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Monday, June 3, 2013

Guns in the U.S.A. and Greece. - The Militia Movement.

The modern U.S.A. state was founded upon the values of the Ancient Greek and Roman States. The founding fathers of this newborn state had strong feeling of philhellenism (love for the Greek culture). John Adam's words prove this. "Two republican forces, Athens and Rome, have done greater honor for our species more than all the rest combined. A new country can be created only by a similar government." According to the second amendment of the American Constitution, that was adopted in 1791, the following are written: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

 The reason that led the government to such a decision was to protect the natural right of the people to defend themselves, to fend of invaders, to destroy tyrannical government and to ensure the existence of a peaceful society. The second amendment is the essence of the Athenian concept of the civilian-hoplite that is called to protect his people from foreign and internal threats. In all of the Greek world, with the exception of Sparta, the hoplites weren't exclusive professionals, but they were formed by the free citizens that fulfilled their duties to their Motherland. This is the right of the Americans that Barrack Obama does everything possible to take away, despite his promises before the elections. Now he has targeted rifles, or as he calls them to scare the people, "assault rifles". A protagonist in the "gun control movement" that promotes the disarmament of the civilians is the billionaire Jew mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg. Of course, he is free to walk around with his many armed bodyguards. The same thing was attempted by the British Empire, before the colonies declared independence. 

 Lets go to Greece now. Despite the already complicated and strict gun laws, we see that the government tries to make them even stricter. In 2011 we saw the National Guard getting disarmed in the sensitive area of Macedonia. We see the government "bullying" the hunters and those who shoot for sporting reasons. For example, the issuing of gun licenses is illegally and intentional delayed by officers of the Greek Police.

Some will react by saying: "Why do we need guns? They are dangerous, they kill and if someone crazy buys one we will be mourning dead" etc. If someone has decided to kill someone else, he will do it, whether with a gun, a knife, or his bare arms. But in Greece today we have 600.000 illegal AK-47s in circuit, without mentioning the handguns, the improvised guns, and all those that are freely in circuit. And I say freely, because anyone can walk around Omonia (degraded part of Athens) or a gypsy gun and acquire one. There is no way to identify them, and are often used for illegal activities. along with the millions of illegal guns, we have the gangs, the anarchists and the paramilitary of UCC to face. A People's government should legalize the natural right of the People to bear arms!
In 1997 all weapons in the UK were destroyed, and a rise of violent crime was observed thereafter.


  1. god bless the Golden Dawn! I wish we had a party like this in America

    1. We need a Golden Dawn in Britain!!! I want to see more direct action going on in our country. One example... http://i.imgur.com/BRKpj8U.png

  2. Good article. The psychosis of Sandy Hook and other atrocities have one goal in mind; to "de-fang" the Americans and we see it now the chimp in the black house and the mossad/NWO SET-UPS to drug victims through Jewish doctors.

    Since Jews did 9/11 they can cry when the roma scum piss on the memorials in London


    1. I wonder how the Jews cared about it?

  3. Gun grab+ media propaganda = marxism controlled government

  4. An ex military official in the US was charged with attempted murder after giving a warning shot to a robber trying to get into his home. Robbers in the US are afraid to rob armed southern North Americans and I own three shotguns in New York and am getting a license to own a pistol. I head to shooting ranges often use one of my shotguns which is Millitary-style used by the American Costguard. I would have no trouble shooting someone in my home who is an intruder and this stuff happens throughout all of the US women can take out ten men armed with bats if they needed to. The Japanese did not attack with a ground force because they feared American armed citizens. If the Greeks were all armed then good luck to the Turks if they try to invade.

  5. The only reason America hasn't suffered the same atrocities of the Soviet Union is because our citizenry is armed and willing to fight if pushed to the edge.

    Yet, we've never took them out of the closets and simply dispatched our traitorous elites. In some ways, though the 2nd amendment has made America secure against a sudden tyranny, its made us complacent to a creeping one. Everyday the grip titans, the native people are replaced, and the propaganda continues. Guns were just an annoyance, an untimely inconvenience to them. It never stopped them, and they'll never stop until WE stop them.

    1. They won't stop until we stop them. Fact!
      You know the form, bluegrass.

  6. In Switzerland ever house must have arms in it, its the law!
    Its better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6.
    In the UK guns have been stripped away form the people of Britain because the government fear any opposition by the people.
    But they haven't got mine!

