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Thursday, July 4, 2013

ANTIFA: Their role in modern imperialism

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So what is the connection of Antifa with imperialism?

The place is filled with posters about Srebrenica, about the murders of Serbian and Greek Nationalists, in the name of "Macedonia" that is "flooded with the blood of Bosnia" and we are wondering if all these things can have anything to do with the anarchist ideology. Who are those that fill our cities with thousands well-designed and expensive posters (even though their gatherings attract 200-300 people)?

Who are their leaders? Who funds them?
In the end, who is behind them?
Is this ideology related to leftist or anarchist movements?

One of the hundreds anti-Serbian and anti-Greek posters of Athens
What we do know is that the Antifa is presenting only one side of the story of Srebrenica. We never heard anything about the tragedy during the occupation of Krajina, nor the mujahedin in Bosnia that were collecting the heads of their Serb-Bosnian enemies, nor the Albanian UCK soldiers that imprisoned Serbian non-combatants and removed their kidneys without anesthesia, killing them, and selling the organs to the black market.

Why is that? Why are they condemning the extremities committed by the Serbs but are silent about the cruelties of the other belligerents of former Yugoslavia? Won't they organize a "protest for their memory"?

One more question that has to be answered by the Antifa kiddies, one that they try to avoid all the time. What was their opinion on the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999? Did the same people - either in organizations or as individuals - participated in protests all over Greece or were they staying at home? Or perhaps the image of Albanians holding UCK and American flags in our capital, chanting slogans in favor of the bombings was something that aroused them? Really, has any Antifa march ever ended in front of the American embassy?

We have more questions to pose:

What is their relationship with the suspicious "NGOs" that exist all over Eastern Europe and act as Trojan Horses for the New Order? What is their relationship with the Zionist-friendly Antifa in Germany? How is it possible to have the exact same opinions on the Yugoslavian and Macedonian issues with the infamous site "bulgarmak"?

Is this just a coincidence? Can we say the same about the consensus with the "patriarch" of neoliberalism in our country, Andreas Andrianopoulos?

And for what reason did the "Left Liberal Synthesis" blog advertised the anti-Serbian Antifa march on October 18th, congratulating them on their fast reflexes?
 What is the connection between neoliberalism and the supposed social warriors that fight against all forms of oppression? Why is the Antifa bent on demonizing the enemies of the USA, the Serbians?

  No more needs to be said...

Open Society Foundations of George Soros: In the service of the oppressed minorities...
George Soros: "Humanist", "Philosopher", "Writer", "Philanthropist"...

What we have to say is this:

Antifa is a political current that aims -according to their supporters- to fight fascism and racism. Its cradle is postwar Germany, where it was created to defend the interests of the USA, Britain and Israel. Very similar to Antifa are "NGOs" that were funded by the West to mobilize on Eastern Europe.
In Greece there are some Antifa crews (gangs if you will) that pretend to be ideological cops bullying whomever dares to resist them. They don't have 100% same opinions, but there are some persistent mutual characteristics:

-They are enemies of the Nation-States and supporters of the multicultural and multiracial societies.
-They are the defenders of the EU and of anything "politically correct", always siding with the "civilized" western world against the "evil" Russians and Serbians, the "terrorist" Iranians and Palestinians.
-They are accusing anyone that loves his nations of "fascism", as if loving your People is a blasphemy.
-They believe in the global universality of the "European values" and try to impose them all over the world like a new form of political and ideological colonization.
-They support and justify the use of violence by Zionist and imperialist forces, aiming to collectively punish politically incorrect Peoples (e.g. the "good" bombardment of Serbia in 1999)
-They defend the Jews everywhere and even the state of Israel, in order to fight "antisemitism".
-They support certain nationalists (blacks, Albanians, Muslim Bosnians) and condemn the rest (whites, Greeks, Serbians, Russians, European etc.)
-They openly side with the enemies of Hellenism and have an antisocial attitude, just to provoke.
-They hate their Race and their society.
-They are individualists and feel pleasure when they provoke the public.
-They support the USA and imperialism all over the world.

"We are all homos", says the Antifa.
So the Antifa are neither rebels nor anarchists. This fad maybe was born from a mutation of the anarchist ideology, but they are using their symbols and rhetoric just to confuse us. We are dealing with Zionist agents that distort the truth and corrupt the minds of our uninformed compatriots, making them adopt ideas they themselves have created. They are the lackeys of the imperialists!

Hail the struggle of the Peoples for National Independence!

