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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Daily News - May 31

Activism Report:
Sparta R.O.: General assembly with the people of Sparta to debate on critical issues of the city and discuss the ideas of Golden Dawn
Evoia-Viotia R.O.:  Informative march on local fair. Street vendors informed the team of illegal and immigrant action in the area due to the rise of crime rates in the area.
Kalamata R.O.: Speech about the Pontiac genocide.
Piraeus R.O.: Speech about the fall of Constantinople
Salamina R.O.: Informative march.
Salonika R.O.: .Honor and glory to the common men, the soldiers, that fell defending the Race. A ceremony was held in their memory. The next day was followed by a food drive on the offices there and speech by MP Polibios Zisimopoulos titled: Propaganda and misinformation.

Immigrant Crime Report: 
[Detailed reports regarding illegal immigrant action]
1 41yo male Georgian arrested for the murder of his wife.
1 27yo male Romanian and 2 male Albanians, 30 and 32 yo each arrested for gas station robberies.
23yo male Albanian arrested for the seduction and kidnapping of a 13yo girl.

Racist German state: Compensations for Jews only!
772 mil. euros were given to the Jewish Claim Conference for the years of 2014-2017. The Jews use this forged story to drain millions of euros form the People and use them to fulfill their own agenda. This act is indeed a racist act - because the related compensation laws only allow people of Jewish heritage to make a claim to compensations. People of any other race are entitled to nothing. We see the Jews separating those that suffered from the War to two categories: Jews and non-Jews. There is more than enough hypocrisy to go around among the enemies of the Golden Dawn....

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece to the "constitutional alliance" parties: We command you to make up, in order to serve us!
The recent "antiracist" law... is not one, but four. Due to the unconstitutional nature of such a law, there was work to be done in order to create a more effective one that would nullify the Golden Dawn's ability to react on the basis of the unconstitutionality of the law. So we had "New Democracy", PASOK and "Democratic Left, SYRIZA, and finally, the "Independent Greeks" proposing 4 different "antiracist" laws! A big debate spawned on the Parliament and this board sent an open letter to every party above, requesting them to immediately find a solution to this "antiracist" problem, in order to prevent a second "holocaust". For a people so damaged by a genocide, they certainly are OK with the genocide of the Palestinian People they themselves perpetrate! And they don't even mention that the result of their war machine are dead children! Not 70 years ago, this crime is happening the very moment I'm typing these words.

They are misinterpreting  Isocrates to grant citizenship to all migrants!
"Athens has so far outrun the rest of mankind in thought and speech that her disciples are the masters of the rest, and it is due to her that the word “Greek” is not so much a term of birth as of mentality, and is applied to a common culture rather than a common descent."
German historian Ulrich Wilcken explains: Isocrates considers as Greeks only Greeks that had an Attican education. He still considered "educated" Persian to be barbarians (the original meaning of the word is non-Greek) because they were the natural enemies of the Greeks. At the same time, he considered Spartans to be non-Greeks because they had conquered and enslaved Greeks from surrounding areas - Isocrates suggests them to free them and unite all the Greek Race into one single state, in order to enslave the surrounding barbarians. The Left abuses his quote in order to give Greek citizenship to foreigners.

The Memorandum will never bring growth, not even in 2020!

Social Nationalist Syndicate informative march.

The Albanian kidnapper was deported and was allowed to re-enter Greece due to the Government.

The "Kathimerini" newspaper mourns because of our march for Constantinople.

The "antiracism" of the left.

The newly elected General Secretary of the Communist Party (that has never worked in his life) finds a reason to exist thanks to the Golden Dawn.

Why are only the leftists allowed to mock the PM without penalties?


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