  7. MUST WATCH: Judge Jeanine’s EPIC smack-down on the mother of the Boston jihadi bombers. This lady should be in the White House, or 10 Downing Street over here. Both our leaders lack backbone.If the Military did not fight with one hand tied behind their backs due to corrupt & spineless politicians, the so called war against terror could be won. Start by Nuking Mecca when it is heavily attended. I wish this was repeated on every news cast, radio, posted in every paper! This should be blasted on the air waves!
    You definitely want to watch this one all the way to the end. Judge Jeanine doesn’t leave anyone guessing as to how she feels about statements that have been made by the mother of the Boston jihadid bombers:


  8. People keep wining how we need a Golden Dawn in USA. Yet when the judeo government and the judeo media began their anti-gun charade, no one united and started gun rallies and a 2nd ammendment party. When the pressure was on after the Newtown bullsh!t, an opportunity opnened for a WN party to spark to life using a 2nd ammendedment platform.

  9. American kids are taught early to hate their country and are pacified by reality retard television. Told from birth to mid 20s marxist beliefs. Hate to say it America is doomed if strong action is not taken soon.

  10. "A People's government should legalize the natural right of the People to bear arms!"


    As the Founders of our country,the United States, said "such rights are formidable only to tyrants".

    I'd fight for your people's right to uninfringeable gun ownership any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

    Also,I'm glad that so many of you recognize that although this country's government has meddled in your affairs and caused problems for you,the heirs of our nation's heritage,the patriotic native citizens of our country, are NOT our country's government. We are with you guys 100%! We are in the same boat you are,our government has been taken over by the same enemy. This enemy is an enemy of not only your people but ours too. The ideology that is harming us all may be enforced by the American government in some cases,but it is not the will or the wish of the American people. The leftists that do it are traitors to our country and we are trying as hard as we can to remove them but we lack the organization,money,and power to force them out.

    Talk to any European-descended member of the American heartland (any state that is not on either coast),explain what the Golden Dawn is about,and I guarantee you will get nothing but the warmest possible response and welcomed in as a friend and brother with open arms. We have a hard-on for independence and national sovereignty,everywhere in the world.

    European brothers,don't be deceived by the actions of our government or the lies of our media into believing these are the wishes of our people. The patriotic citizens of America LOVE you all and we want you to prosper and succeed against the leftist,Marxist,and globalist forces that are impoverishing us all and making us minorities in our own lands.

    Our government is unconstitutional and illegitimate,just as your own governments have been taken over by alien and illegitimate forces.

    These forces have their roots not only in jewish money,but also in international governing bodies like the EU,UN,NATO,and such. They are coordinating their attacks against us in the same room,and it's the same people doing it. That's why it's the same problem and follows the same patterns in all of our countries,and it's the same lies being used to try to silence us.

    I don't know how many of you pay attention to foreign underground news,like I do, watching for these patterns of economic turmoil,for the native people being displaced by brown and black foreign criminals,for the race-mixing propaganda being taught in the schools,for the shibboleths of the elite in their twisted Marxist Newspeak-words like "multiculturalism","progress","diversity","vibrancy" whatever they may be in your mother tongue I'm sure it's the same propaganda,how the media downplay the violence of the foreign invaders calling them "youths","teens","mischievous hooligans"...if you don't believe me dig up the information,analyze the propaganda,watch the patterns I mentioned (and you'll see plenty more that I didn't list pop up repeatedly too). It's the same freaking people doing it to all of us!

    This is why Greeks need guns,Britons need guns,Australians need guns,Americans need guns,any people that wants to retain their national sovereignty and the shared Western values and culture that makes us all great needs to be armed and ready for resistance.

    God bless all of you for your courage who are fighting without them-still I'd prefer you had them.

  11. The right to bear arms is a fundemental stumbling bloc to a New Order, It was going well with many countries disarmed including the UK, Australia and New Zealand, America has been the nigger in the woodpile here and the Kenyan president of America has been made well aware of it by his Puppet masters in the US and the United Nations.

  12. The funny thing is you all hate Jews. But look what they did. Everything you dream of! They created a homogeneous state with the most high-tech border barrier in the world to keep out the immigrant and terrorist scum. I think every single one of you is just jealous.