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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Are they investigating the Lagarde List or the "holocaust"?

We are witnessing the successful operation of the occupying Regime to disorientate the People, always with the cooperation of the Media. The purpose of this operation is to save all those involved in this infamous scandal since all the propaganda centers are occupied with the Party's opinions regarding the "holocaust".

This is the background of the organized attack against the Movement, an attack that begun 2 days ago and is going on to this very day, in every TV channel, every radio station, every pro-government newspaper. The stars of this attack are failed politicians that with their testimonies swear allegiance to international Zionism.

On the left: Sabby Mionis
So what actually happened? Two days ago many new names came up regarding the Lagarde List, a list that contains names of politicians, capitalists and wealthy Greeks that moved their money to Swiss banks amidst the crisis. The scandal was that certain politicians of the government concealed the list, so it could never be used against them. (Golden Dawn was decisive to punish those responsible, but the leftists hindered those efforts.) Upon the release of those new names, comrade Ilias Kasidiaris talked about the dishonorable attitude of a certain Jew capitalist, Sabby Mionis. This Jew denied the request of the Lagarde List Examination Committee to have him testify about the Lagarde List, using the age-old argument that "there are holocaust deniers in the committee"! Mr. Kasidiaris didn't leave this insult unanswered. Here is the comrade's speech:

"Allow me to present more specific details regarding this case. I will say what happened those last days. The key figure in this story is a man, that knows many secrets, especially for the infamous 500.000.000$ account, is the Jew Mr. Mionis. He was the manager of the mutual capital entrusted to him by important figures of the modern political and financial nomenclature. A man that, if he is not with the PM's side, he is certainly his number one fan, and this confirmed by with own articles. He is friends with Mr. Papastauros, who is the right hand of the PM. And we see , in the examination committee, New Democracy MPs being obsessed about Mr. Mionis. We even heard from some of them that this pan is the Press Representative if the Israeli Army - of course this isn't the case, even the Israeli Ambassador scorned Mionis for this. So what did this Mionis character do? He refused to testify in the Committee of the Greek Parliament, because "holocaust" deniers are part of it! Of course they are a part of it. Later he changed his statement by saying he won't come due to family traditions. In the end he ridiculed the committee by saying "it is you who should come to Israel", thus provoking  me personally and the Golden Dawn as well. Because we have no business in illegal and murderous state of the Zionists. A state that kills non-combatants. But once Greece is ruled by a Social Nationalist Regime, this man, that covers many thieves behind him and hides the truth, will be led to Justice and will be held accountable for his actions."

 From the minute the comrade made this statement, we saw a flood of attacks against the Social Nationalist Movement, accusations of antisemetism in order to cover the provocative attitude of the Jew Sabby Mionis. Instead of discussing the new information available (that would put an end to many illegal profits), the Press is occupied with things that were known to them in the past, "holocaust" denial. The protagonists of these attacks are journalists that two years ago would pull their own eyes out as to convince the People that the Memorandums are vital to our survival. Using an "antisemitic fog" they covered the identity of this Jew businessman and exonerated him. So who is this man and how is he related to the Lagarde List?

The Financial Crime Enforcement Board (SDOE) and the examination committee struck a gold vein while searching the network of the CMA (Capital Management Advisers) offshore company of the Jew capitalist, with 550 million euros on the Lagarde List. Personal friend and partner of Mr. Mioni is Solomon Levi, the head of technology and IT on the Board of Directors of the Bermuda CMA, in the name of which there is an account with 557.938.829 dollars! This amount of money, almost equivalent with the 562.896.546$ account of yet another CMA employee, named Maria Panteli. She is also being investigated by the SDOE for any relation with Margarita Papandreou.

It's worth mention that, in 2010, immediately after the Financial Times revealed that information was intercepted from the HSBC (the Lagarde List) S.Mioni and S.Levi resorted to Tel Aviv in Israel. Of course it was only a coincidence and anyone to claim otherwise is a vile semanticist... Mioni himself said, in 2006, that he was permanently residing in Israel, and that CMA was sold to EFG. Despite this however, the "Israeli citizen" is presented on an issue of the Newspaper of the Government of 2007 as a permanent resident of Yemen!

As pressure on Mr.Mioni is increasing more and more, in a letter that he send to the committee of the Parliament, in 5/5/2013, he declares his innocence with the "indestructible" argument that "whoever investigates the people and the accounts of the Lagarde List is following an antisemitic agenda"! He notes that "to my dismay, I saw several progressive forces falling into this disorientating trap. I am aware that my opinions against the Far-Right have enraged some people." It must be a complete coincidence that the political and journalistic status quo uses the very same arguments to cover up the truth regarding the scandal, the perpetrators of which not only are free to walk around, but they even dare to insult the struggling Greek People!

Addendum: After a short search regarding this character, I found out he writes articles for several newspapers... Including Haaretz and Huffington Post!

Source: http://www.xryshaygh.com/index.php/enimerosi/view/h-proanakritikh-ereuna-th-lista-lagkarnt-h-to-olokautwma


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