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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Analysis: Golden Dawn rises everywhere!

[From the "Epikaira" Newspaper]

In the central offices of the Golden Dawn the mood of the higher-ups is good, something justified by the gallops. It maybe is the only party that isn't afraid of elections. On the contrary, it hopes that it will be able to capitalize this polling success on the ballot boxes. The people around Nikos Michaloliakos believe that the tripartite government avoided collapse, in fear of Golden Dawn's performance and upcoming revolution, among other problems premature elections would cause.

 The Party's members estimate that the party will certainly go above 20% and that the goal of the second place is already achieved because the coalition parties are losing votes every day, and New Democracy will also have reduced support due to the new austerity measures they are going to vote for. They also claim that if SYRIZA's immigration policy remains as is, then many of its voters will sooner or later move to Golden Dawn, something already happening with young voters that have an  activist orientation. 

According to party officials, many thing will change on the Party's policies. They say that they will fight for syndicalist representation wherever possible, inspired by the results of the Taxi Driver Union, where Golden Dawn's syndicate, LASITA, got 13,75% of the vote. The start is with unions for freelancer jobs. They have already started contacting street vendors to form syndicalist cores.

Also, they abandon the single-issue agenda of illegal immigration and criminality, and propose solutions for the social issues, their first goal being providing solutions to voters above the age of 50, that are main supporters of the New Democracy party, and farmers. The Golden Dawn bets a lot on the farmers in particular, as they are the privileged voters for the future. In the environment of Mr. Michaloliakos there is stress regarding whether his MPs will be able to cope with the new political circumstances and pressure.

 Meanwhile, in Golden Dawn people are waiting to see the outcome of their new venture, the publication of a new weekly newspaper, titled "Forward", that will target people that the party expresses. Golden Dawn tries to spread the word of this newspaper everywhere, mostly on the base of New Democracy, since it specifiacally targets them. The party's leadership views this attempt with favor, naturally expecting many political and social gains, and a circulation as big as Golden Dawn's percentages.


  1. When is the next election in Greece? I know Golden Dawn will win and then National Socialism will rise across Europe and everywhere. Will be a tough fight but we will prevail!

    1. Reinhard... I pray you are right. We need solidarity amongst ALL our peoples for this fight of all fights.


    2. Is Golden Dawn in contact with any of the other European nationalist parties? How about with the nationalist youth groups like Generation Identitaire? I believe Greece will be the first domino to fall and will lead the way for a European rebirth, but Golden Dawn needs solidarity with all of the rest.

      I wish we had something like that here in the United States. One of our greatest political pundits predicted today that the US may break apart into several countries because of the huge Hispanic influx that will result from an immigration bill being discussed. I actually hope he's right...whites in North America need our own racial homeland or else I'm moving to Europe once you all revolt.
      ---Occupied California

    3. Golden Dawn has to work on greece first. It is the reaponsibility of other nation citizens to educate the public to achieve their own goals. California is a third world shit hole done to themselves. The left,have corrupted every aspect if U.S. Society. Either fix your problem and make a differene or leave that craphole state. More white flight, instead of dying on your feet rather run and live on kneea

    4. Only unified in a worldwide imperium will the white race save itself. For what good is it if Greece proceeds with a racial revolution and the barbarians take over Central Europe and the upper Balkans to attempt to conquer Greece later? Being insular won't help us...

      And you should know full well that white Americans didn't "do this to ourselves"; the vile Jew has been in control of this country since 1913.

    5. There will be no change in America that is peaceful. The size and scope of the trends that are all the marxists dont look hood. States are at the end of their reign and downsliding beacuse they have no patriotism there. I see more foreign flags there than Old Glory. Keep spending and spending to buy votes just like good lefties do. Years of the marxist scum left unchecked in media, schools, unions thugs, universities, and minorities cause the downfall.

  2. I think it will likely be 2016.

  3. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16472310

    way before 2016 Comrades -- Bolshevik Broadcast lies; but today starvation is stalking Greece, above story is accurate.

    The fault line will shift...then the quake; about a 9.5.

  4. I fully support Golden Dawn, greetings from Australia!