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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Solidarity to the homeless.

Old article, but never had the chance to report it... After finding it among other draft posts, I decided to complete it.

Comrades from the White Women's Front of Golden Dawn gathered large quantities of clothes like sweaters, trousers, socks, gloves, hats and food such as bottled water, cans of food and loafs of bread and distributed them to several homeless Greeks in the broader area of Nice.
[Photos inside]

Our homeless brothers and sisters accepted our aid with great happiness and relief, thanking the comrades with all the power of their hearts. They didn't get any present from their family, but they got presents from their greater family, the family of all the Greeks, the Golden Dawn. They now know that they are NOT alone.
The anarchists and the leftists only care for illegal immigrants, NGOs are getting millions to help them, while they ignore their own kin. And on the other side, Greeks that lost everything live under terrible conditions.
They should be ashamed.
But the time will come and the roles will revert.
We will fight for that.

Golden Dawn for the New Dawn of Hellenism!!


  1. Love what you ladies and gentlemen do for your people. All the lies and fear produced by the propagandist media, its very good to see people who are doing whats right for whats right in the face of evil. Although I am not greek but you fellas have inspired me and many thanks for the light your shining and showing even one person can start to make a difference.

    God Bless and good fortune
    Friend from the U.S.

  2. As it should be, charity begins at home, GOLDEN DAWN once again showing the way forward looking after their own people first and foremost! Cursed are the politicians that disregard their own people for which they will have to answer for eventually!
    And to hell with the illegal parasites that have infested Greece.

  3. You will succeed because right is on your side.

  4. Very well done to Golden Dawn. Non of the lefty marxist scum would never do that stuff.

    I wished we have a Golden Dawn in Britain.

    1. I have said for a long time that there is no left and right in politics, only wrong and right.

    2. Helping your fellow brothers and sisters is the greatest thing you can do for your people, people need to realize i think that the rich cant just help the poor... everyone must help because theres always someone in a much worse situation. we all MUST make shared sacrifices to help.

    3. EDL support them in U.K.

    4. edl are a zionist org,they support their oppressors

    5. The Anglosphere (Canada--especially Canada--, America, Australia, NZ, UK) seems to be the worst affected by white self-loathing and lethargy, while Continental Europe is rediscovering its nationalism. It is important to note, however, that there are only three nationalist parties that aren't compromised by Jewry in that they will cleanse the land of all foreigners and destroy Jewish central banking and media; these parties are Golden Dawn, Jobbik, and the National Democrats (Germany), though Generation Identitaire in France recognizes the problem and Marine le Pen is useful for the short term. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is a total Zionist shill, but at least he's right on Muslim immigration.

      Hail Victory and the White Race.
      --Occupied California

    6. Hi,

      Your in California? you should become a member here, i like to here more of what you say!

  5. Across the Atlantic. We wait with baited breath...

  6. A programme will have to be instituted to initiate the ethnic cleansing of Greece and the whole of Europe.

    These alien invaders always rely on the resources of kosher legal help and money to claim asylum and elicit sympathy while ZOG government goes bankrupt.

    Say one word against asylum seekers and you are on your way to jail. Baboons travel a long way to point a hairy finger at the local populace and cry, "racist!"

  7. Golden Dawn, keep up the fight and use diplomacy
    And wittiness to achieve your goal. You will gain support and keep the lefts off your back. Let's unite and claim back our countries, and stop this asylum infestation.
    The world is looking to follow in your steps.
    Golden Dawn for Australia....GA77

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  10. Keep up the good work Golden Dawn and don't give up! Golden Dawn gave the whole world meaning again to fight for freedom!
    From South Africa

  11. How come I never see leftists like communists and their anarchist friends help the people like this?

    Go Golden Dawn!

  12. Well done brothers greets from Croatia Europe for the Europeans smash the left scum !