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Sunday, June 23, 2013

No to the Europe of the international usurers!

The «Ratification of the Protocol regarding the duties of the Irish people in relevance to the Treaty of Lisbon» was discussed in the Greek parliament. It reminded us the adventure the Irish had with the Lisbon Treaty, events that reveals the nature of the E.U.

The Protocol uses the term "duties" referring to the Treaty of Lisbon. The Treaty was effective since December 1st 2009, after a referendum that was held on October 2nd 2009. The purpose of the Treaty is to strengthen the role of the E.U. in international politics and simplify decision-making. We remind you that when the Irish were called to vote two times in whether they accept or not the European Treaties of Nice (2001) and Lisbon (2008). they responded with a big "NO!" They needed to modify the treaties two times and bug the People to no end in order to get a "Yes", given the fact that the treaties have to be accepted by every member-state. The French, the Dutch and the Irish had objections. They denied the "Eurotreaties" that were renamed to "Treaty of Lisbon".
 Where we have to focus is on the fact that some states "function", and some don't. The Irish, according to their Constitution, had to hold a referendum. If the Treaty was voted on the Parliament, the decision would be canceled by their Constitutional Court, that also functions. After pressure, the Irish voted "yes". That pressure was used by certain governments, from certain financial interests of the Eurozone. This why, after saying "No" two times, they finally voted "yes". At least, the Constitution made a difference there, and there were some elements of democratic procedure. The Irish People wasn't ignored like ours was in such important matters. So many decisive things happened on our country, in which the Volk had no say in any way. We hoped we could at least have the possibility to hold a referendum on the Eurozone, the Eurotreaties, the Memorandum. Instead we were just watching this horrible crime without intervening and expressing our opposition as a People. With parliamentary majorities and man-made "coincidences", they took decision for important matters that required referendums. 
One argument used by supporters of the E.U. is the Common Security and Defence Policy. No one says no to cooperation in the military sector. Of course we want an independent Europe. But in reality, the CSDP is a utopia. We have a EU that is dragged to the ground by its very own powers, and by the american factor. National independence and integrity is above all. This is the basic issue, mutual defence pacts and policies come second. This isn't "anti-E.U. rhetoric", but the only reality for us Nationalists.
 We are now able to see how the E.U. works in reality, thanks to the Treaty of Lisbon. We see that the status quo controls public opinion. We saw the few and powerful oppressing many but weak. It is confirmed that the E.U was created like this and could only be created like this, since it is a plan of the financial and political elite. Those powers know that no People, no Nation, approves their politics, and this is the reason they are doing everything to control the situation for their own gain. In Ireland's case, some "guarantees" were given to get the approval-tolerance of the Irish voters.
Hypocrisy for the so-called democratic E.U. Which is in fact pressure to the Peoples, in order to accept its tyrannical rule.
This Europe of multinational corporations, nihilism, financial abjection, the Europe that doesn't care for the nations, the civilizations and the needs of the Peoples, is not the Europe we dream about. Our Europe is the Europe of the Nations, the Homelands, and the Peoples! The Europe of Civilizations and Values. The Europe of Warriors and Poets. Our Europe!


  1. ''Our Europe is the Europe of the Nations, the Homelands, and the Peoples! The Europe of Civilizations and Values. The Europe of Warriors and Poets. Our Europe!''

    Beautiful... one continent, many nations... ONE BLOOD.


  2. The rotting carcass of the EU spreads it’s stench throughout Europe the effects of this are now clearly seen, people giving up their children to orphanages because they cannot feed them. The EU plus Banks and corrupt politicians have so much to answer for…and they will.

  3. The EU is just another Soviet Union run by appointed communists. They believe in the destruction of western civilization by flooding white nations with 3rd world immigrants, especially muslims. The multicultural project is just a scam cover-up for this aggression. White people have been brainwashed into "political correctness" and apparently don't see through this scam. The riots, murders, rapes, and other destruction rampant in Europe can be laid directly at the doorstep of cultural Marxism and the madness of its adherents. It is essential to educate young people about this to counter the takeover of public education by Marxist propagandists. http://destoryculturalmarxism.blogspot.com/2013/01/what-is-cultural-marxism.html