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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Golden Dawn's political broadcast and online censorship

Golden Dawn's latest effort to inform the People about political developments and the course of the Social Nationalist Movement was the creation of a broadcast featuring Ilias Kasidiaris and members of the Central Committee.

 Golden Dawn's Web TV channel is a fact. The MSM conspired to silence us something evident by the fact that the last month there was absolutely not a minute of Golden Dawn presence in the small screen. They try to kill our voice every way possible, to stop our communication with the Greek People. So we use the last free medium left - the internet - and start our very own Web TV.
 It would have a range of subjects to talk about: currents news, reports on our Party's actions, announcements of gatherings and marches and it will often host ideological and historical documentaries. The audience will be able to communicate with the internet by sending live messages, and will also be able to call the show, live, using the telephone center of Golden Dawn (210-69 85 121).

Almost immediately after uploading the first broadcast, Youtube took it down for Greece and other countries. The live version was watched by tens of thousands of users and this success resulted to the censorship. Then the broadcast video was uploaded to Dailymotion, but it was took down again!
Despite the audacious and antidemocratic act of, we uploaded the video to an alternative Youtube account for the time being. We announce the internet cops that the broadcasts will continue, and we will even build our own NationTube if needed to spread our Ideals to the People. Keep trying!


  1. I was watching the live videos!! it was really cool to see and to be able to type in comments was also neat. but it would be nice if there was english subtitles for people that dont know greek. other than that very very cool!!!

  2. Communication to the people is a must and there for mandatory there is a old saying that "if you cant tell you cant sell" it is imperative that the voice of GOLDEN DAWN is heard which allows people to make up their own minds!
    The current Jew controlled media will try every trick in the book to stop the truth from getting out, which is evident all ready.
    It would also be be of help/beneficial if you had suds-subtitles in English as so many more people would be able to appreciate the truth and honesty of GOLDEN DAWN through out Europe.
    Now is the time to push forward on all fronts to save Greece.

  3. Pool money and buy the company through stocks. How they did to control the medium

  4. I agree, it would be great to get English subs. Alternative media is the only way to get our message across, and the internet makes this an easier option considering the MSM's monopoly

  5. You can upload here without ANY fear of censorship. We speak your language of preserving culture & heritage. http://trutube.tv/

  6. Guys, Pleeeaaase go to trutube.tv. They WILL NOT CENSOR YOU!!!

  7. As a suggestion you can use http://www.talkshoe.com/ to have live chats with others and record them. Plus you can open up a chat room as you discuss issues.

  8. I've grown accustomed to calling Youtube "Jewtube" because we all know who runs it. The only way to get around the censorship is to set up a third party sharing site (hopefully in multiple languages!) so that the people can hear your message. Golden Dawn's actions on the streets are fantastic as well. What needs to be drilled into every European's head around the globe is that the International Jew is, and always has been, the enemy of the white race. The feral immigrant beasts that flood our countries are tools of the Jew, but will be easy to rid ourselves of if we can bring down the Jewish octopus controlling our governments.
    A critical mass in European thought has to be reached before Hitler's last prophecy comes to fruition:
    "It is necessary that I should die for my people, but my spirit will rise from the grave and the world will know that I was right."

    Hail Victory and the White Race
    ---Occupied California

  9. And the eternal slave ''greek'' black panthers??
    What the Golden Dawn pretend to make with the stupid scum??

  10. Golden dawn you have every right to fight for your country and its people, you and the people did not ask for the invasion of immigrants from all over the world, neither did we British, it was forest on us by the EU, now our own young men cannot get a bloody job for love or money, you fight and god be with you all,
    i admire you, and so do many many moor of the British people, BE STRUNG


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