Hail the international resistance to Zionism and Imperialism!

Hail the Golden Dawn!  


  1. Excellent analysis. Greek patriots and others should identify Antifa operatives and those that support and fund them, and remove them from society.

    1. Remove their kidneys first.

  2. Yes comrade...I too have often pondered the endless contradictions seemingly bedevilling the strange mix that was once Yugoslavia. Much of the conundrum is set in WW2 and as far back as the defeat of the Moslem armies centuries ago. I still remember the Russian thundering that the bombing of Serbia would start WW3. Yeltin the boozer. When you look at the Juden in the mix (and how to remove the bacillus) the problem is not so intractable. Serb Jew lovers will sell their collective souls to join the E.U.

    Red Watch is a site that watches and publishes commie AntiFa 24/7.


  3. its like in Britain, the anti-fa and anarchist are anti whites, they hate our race, they are pro Marxist, their most preferred books are the Koran, Talmud and the Communist Manifesto. Regardless they are indeed part of the New World Order and they condone the police state. They also support high crime rates like rape, pedophilla, murder, robbery and crimes against White people! They are Satanists like the Muslims and the Zionist jews! Their type of revolution is totalitarian oppression and White genocide! They support the zionist funded groups like the terrorist "Free Syrian Army". They support the Agenda 21 which is all about the genocide of White people! They are a bunch of rent a mob that get paid to destroy our way of life! They work side by side with the muslim extremists to destroy us and our homeland! They are the biggest jackasses in the planet, whenever they lose they turn to violence. They have no balls, they only use weapons like knives, sticks, bottles and darts! They are bunch of brainwashed minions that work for the government!

    Those vile scum deserve to be in a concentration camp or a one way ticket to the USA where they can have their own free speech there. They do not deserve to live in Europe, they can live anywhere else for all i care!

    Any ideology preached from the Koran, Karl Marx book and the Talmud are banned and the group and its members arrested and kicked out of Europe! They anarch-anti-fa terrorist scum deserve to be deported out of Europe the same way as what will happen to the non Whites.

    The problem is European and this needs to stop NOW!

    This is why Golden Dawn needs to be more Europe wide and unite all White nationalist groups the 2 main principles of Racial Nationalism is...
    1) that our racial integrity must always be protected against contamination by non-European elements and
    2) that our homelands are for ourselves alone.


    We need to reunite all the splinter groups to make a large massive movement in order to destroy the zionist regime! The twin principles is the most important thing we needed!!!

  4. “We can and must write in a language which sows among the masses hate, revulsion, and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”



    It's so obvious isn't it? Well done GD.


  5. Hail the Golden dawn! European solidarity! Greetings from Sweden

  6. Look at all this anti-whitism. In the 60's, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites. Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.” Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE. That makes it genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

  7. The description Antifa is a misnomer. They give the appearance and behave as a Fascist organisation but in truth is a splinter group of the Communist Party. They provide the muscle, they are the bully boys.

    They are a very small cog in a very large wheel, They are a European-wide organisation that is being used in a plan to reshape Europe and the UK. After Stalin you would think they would have learnt but collectively they are not the brightest stars in the Universe, but they are "useful idiots".

  8. Antifa masquerade using whatever local cover that is required by the nation they are in. The CIA got the idea from the Communist antifa that was used against them in post war Germany. That version masqueraded as German workers but were actually thugs hired by the Russian NKVD. The CIA always steals other treacherous ideas.

    Unfortunately for the Jews as a people the Israeli leadership has jumped on the CIA bandwagon. That is why the bible says in the last days their new "friends" will abandon them and they will see their enemies at the gates of Jerusalem.
    To the Jews I say a patriot remains true to his ideals and does not make common cause with rogues and criminals no matter what seeming expediency. To often the so called wise men of your race have tried to ride that tiger and as a result many of your women and children have perished inside it. I believe the God of Abraham Issac Jacob Joseph and Jesus needs no allies and it is on Him and His holy word written in the bible that I rely. Jews, you have rejected your Messiah for the Banksters, now you must suffer the consequences of your own choice!.
    For us Christians who follow Christ and reject the Bankster siren song. Patriotic nationalism will always be divorced from Imperialism. We will defend our faith and fight the devil and his bankster minions in whatever guise they adopt.

  9. SHOULD BAN or wipe out ANTIFA White genocide agenda BAN 2 NO Mercy NO HONOR NO GIVE UP HAIL EUROPA