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Friday, June 7, 2013

The first triumph of a Social Nationalist Syndicate

The results of the Taxi Drivers Union (SATA) elections confirmed the dynamic and the rapid growth of the Movement in the Greek society. The union's elections lasted 3 days and gave us heartwarming results. The People's Association of Taxi Drivers (LASITA) participated and managed to strike a heavy blow on the Regime by winning 13,75% of the vote and conquering 3 seats, ensuring that, for the first time ever, the interests of the Greek Worker will be represented on the SATA. The results were as following:

Votes: 4321
New Democracy: 45,50% - 10 seats.
Communist Party of Greece:  16,54% - 3 seats.
LASITA - Golden Dawn: 13,75% - 3 seats.
PASOK: 12,44% - 3 seats.
SYRIZA: 7,06% - 1 seat.
Independent Greeks: 4,18% - 1 seat.

We should note that the other syndicates that have been existing for years were spewing negative propaganda against LASITA. This shows that the votes we won were conscious votes. They failed, and LASITA stands on the 3rd place with 13,75%.

More syndicates in Social Nationalist colors will follow soon.



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  2. All hail GOLDEN DAWN
    For ever moving forward .

  3. ''Western Renaissance'' is THE Blueprint for an umbrella option concerning the whole of European Humanity worldwide. Check it out Golden Dawn, and all supporters.



  4. Great work, Comrades! A real inspiration to the rest of us!

  5. i do NOT hate all Romanians (Roma don't count) as Vlad the Impaler is a hero; "pike staffs in front of every cash machine" his exalted cry -- the Brits can learn from him in 2014.


  6. king Kissenger; the 1st; presided over the "Bile"berger conference in Hertfordshire....how is it all the I.U.Ds always end up in the wrong place?


  7. Once they overtake the communist party then progress is made :))

  8. Once golden dawn overtakes the commies then the real competition will take place :))

    1. Well Golden Dawn has pretty much taken over the KKE... now they just need to take over new democracy i think it is called. KKE is falling apart ha ha ha thats what i hear this is typical for a communist party, communism never works.

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  10. Someone should write an article about how the globalists and their leftist partners have crushed organized labor over the last 20-30 years. The leftists get way with pretending that the international capitalists are their enemies.

  11. Hail, Golden Dawn!

    As a tourist, how would I know which taxi to take, i.e. are the socialist cabs marked with a logo, etc.?