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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Neither Left nor Right - New polls

 A new internet poll was uploaded yesterday on zougla.gr, and we can extract interesting conclusions from it. Unfortunately, the poll was conducted, unfortunately, before the ND-PASOK fiasco but after the made-up crisis with ERT. SYRIZA's failure to win anything from this was evident from the poll and its gatherings alike, the latter being a huge failure that resulted into it's executives accusing each other on who's responsible. Golden Dawn remains on the third position with 13,4%. In reality, we know we have a lot more than that.

2-3000 people gathered on SYRIZA's pro-ERT protest
After the events with ERT, we see that ND's most important leak is towards Golden Dawn, reaching 8,6%. The leaks from SYRIZA are even larger, with voters moving towards Golden Dawn at 9,6%. It is clear that indeed the Golden Dawn belongs to neither the Right nor the Left, and this is shown by the People's rejection of both the Right and the Left when they join our ranks.

The young and antisystemic voters are aware of SYRIZA's fake opposition and are moving towards Golden Dawn, the only real opposition in the Parliament. The only Party that attacks the government within the Parliament and at the same time organizes a huge national and social rebellion throughout the country. The parties that support the Regime more often than not order secret polls after important events. In many of those polls Golden Dawn seems to be the ... biggest problem, sometimes being neck and neck with SYRIZA, sometimes being the second biggest party, making elections a suicidal choice for our rulers. As an MP of "Democratic Left" said: "No matter who throws the election ball, only Golden Dawn is going to catch it".

SYRIZA demanded elections only after the new government was formed. It took no action whatsoever to undermine the government and lead the country to elections, because if he did that he would wind up on the third place, knowing very well they have been in a downward spiral for a long time now.
But ND is also in a downward spiral after cooperating with the "rival" PASOK. If leaks towards Golden Dawn were at 8,6% before the new coalition that ND had vetoed before the elections, imagine what would happen now. There are some deluded patriots that voted that Right-wing party, after being fooled by Samara's lies, and now they see PASOK everywhere in the government. Soon we will have more polls-bombs for the partners of the fourth Memorandum government. The Nationalist march is NOT going to stop now!


  1. GoyimFreedomFighterJune 29, 2013 at 3:35 AM

    Bide your time comrades...people are waking up to the knife that twists daily in their collective backs and will flock in droves to nationalism.

    Another knife turning is the one planted in Edward Snowden's back. Somebody told him to go to Russia -- bad move. The lies from the ex- commit Putin spew from his NOW mouth.

    Greece (and other NS/SN) must resist to live free.


    1. Why is Putin an enemy? He doesn't trust the U.S., it's run by the Tribe. He might want Snowden for valuable secrets, fine. Can you explain what Putin has done wrong? He is no "friend" of the Jew in my estimation.

    2. GoyimFreedomFighter is a troll, Mike.

    3. Putin dont care about snowden, its just to rub it in the spineless president the U.S. Has is all. Seriously all it is

    4. Here's a real Nationalist leader doing and saying what is needed.


      Saxon Gold, London England

    5. Nick Griffin isn't our ally, he is Zionist.

  2. In a perfect world the Nationaliats all over the world should unite to take back their country from the despot leftists, psycho islamic, and jew control. That what sets us Nationalists apart from the utopian fantasy land they preach since birth. Fellow Nationalists tie your boots tights, put you big boy pants on and get ready to sacrifice everything for what is needed. Leaders, true leaders who love their country will gladly put down the comforts of submitting and gladly be put in jail or even lay down their life for what is right for the country. The left are cowards and spineless. The true Nationalist will fight for their country regardless of the odds.

  3. You're entitled to your opinion comrade but so Am I

    first I don't trust any politician and I ascribe to the age old adage that if a politician ever told the truth he'd be dead

    the Russian Mafia is 99 percent Jewish

    sure Putin pays lip service to locking up a few mafia Dons; mostly they run (free) rampant to cause incredible havoc world-wide dealing drugs and arms with the Israeli mafia and Mossad...

    Like their American counterparts go to Israel to escape prosecution

    Putin is an ex- KGB spy and communist

    Hs half hearted opposition to Israel just seems like lip service

    sure he condemns America; but I don't ever remember him specifically stating Jews run America, yet it is stating the obvious...

    Does PUTIN condemn the American Jewish Committee? the anti-defamation league? B'nai B'rith International? the evil Masonic agenda? the Jewish Council for public affairs? Jewish Federation of North America? Haadassa? HIAS ? the Rabbinical Assembly? Religious Action Center of Reformed Judaism? the Simon Wiesenthal Center? The World Jewish Congress? World Jewish Restitution Organization --??

    This list is a drop in the bucket; like pissing in the ocean

    here we have a group .00001 of the world population with a list of demands as long as your arm for restitution...

    A word I like; restitution. the white man can pay forever and ever thanks to the HOLOHOAX --

    How much money did the Russian government for a Holocaust denial fund..

    How many Rubles to help Earns Under make Bail?

    Holocaust deniers languish in prison all over the world for though crimes against the Ziolist.

    I have never heard V. PUTIN utter 1 word in their defense.

    1. Fuck off troll!

    2. Not so my friend. Putin is too sharp and long-in-the-tooth to outwardly do the open ''anti-Jewish'' thing. Like Griffin in the BNP in Britain, he needs to say enough to ensure solidarity with his folk, whilst showing a strong back and shoulders where it counts. It's all about diplomacy, not sharp shooting from the mouth.


  4. Punch and Judy in the mastepiece performance.

    These ass-bites actually "believe" they pull their own strings.

    Pinocchio firewood evokes more compassion.


  5. Golden Dawn's opponents, if not completely ignorant, are utter hypocrites. Golden Dawn's demand of "Greece for the ethnic Greeks" is no different from what all major East Asian nations at least have always demanded, and achieved:— China for the ethnic (Han) Chinese; Japan for the ethnic Japanese, etc. And they have achieved that without any of the opposition that is levelled at Golden Dawn.

    What I find interesting is President Putin's recent emphasis on increasing Russian birthrates, rather than suicidal Western-style immigration. That shows he may be moving cautiously towards "Russia for the ethnic Russians." Time will tell.

  6. The farce begins...again!


  7. I've taken the liberty of making a GDNEWS sub on reddit, not related or affiliated with this or GD btw.


  8. Ultimatum to Greece: 3 more days!


  9. "America declares war on Judea"


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