infamous "democratization".

The hypocrisy of Western MSM

We weren't surprised that our own "democratic" media never said that a legitimate democratic regime was overturned with tanks. It seams that for them there are bad and good dictatorships. It's all about the interests of the man that pays... of the man that has wealth in his hands.

Who were those that were silenced? The same people that systematically attack Golden Dawn, accusing her that she oppresses human rights! Are they honest? Not at all! How can they convince anyone that still has common sense and logic that they are fighting Golden Dawn in the name of "democracy", when at the same time they celebrate about the "investments" of China and Qatar in Greece? Are they ignoring the fact that the Emir hired mercenaries in Libya, mercenaries that starred in unprecedented war crimes? Are they ignoring the fact that he is doing the same thing in Syria? As for China, maybe they haven't heard that this regime systematically kills children in sweat shops and that millions of Chinese men and women are dying of hunger, behind the scenes of a wealthy nomenclature? They don't say a word because they are willing to accept the blood-stained dollars of the "investors".

 Instead they systematically fight Golden Dawn, not alone, but with the help their international bosses. Why? Because Golden Dawn believes in the Nation-State and fights the Globalism they are trying to impose on us. Everything shows that, with rivers of blood and troubled years that are going to come, Globalism will collapse. They want to play God, but they will end up like pathetic little beings. Because in this world, whatever is bought and sold has no real value!

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/gengramateas/view/ekdhmokratismos-made-in-usa-arthro-tou-n.g.-michaloliakou


  1. The ultimate prize is Iran, North Korea is unimportant to the overall strategy. OIL IS KING!

    1. Agreed Ms Bridgit. However, not only is oil the king, it's queen is racial destruction of the close kind, up close and very personal, and we are suffering from this hatred daily in the UK and Europe.


  2. Who Owns The Narrative? Well, they do, but we are all doing something to stave this off.

  3. Goyim War MachineJuly 19, 2013 at 5:20 AM

    Detroit is finished...with a population 80% nigger and 20 billion in debt this what is ahead for the USA.

    In the 1970s every Jew bureaucrat in the Commerce Dept., in Washington fell over his gelfilet to open the door to Toyota and sell America down the river-- now it's China.


  4. As an American, I totally agree with this assessment. My country's foreign policy since World War I has been Liberal Internationalism, which morphed into the better known ideology of Neoconservatism. After we became a global Superpower by STUPIDLY/SUICIDALLY entering the War against the Axis Powers, we became a Jewish-run Empire through the international bodies of NATO, the IMF, the WTO, etc, and began to "democratize" the world. In reality, this equates to the Jewish Bolshevization of the world that Hitler warned us he was fighting against. Mother Europe must liberate herself from the evil that has become the United States and return to racially pure nationalism. We White Americans will probably end up fighting a civil war here against the coloreds, their sympathizers, and the Jews.

    1. Spare your blood and bullets on colored. Aim for the Yid, the beast of Dante's lowest circle of Hell. That is the true enemy. The Jew would love nothing more than gratuitous blood spilt while they lurk in the shadows.

      Once the Jew is destroyed, whites can clean up the rest.

      "When Jews' blood spurts from the knife, good times are here again". -SA Fighting Song

  5. Much of what you are seeing is driven by the fact that Obama is a black Islamic militant of the 1970's Louis Farrakhan school of Islam.

    If you don't know what that is, it's where niggers born in the United States pretend to be more African than they really are. It's sort of the black version of what upper-middle class white kids do in all of our countries when they play Bolshevik revolutionary.

    Obama doesn't have a fucking clue what he's doing, all he knows are that jihadis are the "good guys" (from his pretend Afro-nigger perspective).

    The majority of his neo-marxist followers don't even know this shit is going on and couldn't identify Libya,Syria,Afghanistan OR Iran on a map, such is his cohorts' control over the cultural narrative through the media and the schools.

    Liberals are apparently universally retarded,from what I've seen.

    And I agree with the poster above. If Hitler had won, things would be a thousand times better for all people of European and mediterranean descent.

    I'm convinced that, at THAT time, if Americans knew what we know now (i.e. that the people we fought on behalf of would turn around and try to exterminate US), we would have been on the side of the Axis powers and it would have been no contest at all.

  6. That comment is so intentionally stupid that either the blog holder is a moron or wants his blog to look like it is filled with them. First Obama is a PUPPET controlled by the CIA. He is not a follower of Farakahn and has nothing to do with him. OBAMA was recruited and groomed by Russiaphobe Brzezhinski from the time he was at Columbia He is moderately intelligent but not super bright or he would never have agreed to become a puppet!!
    A real smart Black like Colin Powell knows enough to stay away from the puppet hot seat. Obama didn't. He was like Bill Clinton and was more ambitious than careful. A careful man would have known his African Birth would have been discovered and would have also known he would have to be the Judas of his own people as a slave to the Banksters.
    Obama's legacy in America is to be hated both by the right and by the left. But then no one forced him to sign on as Judas.
    Finally with a comment like if Hitler had won things would have been a thousand times better for all people of European descent is so wrong that no one with the sense to write complete sentences believes it, and there is nothing wrong with the writers grammar or sentence structure so that just about locks it. He is a provocateur.
    So the question follows why do you discredit your site by associating it with people who either are or pretend to be depraved???
    Ps approve and print this or withhold it. Either way I am contacting Golden Dawn Directly to inform them they have another enemy who is plotting to destroy them. That would be you. Nationalism is about loving your own people. It is not about hating other people, and certainly not about making your supporters look like raving lunatics. JJB