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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Against the "Child Tax"!

Re-post from Golden Dawn New York: http://tinyurl.com/n7kgrkv

The United Nations own definition of genocide, [260A (III) article 2] includes the most common things people associate with the word such as mass murder and bodily harm in the first two of five sections, (a) and (b).
However, in a European Union member-state in 2013, the government of Greece has released a new complex tax code that specifically makes tax increases on families with more children. This violates other sections of the definition.

The Greek Government, IMF and EU are actively trying to stop children like these from being born.
This is not a simple “across the board” tax increase to everyone, rather it even has a slight decrease for unmarried people, a stable to slight increase for most of those married with one child, and then a large increase for those with 2 children, and an even larger increase for those with 3. This is the first of its kind known in any western country.

An average of 2.1 children per family is what is known as “replacement level”, any less the population will slowly vanish.  Greece currently has 1.39 per family.
The Greek government has decided to attempt to drive the birth rate even lower and violate section (c) and (d) of the UN’s genocide definition:
(c) “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about it’s physical destruction in whole or in part.”
(d) “Imposing measures to prevent births within the group.”
Neither the United Nations nor the European Union has commented on this and we do not expect them to.
We of the Golden Dawn New York Division, have decided to fight back.
The high cost of raising children, especially when they are very small, has undoubtedly encouraged many economically motivated abortions/infanticide. Greece has the misfortune of being at the top of the list of nations that have the most abortions.
Golden Dawn of America spits on the unelected Troika globalists that control Greece and implemented this cruel policy, and will now introduce a new charitable endeavor that will focus on helping those who are struggling to provide for their small children.  The Greek diaspora as well as those concerned with Western civilization will not stay inactive as the most vulnerable elements of our people lack basic necessities, so that this rotten system can continue to feed the malicious, greedy, and incompetent parasites at the top.
Items that are expensive but necessary for small children are as follows:
  • Baby Foods (sealed and with significant shelf life, Gerber etc.)
  • Infant Formula (Sealed)
  • Diapers
  • Gift Cards that can be used at establishments that sell these items.
If you cannot purchase local NY area supermarket gift cards, you can purchase debit gift cards such as these: http://usa.visa.com/personal/cards/prepaid/visa_gift_card.html
Mail to:
38-11 Ditmars Blvd Box # 438
Astoria, NY 11105
If you donate more than 25 dollars worth of goods and wish to receive a gift in return, please include your shirt size in your note of solidarity. The struggle for the Greek nation is one of salvation or annihilation, all Greeks and Westerners concerned with the future of Hellenism and this humanitarian crisis are urged to act.


  1. Abortion was, is and always has been pushed down the throats of whitey by clever hook nosed kike organisation that whine about women's rights.

    Abortion is bad news and nothing more than murder of the foetus in the female womb.

    Tests prove a foetus hears and responds to sounds several months after conception, even pain.

    Abortion is White Genocide --

    1. I only support Abortion when the babe is a product of rape or the mother will die without it.

      Other then that it should be classed as murder.

  2. I'm guessing this only counts more towards the whites. But the blacks and other shits can make children like bunnies without paying a dime! This Zionist idiot is really starting to piss me off! When are we taking back our lands! This Genocide has to end now!

  3. meanwhile:

  4. Genocide in other Words...

  5. Its simple, no contract to any taxes. There is no victim involved paying it, the governments are the criminals to persecute you for not paying their demise!

    I would never pay any tax to a ZOG regime. I only pay it if i live under a racial nationalist regime!

  6. Time to take the gloves off with these politicians which are Jew puppets, removal of this scum Jew or otherwise by any means from the face of the earth, to show we are not going to take it any more let them now live in fear for their lives, and that of their families. This will send a very clear message that they will understand.